December 12, 2018

Le Buffet @ The Parisian Macao

10 Dishes to Savor at Le Buffet

Step into The Parisian Macao and one will be in awe of the grandeur of its décor throughout the property. The Parisian Macao has it all – the finest luxury suites, amazing shopping, exciting entertainment and sumptuous dining, all integrated under one property.

One would never have to leave The Parisian Macao for a few days as there are just so much to do, to see and to eat here. With multiple awards under its listing since its opening in 2016, The Parisian Macao is one iconic property to visit and stay in Macao. Whether one is seeking a getaway or an adventure, one will never leave this place without an unforgettable experience in the East of Vegas.

During a trip to Macao, we paid a visit to The Parisian Macao for two things – the first to dine at the award-winning Le Buffet restaurant and the second, to visit a long await bucket list of mine, The Eiffel Tower.

Le Buffet is an award-winning all-day dining restaurant that takes on a French market atmosphere dining concept at The Parisian Macao. Having won the Best Macau Casual Dining Restaurant award at the Hong Kong Restaurant Interior Design Awards 2017 (HKRIDA), Le Buffet is certainly a popular hotspot for many foodies who comes in for their splendor feast of local and international cuisines.

We visited on a Thursday and it was packed! There are two sessions for their lunch buffet and we took on the first early session that starts at 11am. A crowd puller it seems, even for guests like us who are not staying at the hotel, it seems that everyone shares the same idea to check out what Le Buffet has to offer.

First of all, Le Buffet’s interior design alone replicates the grandeur of The Parisian Macao. There are several dining areas, and these are fairly spacious and well set to echo a bustling marketplace. The walls of Le Buffet are intricately designed with ornate plaster ceilings as well as the incorporation of modern European patterns that matches well with the various tile floorings.

The buffet counters are all set in front of open live kitchen stations where chefs are seen in heavy duty actions of replenishing all the dishes in small portion for quality and freshness.

The middle counter is also very large and is filled with plenty of dishes for diners to make their selection. The chefs and waitstaff is very efficient, constantly ensuring that all the dishes are refilled and topped up to cater to the high volume of the customers.

We are simply marveled at the spread of the buffet here. Unless you have a bottomless stomach space, one needs a strategy to enjoy the kaleidoscope of dishes here at Le Buffet. Here’s my top ten dishes to try at Le Buffet in no particular order.

Seafood, plenty of it at all the stations. While one may be tempted to go full force on Seafood on Ice, one simply must make room for the Sichuan Style Fried Lobster Claws. The chefs make it fairly easy for diners to enjoy the lobster claws as they are already pre-cracked for easy peeling. Lightly flavoured with some Sichuan heat, the lobster claw is sublime with much fresh oceanic sweetness of the lobster claw meat.

Raw fish lovers will make a beeline for the Japanese Sushi and Sashimi station. Imagine thick cuts of fresh salmon, tuna and octopus, along with dainty Nigiri sushi and maki rolls, all lightly smeared with a little wasabi and dipped in soy sauce. Generous pressed fish roes with pickled mackerel, fish roes with squid slices, seaweed salad and more, this station is constantly with a queue from hungry diners like me who enjoys sashimi and sushi very much.

Carving station was another hotspot for many as the Roasted Lamb Leg with Mint Sauce & Gravy is one dish not to be missed. I am pretty stoked to see how fast the chef behind the station carved the many lamb legs to be served. Even so, the quality is beautiful as the chef caters to diners on their preference of how cooked they like their lamb. My medium cooked slice was gorgeous with a pink hue. Moist and succulent, the lamb leg goes well with mint sauce.

Macanese African Chicken was on the same station as the lamb and it is one of the more classic local must-try dish when one is in Macao. The dish itself stemmed from a combination of several cuisine influence of Portugese, African, Chinese and Indian upon my research. Butterflied chicken generously coated with the spice paste is roasted well and tasted of spices of paprika along with aromatic herbs and hints of rich coconut milk. It is unique to Macao and one should never leave here without trying this…

Portuguese uses bacalao or salted cod in a lot of their dishes. I was stoked to see how the fish is cooked in Baked Cod Fish with Clam and Tomato. The cod flesh is smooth, firm yet tender. A buttery cream-based sauce is cooked with plenty of clams, bacon lardons and fresh tomatoes to flavour up the cod. Best eaten hot, this dish has such a delightful unctuous flavour that one cannot help but to want to go back for a refill.

The hanging racks of Baked Spare Ribs entices one to make a stop here to pick up pieces of ribs. Glistening glazed of amber hues of deliciousness, the ribs are well flavoured with light sweetness and savory notes. The ribs retained a good firmness in the meat, lending a good bite of textures as one gnaws their way to clean the rack of rib down to its bones.

Dim sums are irresistible. Dainty morsels of plump Har Gao and Siew Mai never fails to tempt diners like me. The team here does a wonderful Wor Tip or Pan Fried Dumpling too along with Steamed Spare Ribs with Black Bean.

Portugese loves their chorizo, a smoked and spiced up sausage. At Le Buffet, we spied at least 4 dishes that features chorizo. Flambé Chouriço is a very traditional dish for Portugese. The Portugese Chourico sausage is usually flambeed on high heat on a clay vessel called an Assador de Barro. The distinctive smoky and rich chourico or chorizo is dense and requires some chewing but the flavours are intensely unique and has a good dose of spices. Else one can also opt to try the other mini dried chorizo or the creamy Potato and Chorizo Soup.

Now one of the most savored dessert in Macao has to be the Portuguese Egg Tart. Made famous by Lord Stow and other bakeries, it would literally be a sin if you should visit Macao and never tried this. The mini version here is superb. Kept warm under heating lamp, the mini Portuguese Egg Tart has that flaky buttery crust filled with the signature lightly burnt wobbly egg custard. Lusciously aromatic, we scoffed quite a few of these here.

Desserts and more desserts, make sure you save room for the gorgeous desserts at Le Buffet. The mini Eiffel Tower is a crowd pleaser as it holds miniature desserts guaranteed to please many. From the beautiful pastel plum colour of the Black Rice Sweet Broth, Mango Cream to Chocolate Fountain, cakes, miniature tarts and jelly to Peanut Waffle, Pear Tart, ice cream and more, choosing dessert maybe your biggest challenge here.

Besides our top favorites, there’s still plenty of other dishes to try at Le Buffet. My camera did not do justice to the spread so make your way there and experience what Le Buffet has to offer. Make sure to make a reservation since this place is always packed. After this fabulous feast, you can certainly walk it off exploring what The Parisian Macao has to offer… stay tune for our visit to The Eiffel Tower here!

There’s a View and Dine promotion where guests can enjoy buffet at Le Buffet plus admission to The Eiffel Tower package which is quite the deal. Promotion ends 31 Dec 2018 (Black out period:29 Sep to 03 Oct,22 to 25 Dec and 31 Dec 2018).

View & Dine Promotion
Eiffel Tower - Admission to 37F observation deck
Lunch - Dine at Brasserie or Lotus Palace or Le Buffet
Price - MOP/HKD258* + 10% per Adult | MOP/HKD178* + 10% per Child

Eiffel Tower - Admission to 37F observation deck
Dinner - Dine at Le Buffet
Price - MOP/HKD418* + 10% per Adult | MOP/HKD258* + 10% per Child

Level 1, The Parisian Macao,
Lote 3, Strip, SAR, P.R. China,
Estr. do Istmo, Macao
Tel: +853 8111 9250

Business Hours:
Breakfast: 6:30am - 10:30am
Lunch: 11:00am - 3:00pm
Dinner: 6:00pm - 10:00pm

*Thanks to Macao Tourism for the experience at Le Buffet,The Parisian Macao. However, all stories and comments in my posts are purely derived from my own experiences through the trip.


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