May 18, 2012

Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya: A Weekend Shumatsu Buffet!

Drooling is allowed at Eyuzu!

A few weekends ago, a short getaway weekend at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya had me literally lapping up a lavish Shumatsu Japanese buffet spread at Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine! No stranger to Eyuzu, as a matter of fact, this is the third time I am savoring this luscious Japanese buffet spread at Eastin. One thing for sure, each time I am back, I was treated to an even better spread than before with some additions to the spread.

At Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine, the Shumatsu Buffet is available every Sunday for dinner only. The mecca of Japanese dishes is impeccably prepared and most the hot items are prepared fresh on the live stations. All three visits rendered excellent service and the items are refilled quickly for guests. Japanese clad kimono wait staffs are seen scurrying around to ensure guests are well served with plates cleared and drinks filled accordingly.

With its gorgeous min Japanese garden for a view, Eyuzu seats 130 guests including Al fresco area and private dining rooms. Featuring more than 150 mouth-watering dishes prepared by award-winning Japanese Executive Chef Ricky Hui, it is indeed a luxurious treat to bring family or friends to enjoy the sumptuous buffet on the weekend.

My strategy to a Japanese buffet is always to check on their Sushi and Sashimi counter. A true blue Japanese meal will never be without its main superstar and the quality of the superstar should be top notch to show true authentic and quality of the buffet. Where most buffets featured a lower quality of raw fishes, Eyuzu showed otherwise with its slightly above average sashimi.

A spread of tempting Sushi and Sashimi to cater to the raw fish connoisseurs! Selections available are Salmon, Tuna, Butterfish, Snapper, Prawns and Assorted Sushi Rolls. Sashimi sliced thickly is a plus point while the sushi rolls are generously filled and coated with loads of rainbow colored flying fish roes.

I adored the Zuke Megajiki, marinated white tuna slices bathed in a buttery and creamy garlic sauce. High praises were received from everyone around the table for this dish.

Cold appetizers of Japanese delicacies like Marinated Baby Octopus, Marinated Hotate, Marinated Jelly Fish and Japanese Seaweed is chilled on ice bars to whet appetites of the brave while Fried Fish Skin, Crabstick, Seaweed, Crispy Prawns and more awaits you! My favorite is the light and crispy fish skin which resembles addictive crackers.

Chilled Prawns and Fresh Oysters are glistening on top of crushed ice where sweet crustaceans and mollusks are enjoyed with just a squeeze of lemon. Had a few of these each time and it was thoroughly satisfying for freshness and sweetness of the sea.

A Fukahire Soup or Shark’s Fin Soup and Chawan Mushi cater to guest of all ages.

Oodles of noodles are displaying prettily coiled up where one can savored Chilled Soba or Green Tea Soba and slurped up thick Udon in hot broth. Simplicity at its best as the noodles!

Hot warmers housed an array of Kaki Motoyaki, Dory Batayaki, Grilled Chicken Wings, Chicken Teriyaki, Grilled Unagi, Age Tofu and Yasai Itame. Go straight for the creamy baked oysters and unagi for pure seafood sensation!

Live stations like Teppanyaki features a nice selection of Beef, Salmon, Chicken, Squid and Slipper Lobster with a medley of vegetables and mushrooms. Simply select your choices and watch the chef whip up your platter of teppanyaki. I had quite a few of the Slipper Lobsters which was sweet and very delectable on the palate with just a squeeze of lemon!

Other live stations are Nabe station for hotpots and shabu shabu, Tempura station, Kushiyaki Station for grilled skewers of meat and seafood and Katsu station. The plethora of ingredients for all the stations will have guest spoiled for choice. Select your fancy and let the chefs do the work.

Desserts are plenty and one can savor its selections of Cakes, Brownies, Puddings, Japanese Pancake called Dorayaki, Mochi, Abekawa Mochi, Fresh Fruits, Ice Creams and Ice Kacang. Must-have is the freshly prepared Abekawa Mochi where sesame mocha is boiled and coated in finely chopped peanuts!! J

Juices, Coffee and Tea are also part of the buffet!

Other Ala carte dishes we savored that night were also very enjoyable for quality and taste.

Ala Carte Sashimi served in its usual Japanese artistic display of raw seafood is attractive on the eye and guarantees to reel in favorable response from sashimi connoisseurs!

Dobin Mushi, a traditional Japanese broth served in neat little ceramic teapots, holds a delicate broth coupled with seafood. A light squeeze of lime lifted up the aroma of the broth. One is asked to savor the broth poured into little tea cups before savoring the treasures in the pot.

Oyster Teppanyaki was delicately wrapped in egg omelette and served in its own shell. A savory teppanyaki sauce wrapped up the briny and juicy oysters!

A special dessert was creatively section into three desserts of Green Tea Mousse, Lime Ice Cream and Fruits. Mousse was creamy and wobbly while the Lime Ice Cream was simply-out-of-this-world for me since I love sour flavors.

Hot or Cold Sake is simply a must for Japanese cuisine to round up the meal!

Eyuzu Japanese Cuisine is definitely a must for those who enjoy a selection of Japanese cuisine. As mentioned, my third visit is still a charm as the selections are plenty and quality is definitely one of the better ones around the city.

Available for dinner only, the buffet is served every Sunday from 6.30pm to 10.00pm, at RM86.00++ for adults and RM43.00++ for child. For reservations and enquiries, please call 603 – 7665 1111 extension 203.

Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
13, Jalan 16/11, Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16,
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +603 7665 1111; Fax: +603 7665 9999

*Eastin Hotel review is coming up next!
**Thanks to Tengku Anna and Shahreza for the warm hospitality!


  1. Green tea ice cream. I want some now. :-)

    1. For me.. its always a must at any Japanese meal! ;)

  2. I love mochi! Especially with peanuts!

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    1. I didnt get to eat much of this.. need to return for this! hehehe

  4. craving for the thick and succulent salmon!!!!!!!;DD

    1. oh yes.. another crucial checkpoint and this one pass with flying colors!

  5. Oh Gosh, u make me drooling & drooling again....

    1. hehehe.. me too.. guess a fourth round is needed soon... ;)

  6. marinated white tuna is my favourite there :) im waiting for a right time to revisit this place!

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  7. I like your opening line "Drooling is allowed at Eyuzu!" :P

    I always target the sashimi counter first in a Japanese buffet too.

  8. Oh no.... looking at those beautiful shashmi...can't control my saliva LOL, anyway, great shots as usual :D