February 6, 2013

Phoenix Restaurant, Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie: A New Year Arise!

It’s a Circle of Life Each New Year!

Each year, a New Year starts and let everyone arise and make a fresh start. Looking forward to this New Year, I am ecstatic that it’s just around the corner. Though extremely busy with the gazillion things to be done for the New Year, I am determined to take it as it comes and try not to get so overworked up by the list of chores to be done. How’s your preparation? J

Whether one has a million things to do this Chinese New Year, one should definitely celebrate the festivity season! And so we all do what Malaysians love most anytime of the year, let’s Eat into the New Year!!

Phoenix Restaurant may not be known to much but here’s a restaurant that definitely worth checking! Located at the Glenmarie Golf and Country Club at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie, Phoenix Restaurant serves up a classic Chinese cuisine with lots of innovative twists. Don’t be fool by its simple interior as the dishes serve is really traditional injected with lots of modern touches. There is even a private room should one need it.

Phoenix Restaurant offers a few sets of Chinese New Year Menus starting for minimum off 2 persons up to 10 persons with Prosperity Sets, Longevity Sets and Golden Phoenix Sets. Every set menu comes with the auspicious Yee Sang and more such as Mandarin oranges, wines or liquors. It’s best to make advance reservations to secure a place with the festivity season. More information at the end of the post.

Golden Phoenix Set A (10pax)

Salmon Yee Sang

Simply a kaleidoscope of colors, you know you’re in for a treat! A wonderland of ingredients, the Salmon Yee Sang passed with flying colors for textures and tastes. Light on the sweet notes, the vibrant auspicious salad is easy to enjoy with the medium thick slivers of citrus infused salmon and chewy jelly fish.

Braised Shark Fin Soup with Bamboo Pith and Crab Meat

One can enjoy at the assurance that no sharks are harmed here! Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie supports a shark fin free environment. Simply to join in the auspicious denotation, served in this luscious broth is vegetarian shark fin. It’s rarely that I enjoyed this soup without a dash of black vinegar but this one certainly did not need it. Redolent of sumptuous flavors, the broth is further enhanced with lovely textures of crunchy bamboo pith and sweet crab meat.

Crispy Roasted Chicken and Mongolian Sauce

At sight, I immediately fell hard for the grilled fruit skewers! Bold and beautiful, the grilled fruits made the dish vibrant and refreshing. In fact, we all fought hard for the fruit skewers that day. Lying beneath the fruits also deserves some merit as the roast chicken was nicely executed with the piquant and peppery Mongolian sauce. The chicken and sauce alone would have been plain but the chef did a brilliant job in pairing with the fruit skewers.

Steamed Siakap with Teow Chew Style

We were amazed at the presentation of this dish. Visually, it looked like the fish was still swimming in the river banks with the decorations! Classic Chinese dish, the steamed sea bass was a little spicy and a little sour, enticing the appetite for more. I always enjoy this classic!

Stir Fried Prawn with Vietnamese Sauce

The crustaceans are glazed with a Vietnamese inspired sauce and served with a basket of golden fried buns. The Vietnamese sauce tasted really similar to sour and spicy chili crab sauce and was redolent of several herbs. I also adored that the prawns were partially shelled to make it easier to eat while the buns are simply great for mopping up the spicy sauce. Yum!

Braised Two Kind Of Mushrooms with Layer Bean Curd and Vegetable

Crowned with roasted Macadamia nuts, the vegetable dish is delicious savory and nutty. Load up with broccoli, mushroom, abalone mushroom, Macadamia nuts and ‘Tau Kan’ or bean curd sheet, its fairly light and easy to savor.

Seafood Fried Rice

Expecting the usual seafood fried rice, I was pleasantly surprised when it was served with a side of wedged century eggs covered with shredded pickled ginger and crushed peanuts.

The seafood fried rice is studded with loads of seafood like squid, prawns and more. What makes this fried rice interesting is the addition of black bean dace and ginger! A unique touch in flavors and I personally think it’s really great with the century eggs which is insanely good with peanuts. I would have loved to hog the whole plate of century eggs to myself!

Chilled Rambutan and Nata De Coco Syrup

Light and refreshing, Chilled Rambutan and Nata de Coco make a great sweet ending. Bits of watermelon, kidney beans and mint are added for extra freshness and textures.

Crispy Fried New Year Cake and Pancake

A duo of desserts was served and I was immediately attracted to the chocolate balls. Creatively made by chef, it was a Nian Gao ball fried to crispy golden and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Who would have ever thought that this pairing would be so good? Brilliant flavors of chocolate with Nian Gao and creamy yam! The pancake was more like a soft mochi with red bean paste.

Phoenix Restaurant simply surprised me with its creative touches. I thoroughly enjoyed every dishes presented and also thought the portion was really a good size. Executive Chef Francis Lau and Chinese Chef Chin Chee Fatt has an amazing list of sumptuous CNY dishes this month so be sure to check them out!



Phoenix Restaurant Yee Sang (10 pax)
* Available for Lunch, Dinner and Take Away*

Sea Bass Yee Sang
RM 138++ Large RM 68++ Medium

Salmon Yee Sang
RM 168++ Large RM 68++ Medium

Jelly Fish Yee Sang
RM 168++ Large RM 68++ Medium

Octopus Yee Sang
RM 168++ Large RM 88++ Medium

Top Shell Abalone Yee Sang
RM 188++ Large RM 88++ Medium

Vegetarian Yee Sang
RM 88++ Large RM 48++ Medium

Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant Yee Sang

Japanese Yee Sang
RM 68++ Medium RM 48++ small

Prosperity Set (2pax to 3pax)
*Complementary of Mandarin Oren for all the Set *
*Complementary of Intis merlot or Chardonnay*

Set A RM 338++
Menu A - Salmon Yee Sang
Menu A - Wintermelon Soup
Menu A - Braised Fatt Choy loh Hon Vegetables
Menu A - Steamed Cod Fish with Sauce
Menu A - Stir Fried Kailan Heart
Menu A - Phoenix Fried Rice
Menu A - Mixed Fruits and Shanghai Pancake

Set B RM 308++
Menu B - Salmon Yee Sang
Menu B - Stir Fried Asparagus with Scallop
Menu B – Steamed Cat Fish with Ginger Sauce
Menu B - Braised Fatt Choy
Menu B - Phoenix Fried Rice
Menu B - Chilled Longan Sea Coconut

Longevity Set (4pax to 6pax)
*Complementary of Mandarin Oren for all the Set *
*Complementary of Intis merlot or Chardonnay*

Set A RM 608++
Menu A - Salmon Yee Sang
Menu A - Braised Seafood Soup with Crab Meat
Menu A - Sea Cucumber with fatt Choy and Vegetable
Menu A - Deep Fried Garupa with sweet and sour
Menu A - Stir Fried Kailan Heart with XO Sauce
Menu A - Wok Fried Prawn with Spicy Chili Sauce
Menu A - Stew Fried Lai Pak with Yam Clay pot
Menu A - Phoenix Fried Rice
Menu A - Sweetened Red Bean Soup with Tong Yuen

Set B RM 508++
Menu B - Salmon Yee Sang
Menu B - Braised Seafood Soup with Bamboo pith
Menu B - Stew Fried Asparagus with scallops
Menu B - Braised Mushroom, Oyster, Fatt Choy
Menu B - Deep fried Crispy Chicken
Menu B - Sweet & Sour Garoupa
Menu B - Phoenix Fried Rice
Menu B - Sweetened Red Bean Soup with Tong Yue

Golden Phoenix Set (10pax)
*Advance order required*
*Complementary of Mandarin Oren for all the Set *
*Complementary of Brandy-St Remy*

Set A RM1188++
Menu A - Salmon Yee Sang
Menu A - Braised Sharkfin Soup with Bamboo Pith & Crab Meat
Menu A - Crispy Roasted Chicken and Mongolian Sauce
Menu A - Steamed Siakap with Teow Chew Style
Menu A - Stir Fried Prawn with Vietnamese Sauce
Menu A - Braised two kind Of Mushroom with layer Beancurd and Vegetable
Menu A - Seafood Fried Rice
Menu A - Chilled Rambutan and Nata De Coco Syrup
Menu A - Crispy Fried New Year Cake and Pancake

Set B RM1288++
Menu B - Salmon Yee Sang
Menu B - Braised Shark Tin Soup with Crab Meat
Menu B - Crispy Roasted Chicken with Golden Butter Saucer
Menu B - Deep Fried Red Snapper with Portuguese Sauce
Menu B - Stew Fried Prawn with Kam Hiong Sauce
Menu B - Braised Oyster Fatt Choy Mushroom and Beancurd with Vegetable
Menu B - Phoenix Fried Rice
Menu B - Chilled Sago Honey Dew with Cendol
Menu B - Dual Pastry

Set C RM1388++
Menu C - Salmon Yee Sang
Menu C - Braised Sharkfin Soup w Bamboo Pitch and Crab Meat
Menu C - Deep Fried Chef Special Spring Chicken
Menu C - Steamed Mandarin Fish with Soya Sauce
Menu C - Wok Fried French Baby Waterprawn with Spicy Chili
Menu C - Braised Stuffed Sea Cucumber with fatt Choy and VG
Menu C - Yong Chow Fried Rice with silver anchovies
Menu C - Hot Sweetned Red Bean Soup with Tong Yuen
Menu C - Duet Pastry

Set D RM1588++
Menu D - Abalone Yee Sang
Menu D - Double Boiled Seafood Soup in Coconut
Menu D - Deep fried Chef Special Spring Chicken
Menu D - Wok Fried Water prawn with Vietnamese Sauce
Menu D - Braised Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Mushroom VG
Menu D – Hokkian Udon Noodles with Seafood
Menu D – Two Varieties of Red Garoupa stir-fried with celery and lily bulb with garlic soya
Menu D - Boiled Honey Dew Juice with waterchesnut and Red date
Menu D - Duet Pastry


Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
Ground Floor 1, Jalan Usahawan U1/8,
Seksyen U1,
40250 Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel: 603-7802 5200

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  1. Thank you so much Jennifer. This is great

  2. Fried rice...for those prices? And eyewwwww!! Double thumbs down for you know what! Surprised that an international chain like Holiday Inn is not sensitive to such things.

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  4. Spotted corriander in the lou sang. Hmm..is it common? Come to thing of it, I just whack and play with the tossing thingy with everyone else most of the time. Now you got me thinking...shall stop everyone from attacking the dish before I study it next time. Lol. The fin, looks real. Good thing no sharky sacrificed. How close is this to the real one?

  5. The food here is so nicely presented!

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