November 28, 2010

P.J. Seafood Feast

When my niece called to say that she is buying me a seafood dinner because she got her 1st incentive bonus, not sure who was happier - her or me? =)

The eight of us headed towards her recommended seafood place near Tropicana area called P.J. Seafood Restaurant. I was told that this place used to be super popular in the older days but due to other competition and major road changes, the restaurant is kinda quiet now. The star of the restaurant is SEAFOOD and thus we ordered its signature Crab dishes with other additions.

Let's get down and dirty to this seafood galore.

Some of its daily specials that night.

Being the family of gluttons, we ordered 11 dishes with rice! (Yes, 11 dishes for 8 ppl.. hahaha)

First up, Fried Yau Mak with Garlic. The dish was simple and average but not much wok hei though.

Ginger Wine Clam Soup was next. Ooo.. this is good..the portions of clams were gigantic and I managed to had two soup bowls brimming with clams. Clams were fresh and soup was really tasty. We started to get worried about the number of dishes we ordered that had yet to show up.

Next up, Oyster Omelette arrived and there was this dash of the gluttons diving into the dish with gusto. Unfortunately, it kinda tasted flat as I felt it was just scrambled egg with oysters. Oysters were small and not much. Some of us could not even find any.  There was also no special chili sauce for this dish.

Mantis Prawn Kung Pao style came and this is heavenly astounding. Pieces of lightly coated mantis prawn, crisp and juicy, bathed in a beautiful kung pao sauce was just divine! Supporting its main star was dried chilies, crunchy onions and scallions. The size of the mantis prawn was big, hence one could really taste the prawn instead of the batter. I simply love this dish and had to say it is was really well done. Most of my other experiences with this dish was over battered and dried out mantis prawn. Thumbs up for this one!

Another average dish was the Salted Steamed Malay Chicken. To my taste bud, it seemed to lack of any flavour. The chook texture was average but taste wise was kind of bland except for some saltiness.

Our main superstar came although we were still trying to finish our rice dishes. Spicy and sour Crabs were "lip smack-e-lious" awesome. Lots of sauce with just the right spiciness and sourness, this is really good for mopping up with bread. Crab size was decent and 1kg yield 3 crabs at RM38.

So glad the Deep Fried Man Tao came next, which I hastily grabbed and doused with the crab sauce. Toasty and crispy but not oily. Mmmmmm... need I say more?  

If I thought the spicy and sour crab was awesome, Spicy Butter Crab outshone its competitor and won the Best Actor role in the whole show! Luscious and creamy, the buttery sauce was smooth, spicy and really mouth-watering. I just kept spooning the luscious gravy into my mouth and drowned it on the man tao as well. Claypot kept the crab warmed but not before all the gluttons devoured it. Double thumbs up for this and I would come back just for this dish alone!

Stir Fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Garlic was good. Crunchy and well seasoned, this provided us with our veggie vitamins for the day.

We wanted grilled sting ray but it was not available, hence the lady boss recommended Salt and Pepper Sting Ray. Another missed dish! Over battered, one cannot really taste the sting ray and flavour was not right.

After our last crab dish, we decided to order another crab dish since we felt that the gluttons in us still had room for more of this divine crustacean. After all the heavy sauced dishes, we decided on the Steamed Crab with Egg White and Wine as recommended by the lady boss. Gloriously bright red, the crabs was really fresh and sweet. Egg white and wine was only ok as I could not really taste the flavour but the meaty crab more than made up for this. Another good dish to order for simplicity and freshness.

Overall, few hits and misses. Ambience is quite decent as it is open air and one could feel the breeze that night. Plenty of fans as well to keep the place cool. Total bill for 11 dishes and rice with chinese tea was RM 317. Value for money as portion was quite big. MSG is present in the dishes. I would go back for the hits for sure.

Thanks to my dear niece and hope you get many more incentives to come! (maybe we come again with your 2nd incentive? wink wink.. :P)

P.J. Seafood Restaurant
Plot A, Simpanan Talian Elektrik Kampung Chempaka,
47410 PJ, Selangor
Tel: 016 338 2222 / 012 927 7162
Tel/Fax: 03 7883 0277

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