September 10, 2013

Hong Kong Mei-Xin (MAXIM) Mooncakes: Bringing in Lunar Delights from Hong Kong!

Maxim Hong Kong lands in Malaysia with Mooncakes!

With the festive Lunar celebration around the corner, if you are still looking for mooncakes, here’s one all the way from Hong Kong by Maxim Group, Mei-Xin Mooncakes. It’s a first in Malaysia and we are certainly happy about it! The Maxim Group has attained many accolades for their superior quality, reputable brand and winning customer recognition. As per the Nielsen Research Report, Hong Kong Mei-Xin Mooncake has been the number one mooncake seller in Hong Kong for 15 consecutive years since 1998.

What makes Hong Kong Mei-Xin Mooncakes different from others? According to Mei-Xin’s representive, Mei-Xin Mooncakes are made with high quality ingredients such as creamy and fragrant golden white lotus and crystal-like top-graded salted egg yolks. They have a very extensive range of various flavours of Traditional Baked Series and Snowy Twin Cake Series.

Sampling the Traditional Baked Series, Mei-Xin Mooncakes has consistent thin skin with a smooth silky layer of fragrant lotus paste. Indeed, living up to its quality, the lotus paste is more aromatic than what I have tasted so far this year.

White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake has a velvety paste that melts and is not overly sweet. Look at that thin skin barely encasing the filling!

Not an ardent fan of Mixed Nuts Mooncake, surprisingly, this one was much appreciated by many that night. We concluded that it was the aromatic dried orange peel that won our taste.

Premium Egg Custard Mooncake takes the crown in the baked category! We absolutely loved this eggy rich custard mooncake to bits. The 6 pieces of small golden baked mooncakes are so fragrant. Recommended to heat up the golden mooncake in microwave for 10 seconds, the filling of luscious creamy coconut milk with rich egg yolks is really heightens when it is at warm peaks. It reminds me of the savory egg flavors of my beloved ‘Lao Sar’ custard filling. We all fought for this one!

When the Snowy Twin Cake platter arrived, we all couldn’t help but squeal in delight. Pretty in pastel colors except for the brown one with a bold Devil imprinted, it is just so dainty in size as well. Though Mei-Xin Hong Kong carries over 20 flavours, we were pretty happy with 8 flavours available here.

My top favorites are the Devil Dark Chocolate Crunch and Passion Fruit & Pomelo. The Devil title is well deserved, rich dark and chocolatey with crunchy bits, it is just so tempting that one gets lured back to eating more of it. The Passion Fruit & Pomelo is refreshing, fruity, tangy and easy to eat.


Other flavours of Mixed Berries, Sesame Seed with Macadamia, Blueberry Duo, Mango and Mango with Pomelo are also really good. Instead of our usual soft snow skin that we have here, these has a chewy mochi skin texture. These are kept in the freezer till almost ready for serving before it is lightly defrosted in the fridge for 10 minutes. It is served really chilled and firm so the first taste is really refreshing on the palate.

Each of the Snowy Twin Cake has two fillings in it with a fruity or chocolate center contrasting with a denser creamy filling. The skin is thin and well wrapped so each bite, one gets a nice consistent overall flavour and texture.

Mei-Xin Mooncakes are now available at Private Kitchen at Damanasara Uptown and all Aeon and Jaya Grocers. Prices might be a bit more as these are air-flown in from Hong Kong and are made from only high quality natural ingredients with no artificial coloring added. Definitely worth a taste!

I brought home a few extra Devils that night… wink!

*Stay tune for a private dinner at Private Kitchen!


  1. Why your photo can be so nice under the terrible yellow light >.<

  2. Mei Xin mooncakes are very popular in Melbourne. Not surprising that these imported mooncakes are amongst the best in our limited choice of mooncakes available here... Can't complain that we can at least eat Mei Xin :p


  3. Hmmm...celebrity choice of mooncake. Must be delicious.

  4. The mooncake flavors are quite special. I think I would love to try 'Premium Egg Custard Mooncake' ;-)
    The look kinda reminds me of HK Polo Pao

  5. I've always wanted to try this brand, i've seen them back in Australia, they were more or less the same price as now in Malaysia

  6. I am not a very big fan of mooncake but your photos really made me craving for it...Yum.

  7. You have my mailing address? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!