December 18, 2012

Restoran Fai Fai, Seri Kembangan: Rustic Home Style Chinese Classics!

Simply Ho Chiak and Ho Liao!

When food comes into the picture, we will go all out for it… even if it means hunting it down in rural Seri Kembangan area! Yeah we got lost a bit but it was truly worth it for some good old Chinese classics by Chef Jeffrey. One may remember him from Restaurant Lek Lek in Serdang here. Chef Jeffrey is now out on his own and his Restaurant Fai Fai located in Seri Kembangan, serves up no frills Chinese classics.

Be prepared for no ambience but basic necessities at Restaurant Fai Fai. It certainly didn’t deter anyone as the place is packed despite it being newly open a few days ago. As long as the food is good, foodies like me will flock there any time!

Kicking off the evening is a simple and classic dish that appears almost in every Chinese household usually during festive season. Poached Village Chicken with Ginger Sauce uses a beautiful pale yellow chook poached and serve up with house special ginger sauce recipe. The chicken is quite lean and firm with a good bite since it is free-range and is perfumed with a little fried shallot oil and supreme soy sauce. I walloped the chook happily with a liberal amount of the gingery sauce!

A family guarded recipe, every Hakka household claims that theirs is the best! Hakka Char Yuk is well braised here with a strong hint of five spice powder and fermented bean curd. Using thick cuts of pork belly, first marinated and deep-fried, before braised till thick and creamy with black wood ear fungus is a beautiful rendition of the infamous classic. Foodies went after this so fast, it was wiped out clean before I could even go back for round two…

I love this dish a lot! Vietnamese Style Tilapia featuring whole crispy fried tilapia fish doused with a sour piquant spicy sauce. Enhancing the flavors further are lots of spring onions and onions, whetting the appetite even further. Double fried for extra crispiness but the flesh remains soft and sweet, the fish is really a must order!

A house signature, the bean curd is home made. Crispy outside, soft eggy inside, topped with a savory and slightly spicy minced meat and preserved ‘Choy Poh’ summed up Home Style Bean Curd. It’s a humble dish meant for daily savoring.

Some greens for our vegetable intake!

‘Korn Chin Har’ or Supreme Soy Sauce Prawns is just bursting with flavors. Deep caramelized soy sauce brought out the sweetness of the juicy prawns. With the shells open, the aromatic sauce coated every nook and cranny of the crustaceans. Truly sumptuous!

Thai Deep Fried Pork Knuckle does look a tad dry but the meat is fatty enough to provide succulent flavors. The crispiness of the skin really had us all munching on it happily. The knuckle is salty and full of umami flavors. Dip the meat in Thai sweet chili for extra flavors.

How good was it? Ask the kid who spent the rest of the meal gnawing on the knuckle happily!

If that earlier swine laden cholesterol wasn’t enough, here’s another one in the form of Salted Egg Yolk Squid! Squid, tentacles and all are lightly battered and fried to golden beauties, it was then dressed in a lavish sandy salted egg yolk sauce to heighten its pleasure. Kudos for serving the tentacles… my favorite part of the squid!

I was about to wonder how this meal become a swine affair when this appeared. Fermented Bean Curd Pork Belly is no newbie to us as we had this before. Knowing how awesome this was, we dived right in without much invitation. Crispy fragrant bits of lean and fat are truly seasoned with the pungent flavors of red fermented bean curd, making the pork a salty treat. Even the acoustic of the crunchy sound is fabulous…

Ok… at this point, there is just no going back. Heading full throttle, we finished off the meal with the utterly unctuous Hokkien Mee crowned with crispy lardy cubes of ‘Chu Yau Cha’. Chef Jeffrey really makes a kick-ass braised noodle. It has every quality of a good Hokkien mee with deep sweet and robust soy sauce flavors while the lard bits boost up the addictive flavors even more. If there is one dish to order here… go for this one!

Restoran Fai Fai is dead serious about its classics. Every dish we tried is injected with loads of love from human and swine. If you can overlook its minimal ambience and persist on to locate this hidden gem in the rural area of Seri Kembangan, you will be treated to a gorgeous Chinese soul food experience!

No.1095, Jalan Kuyoh, Seksyen 5
Seri Kembangan,
43300 Selangor
Tel: 012 364 2016/012 342 8822

Business Hours: 11am to 12 midnight


  1. I love the sauce of the fish, can down with bowls of rice with it!

  2. This 'Tai Chow' food looks good. Looking at the last photo, the restaurant seems to be crowded. What's the best time to go?

  3. Whoah! Looks good!!!especially the hokkien mee. I mean,look at that amount or lardon! Ahhhh!!! And the poached chicken looks authentic. My mum would love that.

  4. SK certainly is a haven for luscious and glorious home cooked food.. and boy their prices is unbelievable too! Lovely post!

  5. Wahhhh so much pork lard! Everything looks super tasty here.

  6. High calorie meal. Super fascinating... Love all the sinful and greasy, and darnnnnn good dishes in this post. Shyt. I think I need to fix my cravings by end of this week before exam starts.... ;P

    The pork knuckle.. UGH!!!!! *geram* Can see but cannot eat...;(