March 4, 2017

Prix-Fixe Lunch @ Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Nobu Kuala Lumpur Enhances Lunch with a 3-Course Prix-Fixe Menu

Nobu fans will be pleased to know that the acclaimed new style Japanese –Peruvian is powering up lunches with their new 3-Course Prix-Fixe Menu with greater value.

Savor sumptuous Japanese dishes with a Peruvian touch from Executive Chef Philip Leong. The Prix-Fixe menu features some of Nobu’s signatures dishes which are usually only available during dinner. Enjoy the 3-Course power lunch set in Nobu’s elegant ambiance that comes with the city’s skyline in view.

Diners are offered a substantial selections of each course, from appetizer to main and dessert, to choose from the Prix-Fixe menu. For those who enjoy varieties, diners are also encouraged to share their courses “family style” to savor the complete Nobu experience during lunch. Nobu 3-Course Prix-Fixe menu is priced at RM165++ per person.

For appetisers there’s a lovely Seafood Ceviche, featuring a medley of cubes of raw seafood ‘cooked’ in a light yuzu dressing with quinoa. Love the citrusy tang that really enhanced the seafood well.

Shitake Salad with Spicy Lemon Dressing proved to be a light and tasty choice with its minimalist ingredients. The lemon dressing lifted the crisp greens and earth mushrooms well.

The Butter Lettuce Dry Miso was one of my favorite and exceptionally tasty. So simple, yet utterly delicious with butter lettuce, superb flavours in the tangy and creamy dressing, dry miso sprinkles and generous parmesan cheese.

A Nobu signature, the Salmon New Style Sashimi has always been a crowd pleaser. Many have flocked to Nobu and raved about this dish. Slivers of luscious salmon fanned out and drizzled with yuzu soy sauce. Hot olive oil and sesame oil seared the fish for a finishing touch. It has truly inspired many others to mimic this same dish internationally on its method of just barely cooking the fish and evoking sensational flavours and textures. Now diners can enjoy this for lunch!

The next one of Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno also turned out just as good as the earlier salmon dish. Using premium Hamachi sashimi, cut slightly thicker, it is finished with sublime soy dressing and topped with sliced jalapeno pepper. We were encouraged to add a coriander leaf to complete the full flavour of the dish. The overall flavours are quite a firework in the mouth with the slight heat from the chili and moreish notes from the fish, sauce and herb.

Tempura battered Soft Shell Crab Kara-age is another great starter. Enjoy light crispy fried soft shell crab with some vegetables in the usual tempura sauce.

If you’re looking for a healthier option, then the Steamed Mixed Vegetable with Shisho Salsa is just right with its simple steamed veggies and a unique Shiso sauce.

For mains, there’s 7 choices to choose from. Die-hard fans of sashimi would enjoy the Salmon Oyako Donburi. Classic and true blue recipe showcasing freshest cut of salmon sashimi and briny globules of salmon roe on sushi rice, egg, seaweed, shiso, micro greens, ginger and wasabi. Some classics are best left alone when it’s this perfect…

Looking for something hot and comforting, there’s the Mixed Tempura Udon. Another classic that works great for diners looking to slurp some chewy udon in clear broth and savor crispy golden tempura prawns and vegetables.

Anticucho is a Peruvian dish. After Nobu introduced his anticucho sauce, it’s been more renowned in the world now. Chef Phillip’s Salmon Anticucho Donburi showcase gorgeous salmon smothered in red anticucho sauce and baked to perfection with a soft cooked center. Made with aji panca, Peruvian chili paste, the anticucho sauce is quite unique with a mild heat and smoky note. Served with crispy salmon skin, steamed rice, chargrilled chili and vegetables as well as lime and a side of pickles, its a well balance meal.

There’s also the Shrimp Spicy Garlic. Beautiful large juicy prawns cooked in robust garlicky and spicy sauce with mushrooms and vegetable, the dish is filling and yet not overly heavy for lunch.

A must for beef lovers, the Tenderloin Wasabi Pepper Sauce is beautifully presented. Premium cut of tenderloin cooked till pink is served with a moreish wasabi pepper soy sauce and chargrilled vegetables. The tenderloin is superb and goes really well with the sauce.

If there was one particular dish that stood out, it was the Grilled Chicken Truffle Teriyaki. I have never had chicken cooked so well and tasted that sublime. Sous vide and finished with crispy skin, the chicken was gorgeously tender and moist. That crispy skin was to-die-for. Coupled with the aromatic truffle teriyaki sauce, it was the best chicken I have ever had in years.

For vegetarian option, there’s a tasty Assorted Mushroom Toban Yaki. Served on hot plate, the buttery garlicky notes of the sizzling and smoky mushrooms are enticing as well as yummy.

Nobu does a lovely selection of unusual Japanese inspired desserts. For a cold treat, opt for the Green Tea Fuji Shaved Ice. Fine shaved ice with green tea and milk, red bean paste, green tea mocha and finished with thin green tea and sesame wafers.

The Sata-Andagi, Japanese doughnuts with dark chocolate and caramelized nuts are lethal combinations. The golden balls of doughnut are fluffy and crispy with oozing chocolate.

Banana Harumaki features sweet ripe banana with shiso leave and Dulce de Leche is wrapped in spring roll and fried to crisp. Served with passion fruit puree and vanilla ice cream on the side, the harumaki has luscious, sweet and aromatic notes.

The Suntory Whisky Cappuccino was a personal favorite. Suntory whisky foam topped a coffee creme brulee studded with light bits of coffee crumble. Each spoonful was indeed very satisfying and pleasurable.

The prix-fixe lunch menu, priced at RM165++ per person, is available from 23 February 2017 onwards and comes with a complimentary glass of green tea.

For inquiries or to make reservations, please call 03.2164.5084 or Whatsapp 019.389.5085.

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