June 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII, The New Olympian Smartphone!

Rumors had it that the latest Samsung Galaxy SIII is the new Olympian Smartphone in town!!

I do admit that this glutton do fancy other stuff besides food! From attending the media launch for the Samsung Galaxy SIII here, luck found me as I was given the latest and coolest Android smartphone to review by Samsung Malaysia and Don C. The excitement of being handed a white box of Samsung Galaxy SII and the exploration of the newest technology from Samsung Malaysia is thrilling enough to even supersede the sensation of riding on a roller coaster!

One week for review was insufficient to maximize the intelligent technology it holds but I am sure there are plenty of reviews to cover all the pros and cons for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. I am no tech junkie so I will just share my humble opinion of the fabulous Olympian smartphone through my eyes!

Unboxing a white box has never been so pleasurable. The clean sturdy white box was well designed to hold the smartphone and its accessories neatly and snugly.

Samsung Galaxy SIII comes in two colors of Marble White and Pebble Blue. Since I am a big fan of white color phones, I was extremely pleased to enjoy the Marble White phone.

Accessories lie beneath the phone. Basic needs like 2 or 3 pin plug, USB cable, headset with ear plugs and a quick start guide are noted.

The SIII is revolutionized with a very sleek and modern design from its predecessor. I liked the clean lines with the smooth and gentle curves of the overall shape. There is a sense of ergonomic feel when I held the phone in my hands. The overall phone size may be a little big for ladies but then again, this would be the least concern as the technology in the phone would make up for this easily.

Promising points in the design is the weight and the slim dimension. Unbelievably light for its size and technology, another redeeming factor for ladies!

Front and Rear View Camera Lens makes it easier to camwhore!

Check out the comparison of the latest SIII to its older sibling of SII! The design is definitely sleeker with a softer curves and a bigger screen. Rear camera lens design has been updated to a modern touch on a side-by-side with the flash and speaker. Bigger in screen size as well, the SIII is definitely easier on the eye.

Here comes my favorite part, the software! Inspired by nature, the theme brings forth a natural element to the phone to soften the phone and shows off the brilliance graphic interface of the Android platform. With all the elements of Mother Nature glowing subtle but beautifully when active, it was indeed a gorgeous vivid viewing experience on the 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED display with a 16:9 wider viewing angle!

Even in hibernating mode, the screen still showed off a matte image that stayed subtle and soothing.

Ok, I doubt this feature of droplets of water spreading out in circles at first touch impressed any tech junkie but I am sure sold by this fascinating touch! It’s just something that added the extra unique feel to this Olympian.

Upon unlocking the software with a quick slash across the screen, one will be attracted to the main screen that shows off a bright screen filled with popular icons and a display of date, time and weather condition. On this screen, I felt it was a little too crowded with icons but then again, it makes a quick shortcut to the most used features of the phone.

Doesn’t this under water simulation looked realistic? J

Hardware and Touch buttons are again designed with subtly in mind.

The SIII is powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and is filled with plenty of amazing applications to keep everyone busy. Since there are plenty of freeware, the sky is the limit with apps adventures!

Sliding from one screen to another is definitely smoother and faster. One can also preview the widgets before putting it onto the screen whereas the SII does not have this feature.

Camera functions are made advanced with its zero-lag shutter speed, allowing users to enjoy capturing images easily without delay. Other features that I like was the ‘Burst Shot’ function, allowing users the option of instantly capturing twenty continuous shots, and the ‘Best Photo’ feature selects the best eight photographs, ensuring users a more enhanced and memorable camera experience. With its 1.9MP front camera lens, one can now take pictures or videos of themselves easily too. An improved Backside Illumination Sensor (BIS) on the Samsung GALAXY S III takes clear shots in low light conditions, resulting in brilliant photos for better evening light shots!

Here is a shot taken from the SIII... one can see how detail the image is as the texture of the table and camera details are vividly clear!!

Samsung is also proud to introduce natural interactions through its innovative Smart Stay feature where the smartphone recognizes your eye movements while you are reading an e-book or browsing the web for a continued and uninterrupted viewing pleasure. One can simply use this feature by having the front camera identify with your eyes when the Smart Stay app is turned on.

Another worthy feature is the S Voice, the Samsung GALAXY S III’s advanced natural language understanding, listens and responds to a user’s words. An advantage when one is without free hands to perform certain functions like information search, basic device-user communication, and powerful device control functions like “snooze” for the alarm, playing a favourite song, turning the volume up or down, sending text messages and emails, organising schedules, or automatically launching the camera and capturing photos, S Voice makes your life easier and hands free!

I don’t check out the apps shop that much so I quite happy with the S Suggest feature that keeps me informed of the latest and must-have apps! I am guessing this one would be a favorite with most people, especially the young generations.

Sharing is a breeze with SIII! A new feature aptly named S Beam allows easy and instant sharing of information and images or videos simply by touching two Samsung Galaxy SIII phones back to back when the software app is turned on! Large files including movie files can be transferred using S-Beam without a Wi-Fi connection or cellular signal. There are also other sharing features like the Buddy Photo Share and AllShare Play that keeps everyone on their toes… neat! J

For those who simply must multitask, the ‘Pop Up Play’ feature allows users to play a video anywhere on the Samsung GALAXY S III’s screen while simultaneously checking emails or SMS, eliminating the need to close and restarting of videos.

There are just more amazing features that I could go on forever and ever but with the limited review time, I will summarize my review to this point. The Samsung Galaxy SIII is definitely an Olympian smartphone as dubbed by others in my opinion. With the advance camera and video features and function, one can simply make sure to capture or record precious moments in your life. Combining the best of nature elements in software, design and featuring attention-grabbing features like S Voice, S Beam, S Suggest, and more, it’s no wonder this champion is the much-talked about these days!!

Launched in the consumer market with several hot promotions from the major telco companies, make sure to experience the new Samsung Galaxy SIII yourselves today!

For more information on the new Samsung GALAXY S III, please visit www.samsung.com/my or visit Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/samsungmobilemalaysia.


  1. Such a beautiful phone... wish i could have one. =)

  2. used it briefly the other day, super cool phone i must say! :D

  3. With the sleek design...I wish to own 1 too...
    Especially when it comes to take good photos! =D