December 16, 2018

Meatology by Chef Yenni @ TTDI

Sumptuous Festive and New Menu

Behind every successful restaurant is an amazing chef… and behind Meatology is Chef Yenni Law. Chef Yenni has so much passion and energy in what she does, and it certainly shows in Meatology. The talented chef that wears multiple hats has two published cookbooks – Meatology and The Rice Pot under her name and the latter one has earned 1st place for the best in the prestigious and internationally recognized Gourmand Award in May 2018 held at Yantai, China.

Meatology has already carved a name in the neighborhood for scrumptious porky fare. Chef Yenni offers classic favorites with her own twist. She goes all out to roast her own Roast Pork and offers tableside entertainment of flambéing steaks to desserts. Locals know where to head to for comfort food and she greets all her diners like they were her old friends.

There’s just no rest with Chef Yenni and her culinary team. With much festivity around the corner, Chef Yenni has prepared festive dishes along with Roast Turkey for orders. In addition, diners can check out the contemporary Western Meatology’s new menu filled with her signatures as well as new dishes with local twists.

For turkey lovers, Meatology offers Roast Turkey (RM58.80++) in smaller portion so one can still enjoy the Christmas dish without having to have a big party. The platter offer cuts of dark and white meat of the turkey, perfectly roasted with a lovely tasty note and moistness. The Roast Turkey is accompanied by grape, chestnut & bacon stuffing, giblet gravy and a spiked cranberry & rum sauce.

For those who are planning a festive party or dine-in group, go for the Whole Roast Turkey (RM428++) with the trimmings. There are additional perks such as a free dining voucher worth RM130 and a half yard glass that comes with this order. This one requires a 3-day advance notice for an order.

For appetizers, diners can tuck into a tasty Grilled Cincaluk Pork (RM23.80). Marrying the flavours of local cincalok or prawn paste with pork belly, the result is this unctuous and addictive sliced pork belly with a unique smoky aroma. And if it ain’t enough, she considerately serves this with some chopped chili padi for extra kicks!

They say one eats with their eyes first… the Tempeh & Chickpea (RM13.80) is cleverly served on a bright blue plate, making it even more enticing with the vibrant colors. Perfect as meatless option, batons of nutty tempeh is sauced up with a lightly sweet and savory sauce. Served on a bed of chickpeas and peas, its healthy and tasty too.

Chef Yenni has a good sense of pairing unsual ingredients and she puts some humor in coining Ladies Lap Cheong (RM13.80). Lady fingers are pairing with sliced Chinese lap Cheong and lots of fried garlic crisp with a bit of heat from chili flakes. The dish turned out well, as the sweetish lap Cheong elevated the lady fingers well. This is one dish I would order again.

Banking on the typical English Sunday roast, Chef Yenni serves up Roast Pork (RM38.80) on Sundays at Meatology. A platter of nicely cut chunks of golden and crunchy crackling roast pork can surely make all Sundays even better, at least for me. And if you are even thinking of feeling a bit guilty, the roast pork is balanced by the side of greens for extra comfort.

More appetizers followed and the Mentaiko Gratinade Baby Lobster (RM23.80++) is an absolute stunner. Mentaiko or fish roe has such a moreish flavour profile that it pairs well with seafood to bring out the oceanic flavours. The baby lobster is cooked beautifully while the gratin makes the lobster even more delectable.

Moving on to mains, the Seared Grouper with Caper Lime Butter (RM48.80) is perfect for fish lovers. Thick fillet of grouper cooked well and served with the citrusy butter sauce. The capers and chopped preserved vegetable enhanced the fish really well, lending a umami saltish note. Presentation is excellent as the dish is colorful and attractive as well.

If there is one dish to rave at Meatlogy, the Spicy Sour Cream Spiney Lobster with Chips (RM178.80) would be it. The brilliant pairing of thick cut fries to go with that luscious buttery and spiced up sauce is so sumptuous that we wanted more fries. The lobster is cooked well with a firm tenderness while the creamy sauce gave the dish that fragrant oomph that makes this dish so enticing. If you feel like splurging, this is the dish to order…

When the waitstaff flambé the octopus, it was apparent that this was going to be another good dish! Grilled Spanish Octopus Tentacle with Spiked Concasse & Garlic (RM43.70) is enticingly aromatic from the spiked flambe action and goes well with the rich cream sauce along with mushrooms on al dente fettuccine and finished with briny salmon roes. This dish is very rich so sharing this may be a good idea. I loved the octopus tentacle as it was tender and goes well with the slippery smooth pasta.

A beautifully poached egg nestled on a bed of mushroom and pasta with pea sprouts peeking upwards. The Truffle Spaghetti (RM35.80) is so good, one won’t miss the fact that this is meatless. The soft egg coated the pasta and mushroom strands, lending a smoothness of richness to the gorgeous aroma of truffles lingering with each bite.

Chef Yenni nailed the Grilled Grain-fed Aged Ribeye (RM35/100g) to a lovely medium doneness. Utterly juicy and well-charred, the ribeye is served with mashed potato, chick pea salad and side of horseradish. The steak, seasoned with only salt and pepper, has such yummy beefy flavours. A touch of horseradish added more depth of richness to the steak…

Lip smacking yum best describes the Chilli Lime Ribs (RM48.80)! Meaty ribs are heavily spiced up so that every bite of the meat is an explosion of spicy goodness in the mouth. Make sure to squeeze that wedge of lime on the ribs as it really perked up the flavours even more.

Chef Yenni surprised us all with Herbal Seafood Toddy (RM48.80). Coconut toddy laced with Chinese herbs made up the broth for rice noodles and plenty of seafood. The dish has a similar flavour profile with bak kut teh but it has lovely aroma of coconut. The subtle sweetness from the coconut toddy goes well with the fresh seafood and the noodles made this a complete meal on its own.

Life is always sweeter with desserts! And the fact that desserts can only get better is when its a Real Rum & Raisin Pie (RM18.80). Generously laced with run and studded with sweet raisins, this naughty ice cream pie is so yummy. This is one dessert that you may not want to share…

Forbidden Rice Brulèe (RM14.80) is unusual and tasty. French custard with chewy bits of black glutinous rice and a caramelized crunchy topping is Chef Yenni’s take on rice pudding. Love the chilled factor in this rice pudding as it freshened up the palate.

More flambé action and this time is a dessert of Yorkshire Pudding Flambé (RM32.80). Fluffy and crisp Yorkshire Pudding is jazzed up with a flambe of dark cherries and strawberries with booze. It is quite the perfect dramatic ending when dining at Meatology!

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