May 20, 2018

Two Hands @ Qliq Hotel, Damansara Perdana

Fabulous Superfood

It’s been 8 months since Two Hands came to our dining scene in Damansara Perdana and yet, many have yet to discover this amazing restaurant serving wholesome superfood dishes. Headed by Chef Vicneswara Thenamirtham (better known as Chef Vic to his regulars), Two Hands denotes the partnership of producers and consumers.

Located in Qliq Hotel in Empire Damansara, Two Hands serves Chef Vic’s signatures of comfort food set in a beautiful and minimalist restaurant. The restaurant caters to Qliq Hotel guests hence its open as early as 7am till 12 midnight daily.

We adored the simple but beautiful ambiance of the industrial vibe décor from its shades of dark blue walls contrasting to the off-white brick wall as well as the open red pipes and various modern lightings. Everything is in sight from its open bar to the open kitchen, what you see is what you get. A corner filled with old knick-knacks add charm to this comfortable ambiance.

The menu is filled with assorted dishes from all over the world. Not limited to anything, Chef Vic focuses on dishes that warms the tummy and soul, food that is comforting yet healthy and nutritious. He assures diners that no MSG is used and uses locally source ingredients from local producers as much as possible to ensure freshness. He also includes gluten-free and vegan-friendly dishes to cater to health-conscious eaters.

Anytime is a good time for cocktails! That said, one must try Two Hands’s list of unique and delicious cocktails. From Jack Jean Paul (RM44), Coffee Chanel (RM31) to Coconut Coach (RM32) and Cucumber Chloe (RM37), we enjoyed them all. Each one with their own refreshing flavours, these will guarantee a good evening of relaxation along with a yummy meal. My personal favorite was the Cucumber Chloe and Jack Jean Paul!

Our first starter was a pretty and colourful plate of Hummus 3 Ways (RM28). Nutty and garlicky Tahini, tangy Beetroot and creamy sweet Pumpkin, the trio of hummus are sublime. Served with bread of the day, the hummus are great starters with bold punchy flavours to whet the appetite for more to come.

The dish to rave at Two Hands is the Crispy Parmesan Cauliflower (RM22). Piled high on a bed of dill yoghurt sauce, local organic cauliflower florets is lightly battered in a mixture of chickpea, tapioca and rice flour.

Gluten free and vegan-friendly, the golden crispy florets is amazingly light with a creamy soft center. The flavours are moreish and tasty, enhanced by the blanket of Parmesan cheese and smoked paprika. Best savored hot, the cauliflower is still really yum when its cool down to room temperate. This dish is so simple but is superb in every bite!

We also tried the Apple & Walnut Salad (RM21), a light and crisp gluten free and vegan green salad tossed with Greek Yoghurt and organic honey. Easy on the palate, a healthy plate of greens to enjoy.

More sharing starters as we shared the Salted Egg Custard Prawns (RM28) and Smoked Albondigas & Cinnamon Rolls (RM31).

The Salted Egg Custard Prawns is unctuously creamy, a luscious concoction with prawns. Chef Vic serves his dish with homemade croissant. Unusual but the buttery French croissant added a lovely aroma to our local favorite dish.

The Smoked Albondigas & Cinnamon Rolls turned out even better in terms of pairing. It was odd at sight to see the delicious lamb meatballs served with cinnamon rolls. However, after savoring them together, the pair turned to be a match made in heaven in terms of flavours. The tender and juicy lamb meatballs in tangy tomato sauce was already very tasty on its own but when savored with the flaky cinnamon pastry, the combo was really scrumptious in flavours. The cinnamon really worked well in enhancing the flavours of the tomato sauce along with the other spices in the smoky meatball.

One can’t go wrong with rice and chicken, especially a flavourful one as the Grilled Portuguese Chicken & Dirty Rice (RM58). A whole Maryland seasoned with spices, is beautifully grilled and served on dirty rice. A hodgepodge concoction of liver and other spices, the dirty rice was fluffy and tasty, Served on a hot plate, the charred bits of the rice was sublime while the chicken was moist, tender and deliciously flavoured.

A sharing plate of 4-Hours Beef Short Ribs (RM112) proved that good food should be shared. Salt baked slowly for 4 hours, the beef rib has that beautiful melt-in-the-mouth texture plus delicious tasty notes. Served on a generous bed of creamy garlic and veggie mashed potatoes with a finishing of chicken floss, the beef is one dish that not only taste yummy but is packed with all the goodness of well-balanced meal. Portion is generous enough to share with at least two hearty eaters.

The Pulled Beef Pasta (RM57) faired decent with good notes of pasta cooked al dente in hearty savory and moreish sauce. Generously studded with pulled tender beef, brined carrots, asparagus and cheese, the pasta has that familiar comfort flavours that one can enjoy often…

Two Hands also has a special lunch menu. Slashes for Lunch offer diners a choice of main dish that comes with a choice of Americano or Fruit Juice. Available from 11am to 3pm on Mondays to Fridays, we tried their Thai Green Curry (RM18) served in tiffin for that extra touch. Chef Vic puts his own spin on his Thai Green Curry. Its milder than the classic version but has a delicate richness of herbs and spices that one can enjoy with rice and fried egg without feeling heavy.

We finished our meal with their house made Strawberry Jelly Cheese Cake (RM14) and Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream. Both desserts are gluten free and vegan friendly too.

The Strawberry Jelly Cheese Cake is a very moist and dense cake made from cream cheese and toasted desiccated coconut, topped with strawberry jelly and chocolate shavings. Its superb and not overly sweet, perfect to enjoy without the guilt!

Two Hands certainly won brownie points for showcasing a lovely superfood menu that is great for those who are health-conscious and yet enjoy the delicious flavours of Chef Vic’s creations. It also is a great place to enjoy a beautiful meal in its lovely ambiance. This place warrants a few returns…

Jalan PJU 8/8,
Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 012-424 1194

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