September 27, 2013

McDonald’s GCB is Back with a Sweet Note!

Bring Out The ‘G’ in You with McDonald’s GCB!

What does ‘G’ mean to you? For some, it could be Gregarious, Gluttony, Groovy, Gorgeous or even ‘Gempak’ but for fans of McDonald’s, it means that the GCB is back! This time, the favorite grilled chicken thigh is proud to make a comeback after its debut three years ago. GCB fans can finally savor the tender chicken grilled to perfection, paired with groovy char-grilled sauce on a bed of gorgeous iceberg lettuce nestled between two golden toasted warm sesame buns.

The GCB returns this year from September 26th onwards at all McDonald’s restaurant for a limited time only. 12 selected McDonald’s restaurants all over Malaysian will be selling only GCB from 19th to 25th September. For those who missed the 12 selected restaurants, GCB is launched nationwide on 26th Sept, so get your taste of GCB in all McDonald’s restaurants.

This round, GCB is even better! Bringing in 2 sidekicks of golden crusty Onion Rings and G McFizz, both are simply the perfect sidekicks of GCB. The McDonald’s GCB is available as an ala carte menu item and also as part of the G meal which comes with the Onion Rings and G McFizz.

I’m lovin it… my GCB that is…The smoky chicken thigh with char-grilled sauce goes really well with the crispy perfectly crumbed sweet onion rings.

Wash all these down with a fizzy soda flavored with 2 special flavors… can you try and guess what are these 2 special flavors?

It is always great to have a sweet ending. McDonald’s is also proud to introduce its Sweet Deals Dessert Card. Simply purchase from any McDonald counter the Sweet Deals Dessert Card for RM10 and you get 25% off for any of McDonald’s four desserts. And upon purchase of the card, get 3 coupons for a free Sundae worth RM9! T&C applies.

Dessert time! See who’s a happy camper here? Our favorite Chocolate Sundae is our sweet ending together with hot crispy Apple Pie

If you simply must have your caffeine, get your fix at McCafe like me…

Wait, there’s more! A photo contest on McDonald’s Malaysia official Facebook page will also commence on 26th September, where participants can win 1 months’ worth of McDonald’s meals, which means that winners’ meals for the next 30 days at McDonald’s will be complimentary! For details of the GCB McDonald’s Malaysia Facebook contest, log on to


  1. is the onion rings good??? craving for onion rings lately!
    my bro told the the mcfizz this time is very "special".. chocolate orange fizzy???? wonder how it taste.
    i can't eat GCB cause there's too much blackpepper in it. will get migraine if eat too much blackpepper.. >.<

  2. Dylan's really a chocolate lover eh! Walao, now review mcD, win jor LOL :P

  3. Yay...GCB is back! I'm gonna like both GCB and onion rings.

  4. Wah you manage to make McD look good! Skills! Lol

  5. Not a fan of McD's...

  6. No thanks. Not for me! Hubby on the other hand... ;-)

  7. Oh no..I supposed to go for the juicy chicken last weekend. Totally forgotten. Nvm..tomolo GCB for lunch

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