July 21, 2013

Bali Hai Seafood Village, Kota Damansara: Ramadhan Seafood Buffet Promotion

If it Swims, They have it!

With a tagline like the above, who could resist? Especially any Chinese who just loves their seafood as fresh as it gets. Bali Hai Seafood Village, a seafood paradise made famous in Penang is renowned for their vast choices of seafood. What I didn’t know was that Bali Hai also has a branch right smack here in Petaling Jaya! Located at Kota Damansara’s bustling business area, Bai Hai Seafood Village has actually been around since September last year. Echoing its original restaurant, Bali Hai here carries an amazing list of live seafood.

I have been to quite a few Ramadhans this year but none like this one. Though Bali Hai has plenty of a la carte dishes for seafood, a recent invite was to sample their latest Ramadhan Seafood Buffet Promotion available from July 8 to August 9. The buffet here is not about choices as Bali Hai tempts its guest with their mouthwatering array of seafood prepared in many ways with a daily rotation menu. If you are looking for a seafood escapade to buka puasa or simply to indulge, head on over to see what’s in store from the sea.

Bali Hai occupies a huge location and has a capacity of over 700 persons. It has a choice of al fresco sitting and air-conditioned as well. The al fresco area is cooling as there are plenty of fans to keep the breeze going while there are 8 gazebo huts and 5 private dining rooms which has karaoke sets. Even the washrooms are air-conditioned!

There is even a neat playground located right in the middle of the restaurant to keep kids happy!

Let’s check out the seafood utopia at Bali Hai…

Upon arrival, we already noticed the bbq pitt manned by their staff. A quick peek and we spiced Satay and Chicken Wings being grilled over hot coals. The satay here is really seasoned with lots of spices and herbs that don’t really need the usual peanut sauce. I enjoyed the satay as it is, especially when it is hot. The Chicken Wings was decent and had a nice hint of spiciness at the end note.

Start your meal with big Fresh Oysters with a squeeze of lemon!

That evening, the hot warmers are filled with a scrumptious wonderland of seafood. I spied Hot & Spicy Crab, Hot & Spicy Mussels, Belachan Fried Squid, Butter Prawns, Black Pepper Lamb, Deep Fried Crispy Squid, Steamed Clams with Chili, Asam Pedas Fish and Lemon Sauce Chicken.

We are not talking about how some buffets provide those small sized seafood but at Bali Hai, the seafood served in the buffet are those you would get in a la carte orders. The Butter Prawns were really good with the crustaceans firm and sweet while egg fluff with chili spiced up the dish. Hot and Spicy Crab will have everyone licking and sucking the crab in full satisfaction while Belachan Fried Squid is sautéed in a pungent sambal belachan sauce with onions.

For those who love sour and spicy flavors, make sure to check out their Asam Pedas Fish. I also enjoyed their well-prepared Lemon Sauce Chicken with just the right balance of lemony flavors.


We also sampled other cooking styles of the seafood available on the Ramadhan buffet promotion or a la carte. The restaurant has kindly whipped up some other flavors of the seafood on platters for us to showcase to everyone on some of their dishes on rotation basis.

Salted Egg Yolk Crab, BBQ Japanese Sanma, Deep Fried Battered Prawns, Squid with Pattaya Sauce, Cheese Baked Oysters, Grilled Skewered Prawns, Lamb Chops with BBQ Sauce, and Deep Fried Crispy Chicken with Thai Sauce are some of the dishes that is rotated on the buffet menu.

Highlight of the night was the gorgeous Grilled Skewered Prawns, an absolute favorite among all of us. Simply seasoned and grilled to perfection, it was juicy and bliss!

The Cheesy Baked Oysters also won many hearts as it was packed with loads of cheese blanketing a huge oyster beneath it. It’s really succulent and cheesy…

Other dishes like Fried Rice, Nasi Kunyit and Fried Meehoon makes up as fillers while there is a daily soup available too. Ours was Tom Yum Soup for that night. We also had Sambal Belachan Vegetables, Mixed Vegetables and Beancurd in Egg Sauce.


End the meal with Assorted Fruits, Kurma and local Kuihs. Chilled Beverages are also available as part of the buffet.

Priced at RM98 nett for adult and RM48 nett for child (6 – 12 years old), the Ramadhan Seafood Buffet Promotion is a great deal if you are a seafood fan. The fact that one gets to eat all they seafood to their heart’s content for one price is quite rare.
Wait! There is more… check out further promotions in addition of this one:
  • Buy 2 Free 1 on this Ramadhan Seafood Buffet Promotion! Find out more details from Bali Hai
  • If you celebrate your birthday (with at least 10 of your loved ones) during Ramadhan at Bali Hai, you will receive a complimentary cake
Make sure to catch this promotion before it ends!

*No Pork Served and No Lard Used.

Sunsuria Avenue, Persiaran Mahogani,
PJU5, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +603 6141 0033/+6016 461 2333


  1. wow, really big and succulent oysters, i wouldn't mind having some crabs and prawns too but for those deep fried dishes, no thank you :P

  2. the price is pretty reasonable seeing the seafood you'll get to nom!

    but the name of the restaurant a bit =.=


  3. this place actually looks very enticing, I should go!

  4. Everything look so fresh and tempting! With the offer of Buy 2 Free 1 made the price really worth to go for.

  5. It looks fantastic, and I like when nobody is around. The design looks very interesting and inviting!

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