November 3, 2019

SPG by Bijan @ Jalan Ceylon

Modern Malaysian Cuisine

Sarong Party Grill, SPG by Bijan is the latest new hotspot to dine and party on the block. An offspring by the acclaimed Bijan, SPG by Bijan aims to take diners on new heights of Modern Malaysian cuisine while letting it loose with lots of fun thrown in for good measure.

The restaurant is located next to Bijan and is barely a few weeks old. Designed with an adjoining doorway with Bijan, SPG by Bijan allows diners to experience the best of both worlds. With a creative menu filled with delectable bites and fanatical cocktails, SPG by Bijan aims to take their name inspired interpretation of ‘Sarong Party Girl’ to a whole new level of fun in the city.

The new space is beautifully decked out. From the bold renditions of colourful shades of fuchsia, blue and green through large floral batik prints on the wall to the jewel tones of furniture and lush greenery foliage, the ambiance has a wonderful laid-back retro chic vibe.

Filled with an eclectic mix of rattan furniture with plush velvety sofas coupled with a hand printed tiled bar, SPJ by Bijan is one space to chill and end the day with ease and comfort.

The menu is filled with a creative flair of taking classic local and international dishes and injected their own twist of deliciousness. Even the cocktails have flirty names and takes on local flavours from a list that reads Yellow Fever, Cocojito, Stinkini, Asam Pedas and more.

The Cocojito is familiar upon the first sip. A concoction that has a base of coconut water along with white rum, lime and mint leaves, this one is refreshing and easy to enjoy. The Stinkini is a potion for those who are game to try a martini laced with pickled petai. Truth be told, despite not being a fan of petai, I admitted to enjoying The Stinkini a lot as the flavours jived well with a smoothness on the palate!

Made up of gin tainted with the sunshine hue of turmeric along with lime, honey and tonic water, the Yellow Fever renders a bold tasting note that leaves an impression. The Asam Pedas takes on a strong note of tamarind with tequila and triple sec. It’s a feisty cocktail that is piquantly sourish with a good kick of flavour.

For those who simply prefers a safer route of drinks, the mocktails of Bluepea Tonic and Kedondong Kampung are thirst-quenching pleasers.

Our lunch commenced with tapas bites such as Keropok Keropok, Ah Ran Sini and Pais Barramundi. Each one a pleasurable bite with its own unique flavours and textures.

Keropok Keropok, pleasing to the eye at sight, offers a selection of crackers paired with housemade sambals.

Don’t be deceived by the plain sight of the Ah Ran Sini balls. These are deliciously addictive. Inspired by the Italian classic arancini, the culinary team at SPG by Bijan takes our much beloved nasi lemak and turned them into these scrumptious balls. Coconut rice stuffed with sambal and nuts, deep fried till crispy and golden then served with a tasty anchovy mayo sauce. So yummy that one can keep popping these happily!

Little grilled parcel of banana leather wrapped barramundi marinated with spices and coconut summed up Pais Barramundi. The dish reminded me of Otak Otak in terms of flavours and aroma. The clever twist of banana leather replicated the banana leave wrapped fish custard while the spices and coconut reproduced the flavours of the classic dish.

A brilliant concoction of Jackfruit Rendang Bao had us at hello! Honestly, the jackfruit rendang was so delicious that one can’t even tell it’s a fruit and not the usual beef. The rendang has such sublime and piquant flavours and the spice balance was just right. The kick of heat pretty much rounded up why this fluffy bao was so delectable.

Lidah and Sambal was much raved by others at our table. The combination of tender braised ox tongue with the unctuous dark sambal hitam was a great pairing and made a tasty tapas to go with the giggle juices or even beer.

We heard the owner personally carried back these petit tiffin carriers from her travels. Kudos as the Ayam Limau Purut dengan Roti Jala Tiffin made a wonderful conversation piece on that adorable tiffin carrier. That said, neat and pretty yellow rolls of roti jala went well with that creamy spicy curry. The curry is aromatic from all the spices and goes so well with the roti jala. The kerabu salad was also a nice touch to the creamy curry dish.

SPJ by Bijan also offers a selection of grilled dishes. Our Grilled Calamari was nicely charred with a tender and juicy texture. The sambal served along side was enough to pump up more flavours to the seafood.

The next two dishes of Duck Skewers and Chicken Kicap Skewers made good bites as a meal or tapas. Generously skewered with chunky meat, the Duck Skewer was savory while the Chicken Kicap Skewers was more sweetish. The duck version was served with a green sambal while the chicken version was paired with a creamy sauce.

Another locally inspired dish to try is the Pan-seared black Pomfret, served with a coconut and galangal sauce. The two generous fillets are beautifully cooked and had a juicy bite. A squeeze of lime perked up the flavours even more. Put in an order of rice or salad to make this a complete meal.

Tuck into more barbeque and this time it’s the Angus Oyster Blade and Grilled Lamb Loin. Both meats are served with three sambals of Sambal Hitam, Sambal Hijau and Sambal Merah along with bits of raw vegetables. The Angus Oyster Blade is superb. Utterly tender and juicy, cooked to medium pinkness, each bite of the beef was so yummy, even without the sambals. The Grilled Lamb Loin was faultless, but the beef stole the limelight in this case.

A dish that would really go well with the grilled meat would be Sekinchan, a tri-colour rice and quinoa, served with pulled chicken, Asian pesto, rice crackers, and crispy chicken skin.

At sight, that golden chicken skin looked so amazing. The rice with quinoa is lovely and packed with flavours. The chicken skin was the ultimate condiment to the dish.

Perhaps this is the right time to order Oohaa Tuak! The local rice wine has a sourish tingling note that works great as a palate cleanser for the savory dishes before the sweet ones.

Desserts was also a memorable one. Bananas Over Bananas features house made banana ice cream served with a caramelized banana and dehydrated banana cone. The smoky aroma was delightful while the rich dark sweetness was just right.

Pulut Mango Cake was a hit at our table. Chilled mango mousse and fresh mango slices are layered with a creamy coconut glutinous rice with a biscuit base. The flavours are so delicious with just the right balance of fruity sweetness. This one was also my personal favorite dessert.

SPG by Bijan is certainly a sensory dining experiment to those who seek some fun and delicious food along with lots of happy giggle juices in the heart of the city. The ambiance is lovely and relaxing. Parking may be a bit of an effort but its certainly worth to check out SPG by Bijan for some wonderful chow and tipples!

SPG by Bijan
No.3A Jalan Ceylon,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2022 3575

Business Hours:
Monday to Sunday from 12.00pm-12.00am

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