May 27, 2011

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen: Sticky Wicked Chicken - Stickaliciously Good!

I have to confess… I have a profound weakness for fried chicken! I need my fix every few weeks and there is nothing better to satisfy my soul than a good piece of fried chicken. J

I had Popeyes when I was studying in US and was ecstatic when Popeyes arrived here. Named after a character in the then popular movie, The French Connection, owner Al Copeland founded the fast food chain in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Louisiana ambience with its signature orange colored theme, I like the spacious décor and its jazzy posters.

When I found out Popeyes has just introduced a wicked chicken strips, I headed to one of the Popeyes’ outlet in The Curve to check out how wicked it was!

Popeyes Sticky Wicked Chicken is thin strips of tender, juicy, all-white meat chicken marinated for at least 12 hours in authentic Louisiana seasonings, hand-battered and breaded in the restaurants, then freshly tossed in a special sweet and spicy sauce and is served up twisted, curly and wicked.

First bite of this stickalicious chook was lovely. Crispy on the outside and meltingly tender in the inside, Sticky Wicked Chicken strips was lightly coated with a slightly sweet sauce which is quite similar to the Thai chili sauce. It’s actually quite addictive and the stickiness gives me an excuse to lick my fingers clean… yum!

With this, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in Malaysia celebrates the arrival of the new Sticky Wicked Chicken by rewarding customers with a ‘Meal for 2’ promotion in which they could save up to 30%! For only RM20.60, patrons get to enjoy one box of Sticky Wicked Chicken, two pieces of Popeyes’ signature Bonafide Chicken, three pieces of Bonafide Chicken Tenders, two pieces of Popeyes signature biscuits, one large mash potato or coleslaw and two regular-sized cups of Ice Lemon Tea. If that’s not enough to satisfy your palate, the Sticky Wicked Chicken is also available ala carte at RM4.95.

I also devoured their bestsellers like their all time signature Bonafide® chicken marinated in Louisiana Seasonings. I know why I keep returning to Popeyes… it’s their perfected fried chicken which is consistently juicy, crispy and golden flavors that seems to satisfy my soul. The size also matters as I can get full with a two piece and their irresistible sides.

I read a few people commenting on the chicken here has less flavors compared to another giant chicken chain but I personally didn’t think so because I do like the clean flavors of Popeyes and I could actually taste the natural chicken flavors. It is also less oily in my opinion with a moist and tender meat inside the chicken.

What I do adore about Popeyes Coleslaw is the chunky shredded cabbages and carrots. The textures lend a more homemade feel and since I am a big fan of pickles, I love that pickles is incorporated into the slaw.

Mashed Potatoes are my all time favorite carbs. The mash here is pretty good as it has the creamy and smooth texture with Cajun brown gravy and minced meat. I usually do not take chili sauce for my fried chicken but instead dip it in the potato gravy which makes it even more succulent.

One thing that separates Popeyes from the other giant chicken chain is its signature southern Biscuits that comes with the meal. Malaysians may not be used to this biscuits which is a cross between a crumbly cookie and scones but I do quite like it. It has a soft, fluffy and crumbly texture and I use this to mop up the potato gravy again!

Cajun Battered Fries are French fries fried till crisp with Cajun seasoning. Golden and slightly thicker than normal shoestring fries, this is another highly addictive side with a hint of spices undertone.

Besides those, there is the Louisiana Tenders, which are boneless strips of fried chicken. These are lovely for those who detest bones!

Fried Fish Fillets are also deep fried with their signature batter and its average for me. I would have to say it’s a little better than another giant fast food chain too because you can actually feel the flaky fish with the tartare sauce.

Popcorn Shrimps, battered crispy shrimps in their signature batter, which are so easy to eat. I could probably have these as snacks in front of a tv… hehehe!

I also sampled their Po´ Boy sandwich with Popcorn Shrimps. Simply scrumptious with hot fried crispy Popcorn Shrimps, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise!

Being a typical Asian, we got to have our rice. Popeyes also has a few rice dishes such as this Popcorn Shrimp Rice Bowl. Popcorn Shrimps crowned the rice and was dressed up with brown gravy. There is also a layer of mashed beans beneath the rice. Not too bad to get my rice fix!

Desserts were minimal but I did enjoy the three desserts they offered. We had tiramisu, chocolate cheese and strawberry cheese in a cup. For that price, I just could not complain as it was quite nice with the chocolate being my favorite as it was rich and chocolatey.

If I had a choice, this would be my preferred Fried Chicken place to satisfy my cravings. Fear not, I believe there is great potential in Popeyes and hope to be able to see more of this fantastic fried chicken chain to have more outlets soon. I currently get my fix at a@Curve whenever I can! Good value for size, quality and consistency... this is one of the better fast food that I do not mind eating for once! J

So don’t miss out on the new feel and taste of the Sticky Wicked Chicken, only available at Popeyes stores in Klang Valley located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Sunway Piramid, Mid Valley, Wangsa Walk, e@Curve, The Mines Shopping Fair and Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, open from 10.30am to 10.30pm.

Log on to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchek Malaysia’s official facebook page at for more details and try out their brand new Sticky Wicked Chicken offered at a limited time only!

*Thanks to Popeyes & Mei Anne for the scrumptious invite!


  1. Looks good! Must try the sticky chicken! :D

  2. Merryn: try the outlet at e@Curve..I like this outlet!

  3. Wow the set so worthy, I wanna try it tomorrow!!!

  4. CY: Yes.. also try their other stuff.. all pretty good!! :)

  5. wow this is my favourite fried chicken, the best in town! :)

  6. wah nice!
    is it better than KFC's crispy chicken?? :)

  7. BBO: Mine too!

    Nikel: Ya.. go try it out

    Ken: To me yes lo! :) U go try and let me know..