December 9, 2015

A Christmas Omakase at Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Celebrate Christmas The Nobu Way

Nobu, a name highly praised in the gastronomic world, goes all out to join in the festive cheer of the Christmas season with a gourmet Japanese Christmas Omakase. Opened late last year, Nobu Kuala Lumpur has been serving premium new style Japanese cuisine to many of their avid connoisseurs. Set on level 56 of Menara 3 Petronas tower, Nobu dining experience is further enhanced by the majestic and breath-taking 360 degree view of the cityscape. Designed by brilliant architect, Severine Tatangelo from Studio PCH, Nobu’s space is set with an open kitchen, Sushi bar, main dining room as well as Nobu lounge and bar.

Themed in rich cherry wood colours set with natural muted beige, the various sections of the restaurant are gorgeously lite up with soft warm lightings throughout the space. Japanese elements with plush greenery and rows of house Sakes completed the décor with modern elegance.

At the Nobu Lounge and Bar, a stunning bar is set in the center of the dim lite room, offering diners exclusive high-end sake and masterfully crafted cocktails. Spacious and inviting, this area is perfect for private functions as well as a place to indulge in a piece of the Nobu haven.

Celebrating Christmas the Nobu way, adventurous diners are invited to celebrate this festive holiday with Nobu’s Chrismas Omakase menu, available for lunch and dinner. Helmed by Ipoh born Executive Chef Philip Leong, Nobu’s Christmas Omakase is a creative set of new-style Japanese dishes injected with Nobu’s signature of Peruvian inspirations. The Christmas omakase is a 7-course dinner of newly crafted dishes complemented by a glass of Veuve Clicquot to ring in the festive cheers.

The first course was a joyous presentation of Botan Ebi Tartare with Caviar & Wasabi Soy Gelee. Botan Ebi or Botan Shrimp is a favorite in the Japanese community. The natural sweetness of the shrimp is much beloved by many and Japanese loves to enjoy them raw when they are fresh. It is minced finely into tartare and wrapped with zucchini before being topped with avocado and black caviar. Though it tasted really sweet with a light bouncy jelly texture, the tartare flavours are boosted to another level of flavours with the wasabi soy gelee. The delicate presence of wasabi enhanced the sweetness of the shrimp beautifully.

The next course is an ultimate one for sushi lovers. Nobu Matsuhisa is famed for his creative touches on sushi. While maintaining the true flavours of the Japanese delicacy, he still manages to get in his creative twist of raising the bar on the flavours of sushi by pairing them with his unique touches. Our Assorted Sushi of Chu-Toro, Kampachi, Aji and Hotate had the whole table in silence. Paying full homage to the beautiful and perfect sized sushi, each piece had its own little finishing of flavours. Completed with imported maple leaves to add to the presentation, we worked our way from the lavish to the sweetest.

Chu-Toro, medium fatty tuna looked utterly divine with its pale pink marbling. Its taste was just as supreme as its fame. Kampachi or Amber Jack paired with a thinly sliced jalapeno chili and herb tasted sublime in the mouth with its after hint of heat while the Aji or Horse Mackerel has a tiny dot of grated ginger and scallion to counter the bold aroma and flavour of the fish. The ending was sweet and fresh Hotate scallop enhanced with a torn leave of cilantro and a tiny droplet of Rocoto chili paste. I am in sushi heaven…

More sashimi and this course cleverly incorporated thinly sliced Madai or red seabream into a salad. The Madai Sashimi & Baby Spinach Salad with Yuzu Dressing had fresh and vibrant citrusy notes from the yuzu while maintaining a delicate flavour. Crisp garlic slices, bonito shavings, micro pea shoots and twirls of beetroot completed the dish with finesse and more flavours.

Our third course of Seared Hotate with Shiso Salsa was pretty and colorful. Plump scallops beautifully seared till just cooked, is paired with a Shiso salsa of minced sweet onions and peppers. Unctuous and salty thin slices of Bottaga or cured fish roes gave a unique note to the scallops. I adored this course for its bold but well balanced flavours of salty, sweet, sour, spicy and very subtle hint of bitter note from all the combination of the ingredients. The salsa sauce was so good, we asked for a spoon to enjoy it!

After all the seafood courses, it was time for a meat course. Taking on the lux Kobe beef, Chef Leong’s creation of Kobe with Anticucho Miso with Baby Vegetables proved to be a crowd pleaser. Melt-in-the-mouth tender Kobe beef was grilled to perfection and sat on a bed of quinoa, dotted with pumpkin puree.

The smoky and moreish Anticucho Miso sauce, which has the Peruvian chili paste of red Aji Panca and orange Aji Amarillo combined with Saikyo miso, resulting in a unique and luscious earthy flavour. The pop of colors from roasted beets, peeled cherry tomato and roasted brussel sprout leaves gave the dish its wow presentation factor. One can add a gentle squeeze of calamansi lime to height up the sweet and sour notes. A stunning dish in presentation and flavours!

If you do not take beef, do let them know and Chef Leong will adjust the menu accordingly.

Ending the savory course was a light and refreshing Cold Inaniwa. Al dente flat Inaniwa udon is served simply in a sweet and refreshing broth with seaweed and scallion. Slurping the chilled noodles is simply delightful!

The Apple Compote & Azuki Mille Feuille looked simple and yet complex. Thin green tea wafer brushed with gold dust, sandwiched yuzu cream with sweet and spiced apple compote to complete the mille feuille. On the side, creamy red bean paste and a quenelle of yuzu ice cream are paired to give the dish an East meets West finale. This dessert took me to cloud nine. It was not overly sweet and the green tea wafer really worked well with the tangy yuzu cream and sweet apples.

It’s definitely a different Christmas but what an impressive one!

The Christmas Omakase Dinner, priced at RM630 per person, will be open for two seatings with the first seating between 6.00pm – 6.30pm and the second between 9.00pm – 9.30pm. These seatings are open for reservations a month before.

The Lunch Menu on the other hand, will offer a 5-course Omakase set featuring selected dishes from the 7-course menu. The Christmas Omakase Lunch is priced at RM250 per person and is available during regular lunch hours on December 24 and 25, 2015. A la carte dishes will also be available to order, however lunch sets – apart from the Matsuhisa Bento, will not be.

For enquiries of to make reservations, please call 03 2164 5084 or Whatsapp 019 389 5085

Menara 3 Petronas
Level 56 KLCC 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +60 3 2164 5084/ +60 19 389 5085
Fax: + 60 2164 5085


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