May 3, 2012

7atenine and Billecart-Salmon Champagne: A Glimpse of Japanese Influenced Cosmopolitan Cuisine with a French Bubbly Rosè!

Cocktails at 7atenine are simply divine & very sexy!

Nestled in the heart of the city lies an iconic lifestyle destination set in a sensual ambience named 7atenine. Ever so often and in keeping with the fast moving and changing trends in the gastronomic world, 7atenine is proud to present its new Seven Course Degustation Menu by Chef Kamarul K. set with Japanese influenced cosmopolitan cuisine as its inspiration! Present that evening was a French affair with Billecart-Salmon Champagne paired up with the cosmic Japanese menu.

Upon arrival, I noticed that the whole ambience was airy, cool and chic with lots of glass panel allowing natural light to gently shine without the humidity of the outside. Lots of white décor not only lightens up the room but provided a classy ambience mixed with steel. A profusion of lush white sofa-beds and, supple accupunto chairs and turbo tables added that modern retro touch. As the night crawls in, the whole restaurant is turned into a jazzy and modern chic ambience coupled with glittering led wall panels and reflections of glass ornaments.

Infamous for its cocktails, 7atenine brings forth a series of its latest creativity through Hazelnut Caipirinha, Carribean Mojito and Rosemary Mojito. Other noteworthy cocktails include Tokyo Tea, Livorno Mojito, Squashed Frog and a number of boutique detox juices.

At 7atenine, there is always lots of creativity injected into everything they present. When Hazelnut Caipirinha was brought to our tables, the wait staffs deftly torched up a cinnamon stick in the cocktail to evoke our sense of smell. A Brazilian national cocktail made with sugar cane rum and lime, this version was spiked up with hazelnut liqueur for a mild nutty taste. Sweet, tangy and smooth on the palate, one is just not enough!

Mojitos are their signatures and the latest version of Caribbean Mojito is tropicalized with tropical fruits. Simply addictive as I like the minty citrus cocktail with rum for its refreshing flavors!

Rosemary Martini is pretty in pink! Made from watermelon and lychee, the martini has sufficient vodka to boost up the fruity cocktail.

Simply a favorite shell fish of mine, we were treated to Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab as a starter with our cocktails. Crispy and lightly battered, these golden nuggets of soft shell crab has a crispy outside followed by a tender inside. Commendable as it was not oily and goes really well with the cocktails.

Another starter was a spicy Vegetable Pakoras with a creamy mint sauce. The innocent looking pieces of onion fritters are superb in flavors with a good kick of spicy heat and flavorful spices. The creamy mint sauce managed to tone down the spiciness and provided richness to the fritters.

After our glimpse of what 7atenine has to offer, we adjourned up to Sevenspoon dining on the mezzanine floor for the highlight of the evening, a 7 Course Degustation Dinner paired with the French Champagne Billecart-Salmon. There is no fixed menu for the degustation dinner as Chef Kamarul will craft and create the course dinner according to the ingredients available that day. Did I mention that being surprised is part of the degustation experience at 7atenine? J

Prior to dinner, we had the honors of having Sebastien Papin, Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador for Billecart-Salmon, who gave us a brief education on the champagne house in Mareuil-sur-Ay, France, founded in 1818 by Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon. Sebastien advised that all Billecart-Salmon champagnes are aged for 30 years, 15 years more than other famous brands.

The family owned business is said to be among the top elites of the champagne industry and is focused on producing quality bubbly rather than quantity.

Check out the range of the Billecart-Salmon of Champages!

We just couldn’t get enough of the Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosè, a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. Beautifully pale and pink, the bubbly champagne has a delicate foamy mousse of bubbles when poured. As it uses a special method of vinification, the Rosè is light but definitely full in flavors from the 30 years of aging. I tasted berries and citrus fruits in the notes so the Brut Rosè is the perfect champagne to go with the seafood for a clean finish.

Owner Michele Kwok added ‘We have a very young and enthusiastic team in the kitchen and bar, then can sometimes be too creative and I have to pull the reins a little. I don’t think the KL crowd is quite ready for some of the things we tried during testings. Perhaps in a few years time’ she ended with a wink!

Chef Kamarul Karnan, who is trained in the art of Japanese cuisine, also made his presence to share his inspiration for his passion. ‘I love the intrigue, every day I walk into the kitchen and leaf through the fresh food that have come in and I start to be inspired. I then make my big mug of coffee, grab my notebook and begin doodling. Ideas sometimes come quickly and at other times the light bulb may just lit up as I begin cooking. And I love how the patrons badger me to reveal the menu to them, but I refuse. It’s all part of the fun!’ remarked Chef Kamarul with a cheeky grin.

And dinner begins…

A platter meant for two, the array of Sushi and Sashimi Moriawase featured fresh sashimi and sushi together with a sushi roll. We enjoyed succulent fresh sweet salmon, tuna, yellowtail and octopus finished off by sweet egg Tamago. I particularly heart the seared tuna sushi with a dollop of a creamy sauce. Both courses paired extremely well with the Brut Rosè!

The next two courses of Somen Tanuki and Enoki Agemono with Amaebi Chawan Mushi were presented beautifully.

Somen Tanuki, consisted of Japanese rice angel hair soaked in a sweet and delicious cold soy sauce and topped with tempura flakes and a crispy battered enoki mushroom. Light and refreshing… make sure to slurp up the thin noodles for maximum impact!

Amaebi Chawan Mushi has tender custard and is light in flavors, simple and easy to enjoy. The classic savory egg custard is jazzed up with sweet prawns for a unique finish.

Our fifth course is Salmon Daikon, showcasing a piece of sweet broiled salmon sitting on braised radish. The deep brown sauce is sweetly reduced and enhanced the omega-rich fish beautifully. A dollop of pureed edamame beans completed the dish!

Partnering with the salmon is a platter of Milky Prawns meant to be shared by two. It featured light tempura prawns coated with wasabi cream sauce. Crispy and juicy, the prawn is enjoyable on its own natural sweetness with a hint of Japanese horseradish in the background.

The sixth course is a fabulous Butteryaki Angus Beef! Teppanyaki styled Angus beef with high grade quality is so tender and flavorful. Simply served with cuts of eryingi mushroom sauté in the sumptuous teppanyaki sauce, the beef is decadent and seductive in flavors. My favorite of the night!!

The last course of the menu is Crab Yakimeshi, a crabmeat and soft shell crab fried rice. Fluffy rice is boosted with loads of sweet crab flavors and topped with a crispy soft shell crab for textures. This one could use a little more wok heat for extra goodness.

Dessert of Manju Manju is not included in the 7 course degustation menu but is available under the ala carte menu. Rich and smooth green tea ice cream is crowned with a silky smooth red bean puree for a classic finish to the Japanese influenced cosmopolitan menu.

It’s no wonder that 7atenine has belted several accolades at the prestigious Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA)! The snazzy ambience and modern gastro cuisine coupled with the efficient service is a magnet for diners who enjoy modern cosmic cuisine in a chic and stylish hang out. With a list of fabulous cocktails, it’s also a great watering hole for some chill out time after a long day at work or even a business function!

The 7 Course Degustation Menu is available on daily basis with a minimum of two person order. Billecart-Salmon Champagne is available separately from the degustation menu. For more information, please call for reservation at 603 2161 7789 or email

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50450, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2161 7789 / 012 210 3055
Fax: 03 2163 7789

Business Hours:
Mon - Fri      4.30pm till closing
Sat- Sun      6pm till closing


  1. I love the Champagne but can't drink too much ~ " Don't Drink & Drive!

    1. me too, love the Rosè and also the Hazelnut Caipirinha!!

  2. The cocktails sure do look good here.

    1. oh yes! 7atenine and its other restaurants like Souled Out is highly famous for their delicious cocktails... :)

  3. Hazelnut Caipirinha seem like special one!

    1. it is Nikel, I never had this nutty flavor in a cocktail and the flavors are really outstanding!