September 5, 2013

Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur: Cakes Selections To Send You Over The Moon!

My Afternoon Tea with Mooncakes!

We are back at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur recently for a taste of Mid Autumn Festival! Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur is honouring the traditioinal Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival of lunar workship and moon grazing with its opulent collection of luscious mooncakes.

This year, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur has brought back their much acclaimed sleek iconic mooncake bags in the most in-vogue luxury designs in two colors of red and ivory. Inspired by iconic designer Louis Vuitton, these bags are set to be the envy of many with the gorgeous curves and elegant material. The bold elegant bag holds a selection of five variants, perfectly formed using individual handmade hardwood moulds imported from the master craftsmen of Hong Kong.

‘An iconic symbol of Chinese heritage throughout the world, mooncakes are both sumptuously luxuriant and yet heartwarmingly familiar’, enthused Executive Chinese Chef Wong Lian You.

Chef Wong and team have pulled out all stops with three different packaging offerings with the two gorgeous bags and a luxurious 7 Stars Premium Collection which features the biggest mooncake made in Malaysia. This collection centerpiece has a span over 6 inches made from a specially commissioned hand carved mould which took five weeks of dedication to create!

As the mooncakes are made in-house by Chef Wong and his kitchen team by using authentic recipes, we got to watch two mooncake recipes demonstrated. I was really impressed by the humongous piece of Red Date Paste with Tao Almond Snow Skin and Macadamia Nuts. Its unique with a white skin and lightly baked but the process to make it is tedious as it requires a few hours of cooking the skin over low fire on the stove before being shaped and baked.

Mini Green Tea Paste with Single Egg Yolk

Red Date Paste with Tao Almond Snow Skin and Macadamia Nuts

KY had a go at making the mooncake and his was perfect!

It’s my first but I love the idea of having a tea party with mooncakes! Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur’s OneSixFive lounge offers a Mooncake Afternoon Tea set for RM128++ per mooncake stand for 2 persons that include a pot of selected house tea.

Lounging in their latest beautifully refurbished lounge in contemporary plush sofas, we first had to select our tea. The tea served is an exclusive tea sourced from Canada. One is presented with bottles of tea leaves perfumed with various ingredients. I loved my Shanghai Rose with its really delicate aroma and the tea is delicious. No sugar is served as the mooncakes are nicely sweet enough with the tea.

Our circular stand of 10 mini mooncakes had everyone admiring its presence before we dig in. I love some of the really unique creations this year and there is even an opulent mooncake with the highly-prized bird nest!

Starting with Snow Skin Selection, we savored Mini White Chocolate Snow Skin with Dark Chocolate Paste and Rice Crunch, Mini Duo Roseberry Snow Skin with Spirulina Paste and Gummi Candy, Mini Peanut Butter Snow Skin with Dark Chocolate Paste and Mixed Nuts, Mini Tiramisu Paste with Dried Mix Fruits and Raisins and Mini Green Tea Paste with Single Egg Yolk. I do admit to liking the unique Mini Duo Roseberry Snow Skin with Spirulina Paste and Gummi Candy for its flavor and the sweet touch of gummi candies as it has a fun side to the usual. My favorite of the lot has to be the Mini Peanut Butter Snow Skin with Dark Chocolate Paste and Mixed Nuts simply because I love peanut butter and nuts. DO try the Tiramisu too as it comes in second for me…

The Traditional Baked Selection offers Mini Bamboo Charcoal Paste with Pumpkin Seeds, Mini Red Date Paste with Tao Almond Snow Skin and Macadamia Nuts, Mini White Lotus Paste with Nuts, Mini Pandan Paste with Egg Cream and Walnuts and Mini Assorted Nut Paste with Chicken Ham. I love the Mini Red Date Paste with Tao Almond Snow Skin and Macadamia Nuts for the creamy sweet fragrant date paste with bits of nuts and the Mini Pandan Paste with Egg Cream and Walnuts for the creamy eggy center.

Amping up the affair, we got to also try two other mooncakes which is not part of the afternoon tea set but is available for purchase. Bringing in back their signature Mini Durian Meat with Oats, I kept hearing others raved about this one. Apparently the combination of durian and oats is really good and has a great texture to balance the heavy durian. I’ll take their word for this…

What I love is their Mini Almond Milk Cream with Bird’s Nest! I like the almond flavor presence in this piece and the creamy nutty taste has quite a nice amount of jellied strands of bird’s nest. I must say that there is quite a nice amount of the luxurious bird’s nest in this mooncake…drools…

Have you savor a mooncake yet? If not, what are you waiting for….

Sales of the distinguished mooncake selections will commence on July 1 and will be available until September 19. The stunning mooncake selection boxes are on sale starting July 1 with prices starting at RM68 per collection. For more information, call +603 2161 1111.

Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur
165 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  +603 2161 1111
Fax: +603 2161 1122


  1. Arghhh... so many types of moon cakes! I like the presentation and the "handbag" haha :p

  2. Ahhhh!!! The handbags are back!

  3. such an awesome day kan? hahaha, I wish I can REALLY make mooncakes :/

  4. The design of the handbag look prettier than last year version :)

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    Wahhh....Mini Almond Milk Cream with Bird’s Nest!! Nice ingredients...

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