August 24, 2012

Dragon-i Restaurant: Dragon-i Mooncakes Are Back This Mid-Autumn Festival!

Moonlighting with Mooncakes!

Dragon-i Mooncakes are back! This year, expect nothing but the best from the Dragon-i group to celebrate a warm and joyous Mid-Autumn Festival with Dragon-i Mooncake collection. Featuring a series of Dragon-i signatures and all-time favorites with the addition of five new flavors, the mooncakes are presented in elegant collection boxes.

Going lavish, Dragon-i is proud to present a luxurious Limited Edition Mooncake Gift Set embellished with Swarovski crystal elements studded on the box surrounded with embossed Dragon zodiac sign, signifying the year’s theme of heritage and respect. The elegant box of four invidividually-wrapped, freshly baked mooncakes makes an ideal corporate or personal gift.

Prepared by Dragon-I Pastry Master Chef Ng Cheong Keng using the finest ingredients, the mooncake fillings are made with top-grade egg yolks and premium lotus seeds from Hunan Province in China. The lotus paste production is HACCP International Food Safety Standards certified.

Chef Ng proceeded to kick off the session with the dough of the mooncakes and setting the first mooncake within a few minutes. Looks easy but requires preparation of skin and tedious hand-shaping of wrapping the mooncakes with filling before the molding process. The skill also lies in wrapping a thin skin evenly with the filling for a good balance of flavors. Check out the beautiful quality lotus paste used by Dragon-i!

The event was also graced by Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012 finalists among its distinguished guests. The girls had a chance to try their hands on shaping and molding the mooncakes. Thoroughly enjoying their mooncake making session, loads of girly laughter surrounded the restaurant that day. Even Miss Tourism International 2011 could not resist joining the crowd that day!

CEO of Dragon-i, Mr. Henry Yip could not resist a picture moment with Chef Ng and fairy Chang Ers!

Here’s one more with Mr. Henry, Chef Ng and all the finalist of Miss Malaysia Toursim 2012.

Who Wants to Eat Mooncake?

DRAGON-i Signature, Coffee Indulgence and Organic Charcoal Skin with Coffee Paste

What I love about the mooncakes is the gorgeous prints and the flavors! The skin is also thin and neatly enveloping the luscious fillings, making the mooncakes looking perfect from every angle.

Dragon-i Signature features the baked version filled with dragon fruit paste, salted egg yolk and sunflower seed. Not overly sweet but filled with a fruity taste contrasting boldly with the salted egg yolk, it’s no wonder this one has the signature stamp of approval!

Organic Charcoal Skin with Coffee Paste shows off a rich and aromatic coffee paste paired with organic charcoal. Charcoal is not detected much as the coffee paste stole the show in this one.

A newbie this year, Coffee Indulgence has fresh vanilla leather with rich coffee and lotus seed paste with a creamy touch. Flavors are quite interesting and certainly delightful for coffee lovers.

Apart from their all-time favourites including the best-selling Dragon-i Signature Mooncake, Dragon-I is pleased to introduce five new flavours this year: Green Tea Azuki Custard, Mocha Infusion, Coffee Indulgence, Trio Endurance and Exotic Mixed Fruits and Nuts.

We also enjoyed a luscious array of Dragon-i signature dishes prior to the mooncakes. Among the starters, we savoured some classics of Honey Glazed Eel, Chilled Spicy Chicken in Szechuan Style, Japanese Cucumber with Garlic and a newbie of Chilled Jellyfish. I have always adored the Chilled Spicy Chicken in Szechuan Style and Honey Glazed Eel while the crunchy Chilled Jellyfish was laced with a creamy touch.

Dragon-i is simply famous for its Xiao Long Bao! The dumplings are really soupy and delicious when eaten piping hot. I thought the size is a little big for a mouthful but then again, I cannot complain since its filled with a good size of juicy meat filling… yum!

One should also order another signature of Sauteed Diced Chicken with Dried Chilies. Golden crispy nuggets of chicken is powered up with hints of Szechuan peppercorn and loaded up with lots of dried chilies for extra aroma and flavors. Simply addictive…

Fried La Mian uses hand pulled noodles stir fried and flavoured with a good hint of supreme soy sauce. I liked the al dente texture of the noodles, making slurping a good requirement.

Thinking it cannot be anymore indulgence, Shanghainese Braised Pork Belly with Mantou had everyone almost drooling with delight. Layers of glorious bountiful fats that melt in the mouth intertwined beautifully with the lean meat. Well braised to firm tenderness, make sure to savour this with the uber cute shell-shaped mantou.

Even the vegetables served at Dragon-i shouted indulgence! These vegetables are grown especially from a certain region in China and are air-flown into Malaysia. The crisp and sweet vegetables have a hollow stem and tasted similar to a type of spinach.  I forgot the name of the vegetable since this is a new dish at the restaurant but it’s definitely worth an order!

Dessert was a comforting Longan and White Fungus Tong Shui to warm the tummy.

There will be a 10% discount with selected credit cards (except for the Limited Edition Set) from 1st July 2012 until the 30th September 2012, which include RHB Bank, Public Bank, Hong Leong Bank, HSBC Bank, Alliance Bank, AMEX, CIMB Bank, AEON Credit and Genting World Card.

Apart from that, we are also giving discount to walk in customers: 2 to 5 boxes entitled to 10% discount, 6 to 50 boxes entitled to 15% discount and 51 to 100 boxes entitled to 20% discount.

For details, please call our Hotline on +603 7722 1888 or check out


  1. yummy! i spot alot of leng lui and leng mooncakes :)

  2. I WANT TO EAT MOONCAKES!! so niceeeee!! I wanna try all... all the miss M'sia finalist soo freaking beautifulllll~~ ^^

  3. I don't bother buying anymore these days - simply too expensive, can't afford...but when I used to in the past, I would stick to lotus paste with either single or double yolk. None of those fanciful unconventional flavours for me - I would get put off by the mere idea. Call me old-fashioned but I do believe in preserving our traditions and not get carried away till we end up with something that can hardly be recognised anymore as what it was in its original state.

  4. Time passed fast... Gonna have mooncake now!

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