July 13, 2013

Zespri Kiwi Amazing Challenge: My Weekend Romance with a Smoothie!

Mood for Love Smoothie!

Someone asked me now that I have gone Green, power up with Yellow, is Red next? For me, red can only mean one obvious thing… love! On my Day 13 Zespri Kiwi Amazing Challenge, I can feel the love… the love for my body and my skin. After so many days of eating kiwi, I must confess to loving the fruit and my body. Each day, I feel really good as my appetite seems to be well control, no cravings, digestion problem almost gone as I have been having great input and output…lol!
Since it’s the Saturday today, I feel in the Mood for Love and so I came out with this recipe…

Bringing out the inner me for a little Mood for Love Smoothie:

2 Zespri Kiwi (either green or yellow)
½ half a Dragonfruit
150ml Tomato Juice

Scooped out the flesh of the kiwis put into a blender. Pour in the tomato juice. Blend it all the way for a good 30 seconds.

When it reaches a smooth consistency like this, stop the blender and taste. If you like it sweeter, add honey. I didn’t think it needed it.

One or two love servings… set the mood for love today!

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  1. I saw so many of you posting about Zespri Kiwi ...I also go buy a box of Zespri Kiwi yellow. My first time trying the yellow one. :-p
    I must say that its alot nicer than the green one.hehe...

  2. Sooo deliciously refreshing! I want one of those right now. The afternoon is very warm and I'm sure that lovely beverage would be very refreshing.

  3. This romantic beverage simply awesome..So beautiful combination of fruits.

  4. wow, this is so vitamin c packed!! I love dragonfruit too, maybe I'll make this one of these days :)

  5. Wow a colourful and delicious mix of fruits....loved the look of smoothie...a treat to eyes...

    Grace Crawford Zespri Golden kiwifruit