June 18, 2012

The Loaf, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur: Loafing Around the Bakery and Bistro!

There is more to Bread than meets the eye at The Loaf!

Open since 2006, the first outlet of The Loaf was based in Langkawi. Fast forwarding to now, The Loaf at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur has been churning out premium bread and pastries using traditional Japanese baking techniques to satisfy the hungers of gourmet artisan these days! Hand crafted and using natural and fine quality ingredients, it’s no wonder the bakery has set a benchmark for artisan bakeries to follow pursuit.

Strange enough, I have been to The Loaf when it was first open in Pavilion a few years back but somehow I missed the part that the place also serviced as a bistro with a lovely dining restaurant above the bakery. Owned by Dr. Tun Mahathir, The Loaf Bistro serves some of our previous Prime Minister’s favorite dishes among other delectable western fare. We were graciously invited to sample what The Loaf has to offer from both its bakery and bistro.

The Bakery

As said earlier, The Loaf’ signature showcases are their breads and pastries made using the ‘Levain’ method. Levain is actually a natural fermentation in the bread dough that is responsible for the raise of the bread. Incorporating the technique of Japanese and French, the breads and pastries at The Loaf is categorized more towards European bread but with a Japanese touch.

Upon arrival of the bakery in the evening, the bakery was still a bustling scene as customers were busy making purchases in the naturally themed décor bakery. Light-colored walls were countered by lots of wood and plenty of tables and chairs were available indoors or outdoors for seating. Snooping around as usual, it was really quite difficult to resist the addiction that I have for breads when they all looked really delectable. With over 60 varieties to choose from as I am told, the choices here are unique with some of them named adorably to catch your attention!

With a few categories of bread and pastries, I especially like the hard breads with the crusty or crisp exterior and a slight chewy interior. Mimicking European breads, there are also some French classics noted that night in addition to Japanese soft breads. Lots of pastries with decadent fillings are also on the list. We checked out quite a few ones and wish we had the stomach for more… J

First up was a selection of soft, semi-hard and hard breads! With names like Moon, Rocks, Sakura, UFO, Fuwa Fuwa, Black Beauty, and Chit Chit, breads are no longer boring these days besides it being a staple fare. Fear not for those who seek comfort in reeling in favorites as there are plenty of familiar breads like Cinnamon Raisin, Tuna Mayo, and Sausage Rolls.

Hard breads with the infamous crust and chewy interior are Campagne Fromage, Campagne, Cereal, Pumpkin Seed and more. A Tun’s favorite as I was told was the Campagne Fromage, disguised in a medium loaf that looked ordinary but revealed a luscious stud sensation of fruits, nuts and cheese. I am personally a fan of Campagne because I like the subtle undertone of a slight sourness from the natural fermentation.

Another unique noteworthy delight is the Cranberry Cheese, Japanese bread filled with a creamy cheese filling and studded with dried sour cranberries. The sweet and slightly sour flavors are truly scrumptious.

The Pastries

Sumptuous and enticing, the pastries at The Loaf certainly make one drool with delight! From French plain Croissant and Mixed Nuts Croissant to Choco Petite and Savory Quiche in Pastry, choosing a favorite if pretty hard!

The Cookies

Calling all cookie monsters… check out the house made cookies from The Loaf! J

The Oyaki

A Japanese inspired bread, these little buns are filled with lots of various sweet and savory filings. Check out creative fillings from sweet Passion Fruit Cream Cheese to Choco Banana or savory Chicken Bolognaise to Tuna Mayo. I recommend savoring this warm for extra goodness. There is even a promotion going on to get one free when you buy five oyakis!

The Uhuhu

Inspired and aptly named after giggling sounds of Japanese girls, Uhuhu Cheesecake became a signature at The Loaf. Cupcake size cheesecakes are flavored with lots of flavors from Pear Razzle Dazzle (the latest new flavor) to Durian Obsession, Hearty Rhubarb, Coco Loco, Blueberry Treasures, Orea Crunch Munch and so much more. Adorable mini cheesecakes that make you savor them minus the guilt!

The Confiture

House made bottled confitures or preserves are also available in four flavors of Nadoka (Fresh Grapefruit & Rosemary), Motoko (Raspberry & Rose), Sayuri (Pineapple & Lavender) and Hiroko (Orange and Lemon). I had a taste and it was indeed bursting with lovely natural fruity flavors of raspberries with a hint of rose. All this need is a hot scone and some lovely clotted cream!!

The Bistro

A fairly hidden secret, the bistro at The Loaf serves a bountiful array of breakfast, soup, salad, sandwich, pasta, main and desserts.  A varied mixture of local dishes and Western fare, it is a neat menu with a little something for everyone.

Soups are a good checkmark to start off and we had Mushroom Soup served in bread bowl and a Potato Leek Soup. I must rave about the Potato and Leek Soup as each spoon was a creamy thick bisque of potatoes and leeks melding beautifully together. Bits of crisp beef bacon added an extra oomph to the soup. While the thick and earthy Mushroom soup was equally delicious, I will definitely return for the Potato and Leek soup!!

Prawn and Avocado Salad came with a creamy house made sesame dressing. The combination works beautifully altogether with the creamy nutty dressing. Field Fresh Mushroom Salad is suitable for vegetarian as the earthy flavors of the sautéed assorted mushrooms were warm, contrasting nicely with the fresh leafy greens and fresh shaved parmesan cheese drizzled with balsamic dressing.

Appearing on the breakfast list is Tun’s Breakfast, a spicy mutton curry served house bread and two eggs. It was certainly a big portion meant for sharing especially for breakfast. The curry leaned towards a stronger spice accent than creamy so it’s less heavy than the normal creamy version.

Chili Prawn pasta echoed spaghetti aglio olio with the addition of prawns.

Last time I had meatloaf was five years ago when my sister made it. When I had the chance to savor the house specialty of Chicken Meatloaf with Black Pepper and Juicy Meatloaf Steak, I was pretty amazed at its lovely moistness and flavorful patties. Deciding which one was a tough decision as I thought both had equally delicious flavors from the black pepper and brown gravy. Chicken meatloaf offers a little more texture while beef meatloaf was more tender and soft. There is a choice of rice or potatoes with the meatloaf. I would certainly return for the meatloafs here!!

Croquette is a fritter that is usually made from mashed root vegetables with bits of other ingredients. For this dish, one gets two big golden croquettes served with a creamy sauce and a cabbage salad on the side.

Our last dish of Salmon Oelek got unanimous votes for the best dish of the night! A huge piece of thick perfectly cooked salmon was marinated in an Indonesian sambal oelek sauce. I love it when salmon is cooked till just pink because it produced a tender and moist flaky salmon. The slightly spicy and sweet chili sauce made the salmon even more delectable in flavors. Simply served with cashew rice pilaf and asparagus, the salmon was gone in a jiffy!

Cube -60 C is the house signature ice cube espresso coffee served with warm milk poured on to neutralized the temperature by melding both combinations to produce a creamy coffee.

Fresh and healthy juices and mocktails with interesting names like Langkawi Sunset, Lemongrass Cooler, Coco Jumbo , Tropicana and The Loaf’s Mocktail are refreshing and fruity!

The Loaf at Pavilion KL is helmed by Chef KW Lau and his team.

With an impressive forte of bakery and bistro fare under its belt, it’s no wonder The Loaf is one of the place to go for artisan bread and pastries cum bistro fare. Of course with the addition of the ownership from our previous Prime Minister, one is definitely ensured that quality and service is top notch at The Loaf. I am also impressed at the bistro fare, pricey than average but dishes are of good portion and quality. The Loaf is aimed to please as there are always new products and promotions going on in all their outlets, bringing up new heights to the food and beverage industry. Do check out their facebook for more details!

The Loaf Bakery & Bistro
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
Lot 3.13.00 & 14.12.02, Levels 3 & 4,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: 603-2145 3036
Fax: 603-2145 3034

Operating Hours: 8am to 10pm daily


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