July 1, 2013

Zespri Kiwi Amazing Challenge: Here’s to 14-Day Daily Scoop of Kiwi Fun!



Taking on this Zespri Amazing Challenge is gonna be a breeze! Especially since I love kiwis… green or yellow. When I was approach to take this 14-Day Daily Scoop of Amazing Challenge to consume 2 kiwis a day, it didn’t take much twisting to my arms to say yes!

Kiwis are often neglected and deem on the pricier end for fruits but if you know how much one can benefit from these little brown hairy fruits, you might change your mind.  I have always had a soft spot for juicy kiwis with its soft flesh, crunchy bits of seeds and sourish sweet flavors. Simply easy to consume, I love this versatile fruit in any way I can enjoy it but the best is still in its original form!

Here’s a Nutritious Fact of the Kiwi fruit compared to other ones taken from the Zespri website:

That’s a lot of nutrient stored in this little fruit!

How do you enjoy your Kiwi? I am lazy and love to just scoop it up with a spoon…

I am glad my little one loves this fruit. When he saw my bowl of kiwis for this challenge, he literally grabs the whole bowl and declared that this was his portion! Looks like I am going to have an additional challenge to pry this bowl away from him…

If you love kiwis like me, stay tune for more Zespri kiwi-awesomeness to come!


  1. I always prefer the yellow ones although they come with higher sugar content :D

  2. Ok with kiwi. I prefer avocado.

  3. kiwi~~ looks good.. long time never have one as my parents don't really like it.>.<

  4. I like kiwis! ^_^