May 13, 2011

MCY Restaurant: Dim Sum Obsession!

If there is one famous contribution from the Chinese to the world’s gastronomy, it would have to be something that touches the heart of everyone! Dim Sum, little morsels of charming snacks have always been one of my favorite breakfasts. Who could resist a myriad spread of tiny pieces of dumplings, snacks, fluffy buns and so forth?

My makan gang told me about a recently new Dim Sum place at Desa Aman Puri, so we headed there one fine weekend morning. Thanks to Sid who has been to MCY restaurant for their ‘Tai Chow’ dishes a few months ago, he also found out that the owners are branching out Dim Sum in the morning.

It was a lovely bright morning and the sun was bursting with sunshine when we arrive at MCY. There are two sections, one al fresco and one with air conditioned. We chose al fresco as it was quite a lovely morning but not humid.

The air conditioned area is already packed with lots of customer busy devouring baskets of Dim Sum.

No sooner we sat down, a huge tray of bamboo baskets were all neatly arranged on our table. MCY practices the cook-to-order concept to ensure all Dim Sums are fresh and no left over ones are being over cook or wasted. The only disadvantage I foresee to this is the additional waiting period if the restaurant is crowded but I don’t mind waiting for quality food!

As usual, we ordered some must-haves and braved some new ones. All Dim Sum price ranges from RM2.80 – 4.80 depending on what you order. While our Dim Sums were being steamed, the next server brought out the fried Dim Sums. Glad this was available to keep us busy… J

First up, Fried Seafood Beancurd Roll was piping hot when the server cut this in half. Chunks of century eggs and salted egg yolk contrasted beautifully against the seafood paste. Crispy and savory, I like the contrast off the salted egg yolk with century egg. Will order this again for sure…

Fried Beancurd Prawn Roll was another crusty and juicy roll that I enjoyed. Crunchy chopped prawns wrapped in beancurd sheet, fried to perfection, this was not greasy at all. Love this dipped with house made salad sauce.

Prawn Dumplings was similar to Fried Beancurd Prawn Roll except for the skin. This one had a softer texture skin but filling was just as good.

‘Woo Kok’ or Yam Dumplings was average for me. The yam skin was faultless though and quite fluffy.

Steamed Prawn Chee Cheong Fun was also average. Good but nothing to shout and could use more prawn filling too! J

Our steamed Dim Sums finally appeared and just in the nick of time when we had just finished the fried ones.

The fundamental must-have is ‘Siew Mai’ in any Dim Sum meal of mine. Faultless but I can’t say I am wowed either. Good sizable portion and well stuffed with pork and shrimp. Decent dumplings for its price and could have looked prettier with some orange roes on top… wink!

Steamed Fried Fish Ball was lovely. It was fresh and had a nice aroma of fish paste. Bouncy and juicy, I like this!

Steamed Fish Ball was also yummy. This one was a bit softer than the fried one but equally delicious. I could taste the freshness of the fish paste as well.

Let me rave about the ‘Otak Otak Siew Mai’ on how lip smacking it is…J. Lovely spiced otak otak can be detected in this dumpling and it really added a nice flavor to it. The otak otak flavor was milder and I adore the gentleness to this dumpling.

I just couldn’t resist the Clam Dumpling when I saw it. Simply overstuffed with the seafood paste, this was quite the unusual fare for Dim Sum but I think it’s quite a nice surprise. I saw this on quite a few tables hence I guess it’s worth the try!

‘Har Gow’, another indispensable item, was also tasty to me. Chucks of prawns wrapped in its lovely skin, this was delicious but I didn’t like the carrots in this though. (Ignore me, I am just being picky!)

‘Fung Chau’ or Steamed Chicken Feet is not my cup of tea. My friends polished this off in a jiffy and judging by their super clean bones, it must have been really yummy… J

I like the Steamed ‘Lor Mai Kai’ here. It has the perfect rice texture for me, as it is not too mushy or too hard. It was well seasoned and had lots of mince meat, chicken, mushroom and Chinese sausage. The one here is even more delectable with a bit of chili sauce. If you look carefully at the picture, you can even see a heart shape of the accompanied meats on the rice! J

Another testament to a good Dim Sum place is the ‘Char Siew Pau’. This one is fluffy and luscious. Sweet and savory minced char siew stuffed to the max in the fluffy bun was alluring.

I think whoever created the ‘Lau Sar Pau’ is a genius!! I am so in love with this bun that I could eat dozens of this if not for the super high cholesterol it has… hahaha. Again by coincidence, can you see the heart shape on the bun? J

The one here is quite awesome as one bite of this had me singing with joy. The salted egg custard was superb and so luscious. I couldn’t resist having a few more of this as I love the salty flavors of the custard. I think this bun can cure all my problems… kakaka!

After eating, I snooped around to see what else they have to offer and saw this fatty Fish Paste Stuffed Eggplant. I am going to have to order this when I come back.

Stuffed Chilies look just as tempting… oh why can’t I have four stomachs like a cow?

Crispy Radish Cake looking so lonely on the shelf.

The restaurant was awarded with a plague for successfully contributing to One Malaysia Fabulous Food by Tourism Malaysia, Y.B. Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen.

I will be back for sure. Dim Sum here is fresh and value for money. The restaurant is spacious and service is quite efficient. It’s hard to find a good Dim Sum place so this one is a keeper for sure. If you come at night, this place offers quite a decent ‘Tai Chow’ dishes and of course, a very popular duck satay by Sen Kee.

I heart MCY Dim Sum! J

Restaurant MCY
No 19-A, Jalan Desa 2/8,
Desa Aman Puri,
52100 Kepong, KLTel No: 6036276 3178
GPS Coordinate: 3.21,101.62


  1. you make me wanting dim sum as my Sunday breakfast :)

  2. I.. can never wake up early enough for Dim Sum! :(