July 31, 2013

MIVVA Beauty Box: July Edition of My Pamper Kit

Everyone Needs a Little Pampering!

My third MIVVA Beauty Box and I am still as excited as before. It’s great to always be surprise on what one will get as life is made for surprises. This month, MIVVA has set theme for a little pampering. I could certainly use a good dose of pampering. When one sleeps as little as I do, my skin is always in need of much rejuvenation.

This month’s pampering box has fewer items but there are a good 3 full size items compared to previous months!  What I also like is the new black box with silver polka dots.  It’s quite modern and classy.Here are my thoughts on this month’s goodies…

Somang Danahan Bonyeon
Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner @RM139.90 (160ml) & Emulsion @RM139.90 (160ml)

I am beginning to really like this brand. It is on a higher price end but the quality is pretty good and the concentration is there. From my May’s beauty box, I love the Premium Ex Deep Wrinkle Line Cream and find the test results very positive. Though I only had two small sample bottles to try, I notice again the concentration is there. I am particularly pleased with the emulsion as it renders my skin really moist. Another advantage point I read is that this brand uses herbs and flowers, all natural elements from Mother Nature!

Eye Lip Enriched Cream @RM98.80 (15ml)

It’s quite light and not as rich as others that I have tried. After application, it does soften the skin around the eyes. I can also feel a nice light moistness on my skin. Since I do sleep late, my eyes are always tired and fairly heavy while there is a slight dark circle around. After using this consecutively for 2 weeks, I can feel a little improvement on the moistness but the slight dark circle is still there. Maybe I need to use this a bit longer for a better results. Love the light floral scent though…

Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner @RM49.90 (120ml)

Having also used and loved the Beautymate Nano Essence before, I was glad to be able to try another one from the same brand. This time it’s a toner. I find the toner decent. After application, my skin is smooth. Said to have the power to brighten up the skin, I have yet to see much difference on my skin but then again, I have only used this for two weeks.  I am going to continue to use this together with the Nano Essence as I believe both working together might get me a better result. I do have to put in a good word though because I can feel my skin smoother and the price is good for this size.

Re-Gen Oil @ RM29.90 (75ml) or RM45.90 (125ml)

To be honest, I am not really a fan of oil products. I find it oily and sometimes sticky after application. During my pregnancy, I was using lotion instead of oil to help reduce stretch marks. However, I got allergic reaction and had to switch to olive oil for my stretch marks. It was oily and I didn’t quite like it but I bear with it because I didn’t know which other to use. Wish I had known about this brand as it is quite good. I tried it on my tummy and find it not oily after a massage. It keeps the skin thoroughly moist. I am considering to buy the actual size to try and see if it can really help to reduce the scars and stretch marks!

Elianto Ardour Shadow @RM8 (2gm)

Though I hardly put on eye shadow nowadays due to laziness, I am still happy to see this one in my beauty box. I got the Venus Brown and find it really versatile as I always try to use brown tones for a natural look. In addition, I do buy Elianto products and find it to be decent for its price.

Pumice Scrub

I am usually nervous going for a pedicure. Simply because my heel is always so cracked and dried. Glad to receive this pumice scrub stone so I can finally scrap off the dead skin.

Even though this month has fewer products, the full sized items more than made up for it. Full size products are definitely better as one can probably see better results after using it. This month’s pampering kit is pretty sweet. MIVVA do features some really great products and I am very happy to have discovered brands I like such as Aupres, Beautymate and Somang Danahan through MIVVA!

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  1. The eye shadow looks like chocolate.... LOL!!!

  2. I heard the 'Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner' by Beautymate is quite good.

  3. I agree - everyone needs a little pampering. :-)

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  5. This month, MIVVA has set theme for a little pampering. I could certainly use a good dose of pampering. When one sleeps as little as I do, my skin is always in need of much rejuvenation.
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