January 15, 2018

Goa by Hubba @ Lorong Ceylon

Contemporary Goan Cuisine by Chef Sapna Anand

No stranger to our dining scene, the creative team behind The Soul Society group has brought us many sumptuous eateries like SOULed Out, Tujo Bar-sserie & Grill, WIP and Hubba Hubba. Their latest update is another brilliant epicurean journey of flavours at Hubba Hubba.

Goa by Hubba, a luscious collaboration with celebrity Chef Sapna Anand, flags new Goan cuisine to our culinary melting pot scene at Hubba Hubba. Located at the brand-new Ramada Suites KLCC, the ambiance is perfect for some serious relaxation and a scrumptious spread of flavours of Goa. Chef Anand is no stranger to our culinary shore. Having made her mark with her bold and sumptuous list of modern Indian cuisine in our culinary scene, Chef Anand is back again with another stint, this round at Hubba Hubba.

Introducing Goan cuisine with her own twist, foodies are in for a treat of flavours like no other. Despite only picking up her culinary skills when she moved to Malaysia, her food quickly became a favorite in our city. Her culinary talent is proven in the bold and beautiful flavours of her dishes. Not only are her dishes delicious but each one is beautifully presented in modern touches.

For those who have yet to visit Hubba, the bar cum restaurant is famous for their list of cocktails. The mixologist here exudes boldness and balance when it comes to the flavours of their giggle juices.

From the innocent Apple Mint Cooler (RM17) to the mysterious Pandhara (RM33), brazen Blue Basilico Margarita (RM38) and naughty Spiked Mango Lassi (RM36). The cocktails are not only deliciously refreshing but each one beautifully presented. From carefully calculation of balancing the Pandhara on ice to the smoked infused Spiked Mango Lassi, all I know is that one of these delicious cocktails may not be enough!

Our starter of smoky Goan Stuffed Squid (RM28) was quite a hit. Not only was the squid tender and well-seasoned with spices, the filling packed quite a punch in flavours. With just enough heat for flavours, it was the smokiness that gave the dish its yummy factor.

The next dish of Mutton Floss Mantao (RM26) was a clever twist from the classic. The mutton floss has such robust flavours of heat and spices that made this steamed bun delightfully tasty. A dish perfect with beer or cocktail…

I thought nothing of the Chowpatty Fire Roasted Grilled Corn (RM15) till I tasted it. Corn, well-charred with blackened edges, served with grilled lime, side of spice mix and cheese. The sweetness of the corn worked its magic with the sourness of the lime, the creamy notes of the cheese and the savory heat of the spices. Together, it was a bomb of flavours with much juice textures.

We moved to mains and the Garlic Butter Prawns (RM60) was an absolute drooling effort. Make sure to order a side of fried mantao buns to mop up all that unctuous salty and creamy sauce. The king prawns were cooked just right and beautifully blanketed with that fragrant buttery sauce. Finger-licking deliciousness!

Their Beef Vindalho (RM28) doesn’t taste like our local version. Instead, there is a refine note of flavours that exuded complexity of spice mix with a well balance note of tang. It has richness that is deliciously addictive. The beef chunks is tender and well-flavoured, having absorbed the hours of slow braising in the curry sauce. Chef Anand also added that Goan cuisine is less creamy but richer in spices and heat with subtle tang. Savor the beef vindalho with fluffy steamed basmathi rice and you’ll find yourself reaching out for more helpings of that gorgeous curry.

Chef Anand puts her own twist in Cochin Seafood Stew (RM68). The stew resembles more towards a very creamy mild curry that goes well with seafood. Since Kochi is popular for seafood, this dish has large king prawns, squid and scallops bathed in that luscious sauce. The stew is delicious with rice or bread. It is perfect for seafood lovers looking for some indulgence and comfort pleasure.

The Grilled Cauliflower with Smoked Sauce (RM30) not only looked enticing at sight but is deliciously tasty and easy to enjoy. Whole cauliflower is chargrilled and served in a pool of spiced up smoked tomato sauce. The light crunch of the cauliflower is delightful and the lime awakened the freshness of the tomato sauce with the flavours of the cauliflower nice. The side of creamy cheese is great to mellow down the tangy tomato sauce and add creamy richness to the dish. A great vegetarian dish by Chef Anand…

Out of both dishes of Tandoori Chicken Chop (RM33) and Kashmiri Lamb Chop (RM95), the later had more oomph of flavours. While the chicken had decent, the lamb was superb. Robust with deep rich flavours of spices, the lamb tasted sinfully yum. Tender and moist each bite of the lamb chop was like a firework of flavours in the mouth. Though not needed, the mint sauce gave the lamb another boost of herb and heat flavours. The Kashmiri Lamb Chop is simply a must-order!

The Garlic Methi Chicken Skewers (RM23) fared decent too. Garlicky and tender, the chicken skewers would be a general crowd pleaser dish for foodies of all ages.

We ended our Goan journey of flavours with Chef Anand’s house made ice creams. Select your pick from Rose, Mango and Candied Peanut with Caramel, served in copper goblets, though these may vary at days. My favorite was the candied peanut with caramel for that nutty, sweet and crunchy notes of that luscious ice cream.

A meal at Goa by Hubba takes one on an adventure of flavours. Everything from the appearance to the taste of the dishes and cocktails are exciting and satisfying. Chef Anand has certainly elevated a delicious contemporary cuisine to new heights. Don’t just take my word for this, you simply got to try it for yourself to believe how good Goan cuisine can be…

1 Bukit Ceylon (Hotel Ramada KLCC Suites)
1 Lorong Ceylon,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 017 786 7611

Website: www.hubba.asia

Business Hours:
Mondays to Sundays - 8am till 1am

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