December 18, 2015

Udon Kobo Min Min @ Damansara Utama

Authentic Udon and a little more…

When it comes to noodles, the Japanese seemed to master their signatures of udon and soba to a perfect bite. Joining the list of udon specialist in the city is Udon Kobo Min Min. Opened since June 2015, Udon Kobo Min Min is an udon restaurant serving delectable strands of house made udon and a few additional Japanese items.

Lead by Japanese Chef Hideaki Nakajima with Operation Chef Eric Leong and his team, Udon Kobo Min Min’s menu is filled with lots of authentic udon varieties, a few rice dishes and some sides. The restaurant is decorated with minimalist and is comfortable, bright and spacious. While one side is the open kitchen, the other side is basically set with lots of booths as well as bar dining where diners can catch kitchen actions of chefs making bowls after bowls of piping hot and cold udon.

The chefs make their udon fresh daily using this udon machine to control quality and consistency.

Before we try their udons, we opted for some appetizers first. The list may not be as many as some Japanese places we know but diners will be pleased at the classic choices available. Quality is a prime focus here so the chefs uses possibly some of the best grades available such as their Salmon Sashimi (RM18.90). Five thick slices of succulent and creamy cuts of salmon is so good, it can rival some of the higher end Japanese restaurants and yet price is very affordable.

Something so simple but when executed to the right flavour and texture can make a meal very memorable. We definitely loved their Atsuyaki Tamago (RM8.90). Six pieces of beautifully fluffy and creamy Japanese egg omelette with just the right tinges on sweetness won my heart and my little one’s heart too. Made in house, this dish is a must order as the chefs has really perfected this simple but utterly satisfying appetizer.

More snacking follows in Koebi Karaage (RM11.90). Baby sweet shrimps are given the thinnest batter and deep fried to crispy little critters. We certainly can’t stop at one as these were highly addictive…

I have always love Japanese fried chicken. The version of Tori Karaage (RM13.90) here is worth an order too. Well marinated in the usual garlicky salty notes, the pieces of Tori Karaage were crispy on the outside and beautifully juicy inside. A squeeze of lemon brightened up the flavours, lessening the blow of the savory level. Though not needed, a side of mayo is also added for those who love this creamy condiment.

Shishamo is a favorite of many here and Udon Kobo Min Min serves their as Shishamo Tempura (RM16.90). Opting for larger Japanese pregnant fish, these were coated in light and crispy tempura batter. A bite of this has your mouth filled with lots of creamy and umami flavours of fish roes. Light and easy to devour for sure!

The Gyoza (RM8.90) here is also decent. Tender and juicy filling, the dumplings were encased in thin gyoza skin and fried to a crisp on one side. Dip these in the special chili oil provided for extra flavours… not that it needed it.

Our noodles arrived and at that point and bowls of familiar strands of thick udon in various soups and sauces. When asked for recommendations, we were told that curry is one of their signatures and best sellers. The Curry Udon (RM18.90) here may looked pale but has a solid base of flavours of spices. It is very aromatic and has a good balance of savory and sweet notes set in a light thick consistency. The curry has slices of tender and lean pork pieces with lots of sweet soft onions and finely shredded spring onions.

Udon Kobo Min Min’s udon has a solid bite with a touch of springy texture. Cooked al dente, the udon texture is how I would normally love my udon to be. I was indeed happy slurping the udon that lunch!

For a lavish note, order their Umi No Sachi Udon (RM24.90). Seafood topped udon, in a clear broth made with base of bonito and seaweed, may be just what one needs some days. The broth tasted of a well-balanced sweetness derived from the ingredients of the sea. Topped with slices of salmon, scallops, shredded crab, seaweed and spring onions, it’s a bowl of satisfying udon for seafood lovers. There is even a sprinkling of citrus peels to give this bowl a fresh and aromatic note as we all know that citrus paired with seafood beautifully.

If you are game to try cold udon, try the Nikujiru Tsuke Udon (RM17.90). Cold udon have a firmer texture with a bitey note. Noodles served perfectly coiled on a noodle plate with seaweed, a side of room temperate dark broth filled with pork slices and onions as well as side servings of two types of spring onions, grated radish with ginger and crushed toasted sesame seeds.

One is encourage to first enjoy the noodles dipped gently in the broth and savor them with the pork and onions. Then one can opt to add on the rest of the condiments to tweak it to your liking. The dark broth is delicious. It has a robust savory and sweet notes. After adding the condiments, the flavours takes on a different level of taste but is equally still tasty and enjoyable.

Since curry was their signature, we also opted for the Katsu Curry Don (RM10.90 mini | RM17.90 big). A Japanese favorite, this one has the classic deep fried pork cutlet served with steamed rice and smothered in thick, creamy and aromatic curry sauce. The curry sauce was superb on this rice bowl. It seemed that the curry sauce on the rice is thicker in consistency as well as more robust in flavours compared to the one served with udon earlier. I really enjoyed this rice bowl a lot and would certainly order this upon a return.

There is also a version of the Curry Don with pork slices and onions in the curry topped with rice if you prefer non-fried stuff.

Another rice bowl dish we tried was the Yasai Kakiage Don (RM9.90 mini | RM16.90 big). Though nothing special, the vegetable fritter was well fried and tasted decent. A light splash of sweet soy sauce added a touch of savory note to the rice as well as the sweet crispy vegetable kakiage. I guess if you want something without meat, this one would be a good choice.

Mizu Mochi (RM6.90) and Yuzu Sherbet (RM5.90) was our sweet endings for that meal. Mizu Mochi is a signature of Udon Kobo Min Min. It is a clear Japanese jelly with a wobbly and firm texture served with brown sugar syrup and roasted soy powder. It is quite unique with the pairing of sweet flavours enhanced with a unique toasty and nutty soy note. I really enjoyed this dessert for its simple but delicious combination of flavours.

The Yuzu Sherbet is a good choice if you prefer something more refreshing and sour.

Udon Kobo Min Min is a good place for authentic udon and some Japanese dishes. It may not be as fancy as some are but it has a nice ambiance, good food with decent pricing for its quality and decent service too. Parking may only be the problem here but then it has never stop me from dining if the restaurant is good. Highlights include their variety of udon, Curry Katsu Don, Atsukyaki Tamago and Mizu Mochi.

72, Jalan SS 21/35, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 60 12-319 0228

Business Hours:
11:30 AM – 2:30 PM | 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM