May 9, 2012

Bavarian Beergarden, Pearl Point: A New Pig Out Place at Old Klang Road!

Calling all Porky Connoisseurs… There is a new German restaurant in Old Klang Road… Bavarian Beergarden!

Echoing its other outlet at The Curve, one can expect nothing but pure porky satisfaction from its glorious menu of knuckles, sausages, schnitzels, ribs and loads of local and international beers to go with it! Relatively new, Bavarian Beergarden opened its door on March 16th to its customers in the Old Klang Road area. Located at the ground floor of Pearl Point Hotel, it’s easily located from the main Old Klang Road.

When I arrived, the place was just filling up. For a Monday, the crowd seems to be enjoying themselves by the look on their faces and the sound of their laughter.  Looks like word has gotten out on where to chomp on gargantuan pork knuckles and ribs while downing jugs of beers or just casual dining fare with families and friends. Spaciously decorated with plush sofas, dark wood furniture, a gorgeous long bar and red coved booths, the whole ambience had a sense of smart casualness. Loads of pictures of European bar scenes and Swiss Alp Mountains adored the walls while beer barrels and two classic bicycles completed the ambience. Diners can choose to dine in the cool comfort of the restaurant or enjoy the al fresco area where there is a big screen projector available for some sport actions. The only thing missing was the usual German costumed poster girl… winks!

Obviously a beer garden is nothing without a long list of beers! Check out the row of imported beers available together with the draft ones behind the counter and not to mentioned local beers that are also available!

We savored Erdinger Weissbier with the unforgettable wheat flavor, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc which is France’s best seller and Asahi Super Dry from Japan. My favorite was the Kronenbourg!

While waiting for others to arrive, one can never go wrong with the ultimate cholesterol laden snack in golden Crispy Pork Crackling with Garlic Mayo (RM15) guaranteed to satisfy diners of all ages… muahaha!

How can one not succumb to this glorious mountain of crispy and crunchy crackling flavored on its own natural goodness? Not oily at all, the cracklings provided much enjoyable mouth exercise and I can certainly hog this whole plate to myself in front of the television! Garlic mayo provided the garlic and creamy oomph to those who love a sauce but I simply felt that it was already near perfect on its own merit!! J

Another signature appetizer for gourmet connoiseaurs is the Bavarian Pork Liver Pate with Crusty Bread (RM12). Yes, most people may irk at the sound of liver but I on the other hand enjoyed this a lot. The pate was smooth and creamy with a good flavor of the liver without any overpowering aroma. Spread a little of the rich pate on the crusty bread and you will get a crispy texture jazzed up with a creamy liver pate.

If neither crackling nor pate suits your fancy, the Cold Cut Platter for Two (RM27) is set to entice its diners with a wonderland of Black Forest Ham, Turkey Ham, Grilled Bacon and Parma Ham accompanied by baby gherkins and bread. Go straight for the glorious bacon! J

For those who wish for a healthier option, there is always a salad! Bavarian Pork Salad (RM18) is tempting enough to cater for healthy diners with its balance of leafy greens and lean grilled pork escalope. Dressed with a sweet mustard dressing, the greens are sweet and tangy. Red onions and baby tomatoes complete the dish. If you were to ask me, skip the salad and go for the porky fare for full satisfaction! Not because it’s not good, but I prefer to save my stomach space for the hog... J

Bavarian Beergarden has a total of 9 varieties of pizza in their menu. Without a doubt, we savored its house specialty of Bavarian Pizza (RM33). Thin crust, the pizza is laden with tomato sauce, sauerkraut, Bratwurst sausages, bacon, pork belly and mozzarella cheese. Definitely slices of heaven combining the best of German ingredients at one go!

My all time favorite order at any German restaurant is sausages! It is the true testament to the German fare and the best are the ones made by the house chef. At Bavarian Beergarden, the Sausage Platter for Two (RM68) is a haven of seven types of sausages. A must order at Bavarian Beergarden!

Out of Farmer Bratwurst, Nuernberger, Pork Frankfurter, Thueringer, Emmethaler, Hungarian, Chorizo and Grilled Bacon, I loved the spicy Chorizo and the Nuernberger! Sauerkrauts and potato salad provided the required vegetables and carbohydrates to fill one up. I also like the fact that there is four types of sauces for the sausages like Curry Ketchup, Garlic Mayo, Habanero Mayo and Sweet Mustard. Habanero Mayo is superbly awesome with a good kick of heat.

My first time savoring Whole Pork Ribs for Two (RM68) and I practically swoon at the carnivorous sight of the ribs coated in a luscious pineapple barbeque sauce. Using the bigger end cut of ribs, the big chunks of sumptuous ribs are meaty and so tender. The tangy and sweet pineapple bbq sauce is sticky and finger-licking good.  Simple creamy potato salad is served alongside while grilled pieces of bacon are always a welcoming sight.

To go to a German restaurant and not order a pork knuckle would be sacrilegious! Bierhaus Knuckle (RM66) is enough to feed two carnivores. The huge knuckle is paired with sauerkraut, roasted potatoes and pork gravy. Besides the original flavors, there is also a Honey Pork Knuckle and Garlic and Herb Knuckle for extra option.

Cutting into the crispy knuckle was music to my ears. The crackling skin is as yummy as its earlier counterparts while the dark meat is fairly moist. Dip the meat into the pork gravy for a blissful bite of scrumptious hog sensation!! Remember that cutleries are a hazard to this dish as the best way to savor the knuckle to its height would be your hands… J

Pasta lovers, do give the Carbonara with German Noodles (RM22) a try! Thick soft strands of house made egg noodles are lovingly coated in the silky cream sauce and laden with bacon and mushroom. What makes this unique is the thick German noodles echoing a similar texture to our thick fat yellow noodles but with a softer edge.  Flavors are creamy and sinfully delicious since everything with bacon taste extra fantastic. Let’s salute to the smart chefs of Bavarian Beergarden for this winner!

Not in the menu but if you ask nicely, the chef will also gladly whip up a Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Bacon (RM22) for you! Although made highly popular through the basic ingredients of garlic, olive oil and chili, this version is knock-up even further with mushroom and bacon. A sprinkling of herbs finished the dish nicely.

Armed with a limited dessert menu, we were told that Café Vienna next door belongs to the same owner; therefore, one can order the sumptuous list of delectable European desserts if apple strudel is not your cup of tea.
Nicely decorated to equate a traditional teahouse, Café Vienna is quaint and charming. The café also has a decent menu of sandwiches, pasta, pies and a few Viennese signatures. Coffees are its charm… so make sure to select a coffee to suit your palate while enjoying a bite of their desserts on display.

Signature desserts are Tiramisu and Opera. Both equally good and light while oozing its own distinctive coffee and chocolate flavors.

I spied Linzer Torte, an Austrian classic usually eaten during Christmas holidays, is available at Café Vienna. The version here is lovely as the crust is nutty and the raspberry filling is sweet and tangy. I would have love a cold scoop of ice cream to go with this torte!

Another popular Austrian dessert is Apple Strudel! Wrapped in phyllo is a deep and luscious apple filling studded with chunks of soft apples, raisins and cinnamon. The dessert taste better if the strudel is warm to contrast against an icy scoop of vanilla ice cream. An order of this comes with the ice cream.

So if you are craving for hearty German pork fare, a visit to Bavarian Beergarden is warranted! Make sure to order some beer to go with the hog for the whole experience. Although the price is more, that is because most of the platters are meant for two. I don’t know about you but a good Pigging session always makes me a happy camper!! J

1.0.1 – 1.0.2 Ground Floor
Pearl Point Shopping Complex
Bt. 5, Jalan Klang Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 7982 3900


  1. Woahh... another porky place. I have lost count on all the new porky place.

    Love the coaster collections. =)

  2. OMG - such a huge porky feast and looking at all the pics this morning is already giving me a mega hunger pangs, LOL!

  3. Fit for someone like me.. I LOVE MEATSSSS!!UGHHH!! ;DD so nearby my place only..definitely gonna try it out!

  4. Its so nice.. I love beer.. They have express counter at LOT10 HuTong as well.. keke

  5. I see this is a good place for pork lovers!! So many new beer brands which I've not tried b4.

    1. do head there whenever you are around that area...its really nice to chill out with a good beer and piggy fare... =)