September 24, 2013

Bali Hai Seafood Village, Kota Damansara: Pleasures of the Sea!

Going Luxe this Round with Lavish Kings of the Sea!

Talk about going all the way for an under the sea experience! I am glad to be back again at Bali Hai Seafood Village at Kota Damansara. After my first visit here for their Ramadhan special, I have been craving for more. Bali Hai offers more than just what we had at our last visit. If one is looking to dine more lavishly and go all the way out, there are plenty of treasures of the sea that awaits your indulgence!

A few of us are back this round to check out more offerings of seafood dishes at Bali Hai Seafood Village and our evening kicked off with us checking out the live seafood tanks. Bali Hai offers the freshest catch that was still very much just swimming a few minutes ago before it is cooked to diner’s selection of cooking styles. Rest assured, there are plenty of cooking styles and sauces to please everyone. One need not also worry about digging deep into the pockets for a meal at Bali Hai as there are plenty of well affordable dishes as well as luxurious ones.

Rainbow Lobster and Canadian Geoduck Sashimi with Superior Soup Steamboat

That evening, the King of Crustacean got together with the King of the Clam and made a grand entrance as our first course of the night. Going back to its origin, both Rainbow Lobster and Canadian Geoduck was served sashimi style. Thinly sliced and served on an ice bed, both are equally seductive and luxurious in its raw form. The lobster was sweet and delicate with a light dipped of wasabi and soy sauce and offers a medium firm texture on the palate while the geoduck is also sweet and a little briny with a delectable bouncy texture.

For those who simply cannot bear to eat these raw, the set comes with a piping hot superior soup bubbling away on a portable stove. Just lightly swish both seafood in the hot soup to blanch and one will experience a different taste and texture of the sea treasures. I am just happy with the raw form for both sea treasures.

After the seafood is consumed, there are platter of green vegetables, enoki mushrooms and tofu to be dropped into the superior soup to enjoy. The soup has a strong herbal aroma and flavor and is soothing, especially if one has just savored the lobster and geoduck as sashimi.  The lobster head will also be chopped up to be put into the soup for extra yumminess else check out below to see what we did with our lobster head. So if one feels like splurging for a special occasion, this is really a scrumptious dish to impress. Seafood price varies depending on the choice of lobsters and geoduck.

Bali Hai Siam Style Claypot Freshwater Lobster

We had more lobsters… freshwater baby ones this round! These were nicely cut into halves and served in a rich creamy spicy Thai broth. We had these separated for photo shoot before it was finished off in the luscious gravy in the claypot.

When the finished dish arrives, the aroma is delightfully addictive. The air was fragrant with aroma of spices and heat. I loved this a lot, especially the spicy broth which was redolent of lemongrass. Though the broth did overpower the flavor of the baby lobsters, I didn’t mind since I loved the bold broth so much. In fact, I wanted more broth and maybe even some rice noodles to soak up the richness of the spicy broth. I find the broth really satisfying with a great balance of spices and punchy heat. The dish is bold and bound to make a blast on your taste bud!

Thai-Style Deep Fried Mackerel

Though this one tasted decent, it was just not as memorable as the earlier dishes. That said, it was a decently crispy fried fish drenched in a spicy and sweet Thai sauce. The flesh was sweet and moist with a nice crispy skin. The fish was accompanied by shredded mango, onion and chili salad for extra flavors and textures.

Stir-fried Clams with Dried Shrimp and Chili Padi

Many of us enjoyed this dish. We concluded it was well cooked as the clams were still tender and juicy. A good dose of chili padi and dried shrimp with garlic laced the clams. I can still taste the lightly briny sea flavors of the clams in this dish despite the big heat of chili padi. I could go on eating these little hard-shelled clams with a nice big mug of icy cold beer!

Salt-Steamed Chicken

Flavors of herbal essence with Chinese wines are great but the since it is kampong chicken, it’s very lean and bony. I guess it’s good for us but since I am not a fan of bones, I don’t really think I enjoyed this very well. Chicken connoisseurs would disagree with me as kampong chicken has a better chicken essence compare to our normal chicken. Flavors are spot on through and I would love a bowl of rice to enjoy the herbal essence of the dish.

Stir-Fried Dragon Chives and Shimeji Mushrooms with Crispy Lotus Root

Ah… one of my favorite vegetable! Dragon chives are one of the newest greens to appear and the thin long leaves are usually stir-fried with other ingredients. The chives leave a lightly slippery gel and have a mild onion aroma. Here is it very well cooked with Shimeji mushrooms, bits of bean sprouts, bell pepper and hugged by a circle of crispy thin fried lotus root. Yummy in my books and I did polished off a fair bit of this vegetable.

Beancurd with Minced Chicken and Salted Radish

A comfort dish that one can enjoy on daily basis, the homemade bean curd is hearty and delicious. Soft eggy bean curd with a golden layer of skin is crowned with a minced chicken and radish stir fry. The minced chicken has a good firm texture as it provides a great bite together with crunchy bits of radish. It’s quite heavy on the savory flavor so a bowl of rice would balance up this dish easily. Soul food!

Japanese Style Seafood Fried Rice

I never had seaweed fried rice before but I like this a fair bit. The seaweed has been blended up to a powder and briskly stir fried with rice and seafood. Presentation wise, it has a dark look but the flavors are good and there is a nice wok heat in the fried rice. Bits of cubed seafood like prawns and scallops provide a little sweetness to the rice. Unless one does not like seaweed, it would be hard to fault this dish. A creative Japanese inspired fried rice…

Lobster Head Braised Ee Fu Noodle

Oh wait, here’s what we did for our lobster head! We had it chopped up and braised with Ee Fu noodles. I loved it and was glad that someone else donated some of their noodle portion to me. The Ee Fu noodles are soft and soaked with the lobster essence, making every slurp a big hit! It’s well worth the extra charge to enjoy your lobster head like this as one gets to suck and slurp the pieces of lobster head for its creamy rich essence!

Fresh Fruit Platter

We had chilled fresh fruit platter to finish our meal. Simple and much welcome after our heavy seafood meal…

Our meal above can be order as a set meal or simply a la carte. That said, we were told that there is a Lobster Promotion of Buy 1 Free 10 going on from 13 Sept to 3 Oct 2013. The promotion is only available at Bali Hai Kota Damansara and applies to certain variety of lobsters like Rainbow, Australian and Boston Lobsters. T&C applies.

After this meal, I have taken my family of gluttons back to Bali Hai for more seafood escapades… stay tune for more dishes we had with my family!

Sunsuria Avenue, Persiaran Mahogani,
PJU5, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603 6141 0033/+6016 461 2333


  1. Passed by this place many times in Penang, never went as the locals warned me not to - a tourist trap. Buy 1, free 10 sounds good but it looks like 1 big one and 10 small ones in the ad.

  2. all the seafood dishes! Hungry edi! Hahaha....

  3. That looks like a super luxurious meal! Lobster, geoduck, clams... oh u r making me hungry!

  4. Oh my, some of that seafood looks out of a monster movie!

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