January 12, 2016

CNY 2016 at Imperial Garden Restaurant by Tai Thong Group

Indulge in Chinese New Year Specialties at Tai Thong Restaurants

This New Year of the Fire Monkey brings fourth more indulgence and this time, it’s at Imperial Garden Restaurant under the Tai Thong Group. Presenting a feast fit for many, Tai Thong Group Executive Chef Lee Wee Hong and Dim Sum Chef Loo Kok Seng has gone all out again in creativity this festive season. Diners can expect nothing short but classic CNY feast with modern twists in honoring the New Year.

The Chinese New Year media preview was held at Imperial Garden Restaurant in Petaling Jaya. Joined by the God of Prosperity and the honorable presence of the Monkey King, it was quite the presentation in food as well as the ambiance. The Tai Thong Group never fails to go all out in serving delicious food set in a beautiful ambiance.

We tossed into prosperity with this year’s delectable yee sang created in honors of the Monkey King. The Golden Fortune Yee Sang with Fruits & Nuts (RM68.80++ - half portion | RM108.80++ - full portion).

Using peaches, the yee sang also had quite a list of fresh fruits and lots of various nuts, dried fruits and sesame seeds. We loved the vibrant flavours of juiciness and various textures in this yee sang. Full of natural sweet and tangy juices, the yee sang had a healthy note as well as making it easy to enjoy with its fresh and light sensation.

Besides the yee sang, there are also two more Tai Thong creations of Fortune Yee Sang (RM68.80++ - half portion | RM108.80++ - full portion) and Double Happiness Yee Sang (RM88.80++ - half portion | RM128.80++ - full portion). The Fortune Yee Sang showcase Salmon and Snow Pear while the Double Happiness Yee Sang features Japanese Fish Roe and Prawn.

The next highlight of the festive season calls for the famous Poon Choy. It’s perfect for a group of diners sitting down to enjoy layers of seafood or meat all beautifully cooked and served in one huge pot, symbolizing unity together in harmony.

Tai Thong offers three versions of Poon Choy this year. Featuring something a little different, feast on the Fortune Seafood Treasure Pot (RM298.80++ for 5 pax | RM498.80++ for 10 pax), a medley of King Solomon’s sea treasures of whole Jade Perch, Tiger Prawns, Cheese Baked Mussels, Stuffed Crabstick with Fish Paste, Stuffed Squid with Chicken and lots of other vegetables. The Poon Choi ingredients are all married together in a beautiful rich sauce filled with lots of seafood essence.

Two other Poon Choy available at all their Tai Thong restaurants as well are Golden Treasure Poon Choy (RM298.80++ for 5 pax |RM498.80++ for 10 pax) and Prosperity Treasure Poon Choy (RM298.80++ for 5 pax | RM498.80++ for 10 pax). All Poon Choy Treasure Pots are filled with lots of delicious and lavish ingredients for a year of abundance!

*Reservation for Poon Choy Treasure Pots are required 2 days in advance for dine-in or take away.

There are more festive dishes available in their various CNY festive set menus. One of them is a gorgeous soup of Double-boiled Dried Premium Seafood Soup served in Coconut (RM48.80++). It was a unanimous vote at our table that evening that this soup was absolutely delicious.

Served in coconut, the broth was redolent of coconut aroma and flavour. Naturally sweet and savory with lots of dried seafood essence. The broth alone had everyone enjoying this in silence as it was just so flavourful and warming. There are also chunks of abalone, dried scallop, fish maw, village chicken, crab stick, bamboo pith, mushroom and red dates in the soup. The soup is available a la carte or in CNY Set Menu D.

Another classic must-have during CNY is waxed meat with rice. Tai Thong presents their Claypot Rice with Chinese Waxed Meat and Edamame, available in CNY Set Menu C. Highly prized waxed duck, liver sausage and Chinese sausage are steam-baked in claypot with rice, allowing its luscious oils to infuse the rice as it cooks. Edamame beans and special sauce is added to finish the dish. Enjoy the lightly fluffy aromatic rice with delightful flavours of soy sauce and sublime oils from the waxed meat.

The prettiest Nian Gao dish I have seen so far over the years, Dim Sum Chef Loo has created a Chilled “Nian Gao” with Osmanthus & Sakura (RM11.80++ / 6pcs). It’s truly unique in flavour and texture. One cannot help but be impressed with these pretty jewels of lightly chewy sweet Nian Gao set in QQ osmanthus jelly with a pretty edible sakura flower. While some may think this is odd combo, rest assured, the flavours and textures goes really well together.

Besides CNY set menus and CNY special a la carte dishes, Tai Thong also has a Prosperous Dim Sum menu in store for the festive occasion!

Steamed Triple Delight with Oyster Sauce (RM9.80++), a trio of yummy seafood dumpling crowned with festive ingredients of Fatt Choy, Hoe See and Mushrooms that signify prosperity in the Chinese community.

Steamed Fatt Choy Dumpling with Prawns (RM8.80++), crystal skin dumplings encasing plump and bouncy prawns with Fatt Choy proved to be a winner in every delectable sense.

Baked Dried Oyster Tart (RM8.80++) had everyone raving about how superb these golden short crumb pastry tart that is filled with moreish dried oysters filling. Superb dim sum and simply a Must-Order!!

Steamed Bamboo Rice with Chinese Waxed Meat (RM10.80++) are individual servings of sticky savory and sweet glutinous rice with waxed meat steamed in bamboo. Love the addition of pine nuts in this classic treat…

The Prosperous Dim Sum is available from 1 February to 29 February 2016.

For the full set of Tai Thong Group’s CNY Festive Set Menus and Special CNY Dishes, visit www.taithong.com.my/2016-chinese-new-year-promotion

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