August 6, 2012

Pin Xiang Restaurant, Aman Suria: New Dishes at Alan’s Favorite Home style Restaurant!

Back at Pin Xiang with New Home Style Dishes Aim to Please!

I lost count of how many times I went back to Pin Xiang Restaurant for sumptuous home style dishes for some comfort fix! Visited several times with my own family, we always enjoyed the dishes served at Pin Xiang. No frills affair but pure Chinese home style soul food is something that one can enjoy on daily basis. So this round, I am back again for new dishes at one of Alan Yun’s favorite restaurant!

Pin Xiang recently had a slight makeover and the restaurant is now air-conditioned for comfort to counter the country’s humid weather. One can now enjoy their meal with an option of cool air conditioned or simply alfresco. Check out other Pin Xiang visits here and here.

Cutting straight to the chase, a bunch of us gathered at Pin Xiang with Alan, Isaac and Ian for comfort fare last week. Alan did the honors of ordering some classics and some new dishes from the chef’s kitchen while we all gleefully anticipate dinner with much excitement.

You know it’s going to be an awesome meal when the first dish that landed on the table was a very delectable looking three layer pork belly named Mao’s Braised Pork. Intertwining layers of gelatinous creamy fats and lean tender meat, the pork belly was well braised with light savory flavors. The deep rich amber gravy deserved much attribution, therefore, Deep Fried Mantao was served on the side for some mopping and soaking!

Yes, we had a nice garden of broccoli surrounding the pork to balance the richness. My mother would approve of the greens but to me, just head straight for the pork for pure satiation!

I do love vegetables and Kai Lan happens to be one of my all-time favorite vegetable. Kai Lan with Yam is just one of those creations that makes one praise the chef on its simple pleasures. Who would have ever thought yam would go so well with Kai Lan??

Crunchy Kai Lan is gracefully lust up with creamy powdery yam chunks and yam sauce while dried shrimp pumped up the aromatic oceanic flavors. It’s a simple combination that worked wonders on a bowl of steaming hot rice. May not looked like masterpiece but sure tasted like one!

Ok, Patin fish is not for everyone but hey, when done right, I like it quite fine. Soy Sauce Steamed Patin had smooth and soft flesh dressed in supreme soy sauce and crisp fried ginger shreds and garlic. Food should not be too complicated at times because minimal ingredients allow the main ingredient to shine beautifully. If you are like my mother-in-law, go for other fishes if Patin is not to your fancy. There are quite a few choices like Garoupa, Tilaphia, Cat Fish and even the prize Empurau!

I am a simple foodie who loves bean curd like a child! Never found a bean curd I did not like… even those stinky ones.

Taufu in Pumpkin Soup showcased long fingers of fried homemade bean curd swimming in a sweet, savory and creamy pumpkin sauce. Bit of greens and prawns are also present for some textures. My first taste of pumpkin and bean curd and it was certainly a pleasant one. Children should like this for its soft and creamy textures but then again, I did too.

The next dish had me going oo la la! Crispy Chicken Fillet in Butter Sauce had us all fighting happily for a piece of the crispy coated chicken basking in the ever famous butter sauce! Made famous with crab, I like the twist on the dish with chicken. Makes me feel less guilty than the crab but then again, it’s just me finding an excuse to console myself in this luscious buttery sauce. I have to go back for this one soon as writing this post makes me feel like having one now. The dish is a guaranteed favorite for foodies all ages… J

Ahhh… sigh with happiness! I usually sigh with much glee when salted egg is around… wink!! Salted Egg Long Beans is another brilliant twist by the Pin Xiang’s chef. Crispy golden long beans are lust up with my all-time favorite salted egg yolk sauce. Hold the sight and think of salty grainy and slightly sweet flavors soothing the much needed soul satisfaction after a long stressful day at work. What can I say… long beans are good for you! Double wink!!

The return of the classic Prawns with Tasty Soy Sauce needed no introduction as we all dived into the aromatic sweet juicy crustacean. The sea prawns were really sweet and firm but it was the shells coated with the stick soy sauce that had us sucking up the life out of the prawns. Be warn, one prawn per person may not be enough… especially if you are a prawn lover like Xiang Cool!

I could drown in cheese sauce and die a happy camper. Cheese Baked Crab had gorgeous red crabs cooked and coated in a cheesy cream sauce. The crab flavors were a bit drowned by the rich sauce but who cares… certainly not me! In fact, I‘d like a few pieces of the fried buns to mop up the sauce for extra sensation. For me, it’s a case of the supporting star over shining the main star in this dish.

The next dish also requires some finger action to get the full credit it deserves. Spare Ribs in ‘Pou Ging’ Sauce is pork ribs done up ala Chinese style! My two cents worth of advice, throw out the cutlery and dive in with your fingers to bite into juicy tender ribs coated in a sticky creamy sauce that tasted somewhat of Thai Chili with hints of creamy mayonnaise. Sweet, savory and creamy, the flavors are harmoniously good, proving that the Chinese do a mean dish on ribs as well as the Westerners. Definitely an excellent choice for porkie lovers…

Our pièce de résistance that night was a huge platter of Fried Hor Fun with Big Prawns! Our eyes’ pupil dilated in size at the luscious platter of egg gravy coating the big head prawns and rice noodles. The prawns were sweet and firm with its roes lending a lovely base to the gravy. Fried Hor Fun evoked full wok heat flavors while the gravy smoothen the strands of the noodles to a silky finish. Bits of spring onions and ginger provided additional onion and gingery flavors to the dish.

Yes, our young foodie, Xiang Cool smiled with great pleasures at sight and taste of the prawns. Me? I was just happy with the Hor Fun and the gravy because it was just that good…

With all the enticing dishes, one would think we would dive right in. Nah… we had time for some camwhoring with Alan, Isaac and Ian and their pick of their favorite dish! Wink, wink!!

Truly satiated as always, the new dishes at Pin Xiang Restaurant brought forth a comfort pleasure in dining with my friends that night! They say it’s the company that makes up for a fabulous moment but I also truly believe that great food also adds the extra oomph to a lovely gathering. I like the new twist on the dishes and applaud the chef for his creativity in maintaining his dishes with great comfort. The dishes we had that night hits all the right notes while leaving footprints of great moments with great friends and food!

I went home that night and slept like a baby… zzzz

H-18-G, Jalan PJU 1/45
Aman Suria, Damansara
47301, Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603 7804 0798 / 016 291 0101

Business Hours: 7.30am to 12 midnight daily


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