August 14, 2012

Toh Lee, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur: Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Mooncakes and a Couture Collection!

The Epitome of Mooncake and Couture Handbag Collection 2012

Time sure flies! Before one realized it, we are approaching the yearly tradition of Mid-Autumn Festival in another month. A season for the auspicious and delicate mooncakes, readers should now be already shopping around for this year’s offerings of sumptuous and creative mooncakes.

This Mid-Autum Festival, Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur is proud to present loved ones with the perfect gifts of their freshly baked Mooncakes prepared by culinary master Chef Lo Tian Sion. With over 12 signature and new flavors to choose from, one will be spoilt for choice. Some must try flavors of the season include Durian Paste with Oats and Almond Milk Cream with Bird’s Nest.

Going luxurious, one is pampered with sumptuous mooncakes filled with precious ingredients and presented in the stylish Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur Mooncake bag. This season’s must have, the Mid Autumn Collection 2012 is a black and red classic design while the Limited Edition Collection 2012, limited to 1000 only, is a cherry red couture handbag. The ultimate indulgence is the Couture Collection 2012, with only 100 bags in existence, is the handbag personalized with your name embossed on the gorgeous handbag.

Peeking into Toh Lee’s collection of mooncakes, there are 7 Homemade Baked Mooncakes and 7 Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes by Chef Lo.

Toh Lee’s Homemade Baked Mooncakes
White Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk – RM21++ per piece
White Lotus Paste with Double Egg – RM24++ per piece
White Lotus Paste with Nuts – Rm21++ per piece
Pandan and Pumpkin Paste with Macadamia – RM24++ per piece (New)
Red Bean Paste and Sunflower Seed – RM20++ per piece
Japanese Spirulina Skin with Sweet Potato and Nuts – RM25++ per piece (New)
Mixed Almond Paste with Dried Chicken Ham RM20++ per piece (New)

Toh Lee’s Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes
Mini Green Pea Paste with Custard – RM16++ per piece (New)
Mini Green Tea Paste with Single Egg Yolk – RM16++ per piece
Durian Paste with Oats – RM18++ per piece
Yam Paste with Single Egg Yolk – RM16++ per piece (New)
Coffee Paste with Charcoal Snow Skin – RM18++ per piece (New)
Dragon Fruit Paste with Cream Cheese – RM16++ per piece (New)
Almond Milk Cream with Bird’s Nest – RM30++ per piece (New)

First up, we were given a 101 lesson in making mooncakes by Chef Lo! Chef Lo makes it all so easy when he casually mixed in the ingredients, knead it, cut it, wrapped it, mold it and voila… a perfect mooncake!

He did a baked White Lotus Paste with Nuts and a Mini Snow Skin Green Tea Paste with Single Egg Yolk. Recipes were given after the class and for those who wish to have it, do let me know.

After the lesson in mooncakes, we were presented with a glorious platter of various baked and snow skin mooncakes. It was just a kaleidoscope of wedges of flavors!

Out of the four baked mooncakes I tried, I really adored the Japanese Spirulina Skin with Sweet Potato and Nuts. The light flavors of the spirulina were mild but the sweet potato paste was lovely and creamy with bits of nuts. Pandan and Pumpkin Paste with Macadamia Nuts was my second favorite as the pumpkin paste makes its uniquely naturally sweet and creamy. All the baked mooncakes were not overly sweet for me so I really enjoyed them.

My all-time favorite is Snow Skin mooncakes and the ones at Toh Lee are pretty cool in creativity. I absolutely loved the Dragon Fruit Paste with Cream Cheese! Pretty in pastel pink and the cream cheese do wonders for the combination. Richly creamy and cheesy, this one contrasted nicely with the light dragon fruit, making it quite a luxury in flavors. The next favorite is the Yam Paste with Single Egg Yolk, another creamy one filled with yam paste partnered with the rich salty egg yolk. Another drool worthy is the Mini Green Tea Paste with Single Egg Yolk which I took home and slowly savored over a cup of hot tea. The intense green tea was presence, making a great stand out of intense tea flavors to enriching the mooncake perfectly.

No, I didn’t try the Durian Paste with Oats. Simply not a durian fan, I trusted my other foodie connoisseurs who raved about this one tremendously! They loved this so much, they polished off the plate and wanted more…

Other than the plethora of mooncakes, we sampled a five-course meal prepared by Chef Wong LY at Toh Lee.

Soup always makes a great start to a meal! We had the Double Boiled Soup of the Day consisting of a superior clear broth of chicken, mushroom, and vegetable. Absolutely soothing and comforting… J

Crispy Roasted Chicken with Fragrant Spicy Sauce was a favorite at the table that night. Roasted chicken pieces were dressed in a aromatic pungent spicy sauce. I loved the spicy sauce so much, I wanted to scrape the bowl clean!

Sautéed Diced Assorted Mushroom with Cashew was light and filled with lots of various textures. From crunchy cucumber, baby corn to soft mushrooms and chicken pieces, it is very easy to enjoy.

Mushroom lovers would be please at Braised Assorted Fresh Mushroom in Garden Greens. Loads of Shitake, Shimeji, and Button mushrooms are braised in gentle brown gravy with a bed of greens beneath. Decent and light with a bowl of steaming hot rice.

Deep Fried Garoupa Fillet with Mango Salsa showcased crispy coated Garoupa fillets topped with a sweet and tangy mango salsa. I like the flavors of the tangy taste on the flaky sweet fillet. A little spicy, a little sweet and a little sour makes this dish moreish and addictive.

Make your friends the envy of you or simply present your loved ones the couture handbags filled with Toh Lee’s Mooncake Series this Mid-Autumn Festival from Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur. While the mooncakes are scrumptious enough, I for one am in love with the couture handbags. Combining both is definitely a magnificent gift this Mid-Autumn Festival!

Mooncakes is on sale at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur 1st August until 30th September 2012. For Corporate Collection 2012, a minimum order of 20 boxes is required. For Couture Collection 2012, please allow 3 weeks and an additional fee of RM50 for customization. Both orders must be placed before 15th August 2012.

For more information, please call Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant at 603 2782 6128 or email team at

InterContinental Kuala Lumpur
165 Jalan Ampang.
50450, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2782 6188


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