May 6, 2018

Taiwan Travels – Hotel Proverbs Taipei

Surreal Hotel Experience in Taipei City

Get ready for my Taiwan Travels series as it is going to be an amazing journey of culture, food and travels. My 8D7Ns itinerary to Taiwan includes Taipei, New Taipei, Hualien and Yilan. From the moment I landed in Taiwan to the moment I left, I was still in awe of how amazing the country is, how passionate the people are and how delicious the food can be.

We landed in the late afternoon after a four flight with Eva Air, Taiwan’s 5-star airline, at Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei and made our way to check into our first hotel of the trip.

Now we were told that we would be staying at Hotel Proverbs Taipei and dining at a really awesome restaurant that evening in the hotel. Still, that never prepared me for what’s to come when I reached the hotel.

Hotel Proverbs Taipei, located in Taipei’s cool and historical Da’an District. Said to be overlooking Lugongzhen Park, the hotel is very strategic in its location as Da’an street has quite a character from its densely filled apartments to the small unique shoplets, convenient stores and street food stalls that seems to run 24/7. It is also easily accessible as there are plenty of public transportation and MRT station nearby.

The 42-room hotel is a composition of modern swanky charm with contemporary elegance. Another masterpiece by award-wining architect and designer Ray Chen, the hotel boasted of a farm to table grill TK Seafood & Steak Restaurant, an award winning whisky East End Bar and a delicious L’idiot Bakery. Under the Gloria Hotel Group, the hotel has other sister hotels such as Hotel Quote and Gloria Residence in Taiwan too.

The lobby is located at the 3rd floor of the hotel which the concierge at the ground floor will guide you to the check-in. The moment one enters the hotel, the first sight you’ll see is L’idiot Bakery. Would be hard to miss this as the bakery, though dimly lite, has beautiful baked goods to reel your senses in. The concierge is discreetly set on the side while the hotel’s upmarket TK Seafood & Steak is located on the right side of the entrance.

A quick checked-in and I headed up to my room, located on the 9th floor of the building. As soon as the elevator opened, I was greeted by a swanky copper paneled corridor, lite by warm lightings, leading to the rooms. With a traditional key and card in hand, I stood outside my room door. It was at this precise moment that had me at Hello!

There’s no key hole at the door… ok so by now I was literally scratching my head, what should I actually do?

It took me a good 10 minutes before I finally figured out that a copper piece hid the key hole discreetly just below the door handle. I honestly had to laugh at myself at that moment. We are so used to using the electronic card system that we were beginning to forget how it was before… or maybe it was just simply me being me and my 'duh' moment…

Thanks to the designer of the hotel, it’s quite obvious that he has an amusing streak in him to see how guests would figure out the retro hidden lock!

I walked into my Urban Room and stood at the hallway, impressed at how cool my room looked.

The space in Urban Room is cleverly sectioned into three spaces. One enters the living room, filled with a contemporary mix of swanky velvet covered sofa to LED TV displaying my name, open hanging closet, and a work space. The whole room was set with wood panels with a glass wall at the end to elevate the spaciousness of the room.

A soft dim glow exudes comfort and warmth in the room, lite by modern lamps in various spaces.

Room facilities include safe-deposit box, Satelite TV, complimentary wireless internet, mini bar filled with beverages and goodies as well as a Yamaha Sound Bar digital stereo system.

I walked in further only to be greeted by this beautiful King bed flanked by a vintage designed chandelier.

The side table by the bed has this contemporary box that controls the room lightings. I liked how the designer injected vintage with modern fixings as it gives the room a very unique and personalized character unlike any other hotels I have stayed.

At sight was also a modern luxurious bath tub set against a marbled wall. The bathroom went modern from tiled walls to modern silver fixtures. Plush fluffy bathrobe, soft tissues, a full-set of bathroom amenities, luxury bath salts, body lotion, soap and hair products won brownie points from me.

No expense spared, the bathroom even comes with a TOTO Washlets toilet. To spare your curiosity on why I was so intrigue with a TOTO Washlet, we’re talking about state-of-the-art electronic bidet from Japan. The whole experience from heated seat to automatic toilet lid and blue LED lighting inside of the bowl as well as bidet funtions are truly a pampering experience!

There is also a shower room with rain shower head with solid water pressure and excellent temperature controlled water system.

Needless to say, I didn’t hesitate to use the bathroom to get a good soak after my flight journey…

I went down for dinner at TK Seafood & Steak but that’s another story to come…

After dinner, I took a stroll along Da’an street with a friend, stopping at convenient stores and a yum cha session at one of the street stalls, picking on stinky tofu with a Taiwanese bubble tea. When in Taiwan, do as what locals do is simply a must!

Before I know it, slumberland was beckoning after supper. My bed was absolutely a pleasure to sleep in. The firmness was just right, the pillows were plush and soft while my duvet was sateen smooth…

Woke up early, excited as a bird on the wee hours of a Saturday morning, I went down to the ground floor to be greeted by this lovely sight of the hotel and a friendly smile from the staff.

The hotel building stands out, stark contrast against the charm of the street, especially in the morning where the street is empty on a weekend morning. I like it. Its old-world charm meets new life on the streets of Da’an…

Strolling into TK Seafood & Steak for breakfast, we pre-ordered our breakfast the evening before since we were planning to leave early to catch a train. The restaurant echoed a different vibe in daylights compared to our evening before. Nevertheless, it was still beautifully grand with all the opulent chandeliers and mirrors.

The open kitchen had lush aromas wafting through the air of the restaurants, waking up my senses to fresh baked goods and our American breakfast sizzling on the griddle.

Immediately a paddle of fresh baked bread and croissants were placed on our table. Nothing like luscious pastries and beautiful breads for breakfast…

Breakfast menu may be short list but the choices were sufficient, covering all classic favorites of many from American to English and even Chinese.

I opted for Two Sunny Side Eggs with Sausage, Salty Pork Belly and Potato Hash. What a power-up breakfast to kick start my day in Taiwan….

Did I mentioned that I travel with a few others for this trip? As they all slowly trickled in, I couldn’t resist taking photos of their breakfast too… a photographer’s habit when she sees such beautiful food at sight…

Two Scrambled Eggs with Sausage, Salty Pork Belly, Potato Hash

French Toast with Honey Butter, Seasonal Fruits, Maple Syrup

Egg Benedict, Ham, Baby Greens, Honey Mustard Dressing

Guangdong Porridge, Aging Egg, Braised Pork Jaw

After breakfast, we checked-out and peeked into the East End Bar on the same floor as the lobby. Gorgeous with mirror ceiling, modern bar and a wall filled with exquisite liquors, East End Bar is listed under Asia’s 50 Best Bars to visit.

A beautiful hotel to stay in when one is in Taipei city, Hotel Proverbs Taipei is a premium hotel that is worth every penny paid. Even in TripAdvisor, hotel guests were raving about the excellent service and hotel facilities this place had.

My only gripe, I didn’t get to see the amazing rooftop swimming pool or hang out at East End Bar (because it was too crowded on a Friday evening). I heard the whisky selection is amazing at this bar!

I guess that would be a good excuse to return to Hotel Proverbs Taipei

We took a train from Taipei to Ruisui station in Hualien so stay tune for more adventures in Taiwan…

56, Sec.1, Da'an Road, Da'an Dist.,
Taipei City 106, Taiwan
TEL +886 2 2711 1118
FAX +886 2 2711 1117

*This trip was made possible by Taiwan Tourism together with First Class Magazine and Eva Air. However, all stories and comments in my posts are purely derived from my own experiences through the trip.

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