October 12, 2015

Koosh Koffeez @ Publika

For the Love of Coffee, Comfort, Creative and Happiness!

Coffee connoisseurs will be pleased that there’s one more coffee bar to add to their list in Publika. Koosh Koffeez, one of the newest kid on the Publika block. Koosh Koffeez dares to be different. While most coffee bars tend to focus more on just serving coffee and desserts, Koosh Koffeez also has a good list of dishes to be enjoyed with their coffees. In case one is wondering on its name, there is simply no reason to justify how Koosh Koffeez’s name was chosen except that the owners wanted a creative, fun and comfort element to the coffee bistro.

One certainly won’t miss Koosh Koffeez because of its striking fuchsia high-back chair at the front of the bistro. It gives everyone a chance to pose for a few shots at the grand centerpiece. My little one ran to the seat immediately!

Diners can choose to enjoy the al fresco area or dine-in at the cozy yet elegant bistro themed in shades of purple with cream. The whole place is pretty spaced out so one can enjoy your meal at ease. There is also a huge framed cabinet displaying some serious high end industrial coffee machines as well as coffee making gadgets. A bar is set on one side of the room featuring two majestic looking coffee machines. Further into the space, one can also rest comfortably at their sofas covered in plush purple shades of velvet.

A little background on Koosh Koffeez, the owners started out in another parent company of Arabica Estate, supplying coffee beans and machines to the F&B industry in Penang. Arabica Estate also have their own Arabica Estate Academy where they provide all sorts of training on coffee from introduction to sensory skills, roasting, brewing and Barista skills. All beans are roasted by their parent company and they offer many varieties of beans from all over the world. Their majority products are their blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans. Deciding to extend their coffee venture, Koosh Koffeez was born, the first of their coffee bistro in our city.

Koosh Koffeez offers a solid list of classics and modern coffees. We had an Espresso shot (RM7) and thought it had a good depth of buttery aroma with robust intensity of the bean.

Baller Koffee (RM16) is their signature, served in a splendor presentation with two shots of espresso, a large ice ball and a beaker with a choice of cream or soda. Here’s where the fun bit comes in, simply adjust the level of coffee and cream or soda to your liking. Though both are delicious, the soda one was a pretty unique take on coffee for me. The ice ball is created to keep the coffee chilled but won’t dilute it so fast that one cannot slowly enjoy the Baller Koffee.

Hot coffee choices had us ogling at the beautiful Romeo (RM12), a partnership of mocha with rose. There is a subtle hint of rose that made this mocha pretty feminine and romantic while the Kappuccino (RM10) was more classically presented with some coffee art.

For cold coffees, do try their Karamel Macchiato (RM14) or Karamel Macchiato Frapz (RM14). I admit to having a fondness for caramel as I think it lends a richer and caramelized note to the coffee so I really enjoy the Karamel Macchiato as it has a good balance of flavours without being too sweet.

If you are not a coffee drinker, fear not as Koosh Koffeez also has Tea, Hot Chocolate, Milk, Smoovies and Dreamshakes for you. My little one had their Orange Smoovies (RM12) which was pretty decent.

Koosh Koffeez serves modern Western cuisine with a little of everything thing thrown in. Their menu is still new and is still being evolve but there are quite a few dishes that we know will be permanent ones in the menu.

For breakfast bites, Koosh Koffeez serves all-day breakfast choices in their menu as well. Our Eggs Ben with Salmon & Asparagus (RM23) was a nothing new but was prepared well. Perfectly poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, smoked salmon, chicken sausages, sautéed mushrooms, greens and tomatoes was hearty and decent. High points goes to the poached egg with the luscious egg yolk flowing out plus the price is very decent for all that goodies.

I like soup, any soup for that matter. The Pumpkin Ravioli Soup (RM13) is worth an order as most places only serves soup but at Koosh Koffeez, there is the added bonus of ravioli in their pumpkin soup. It’s sufficiently creamy and yet not overly sweet as some pumpkin soups are. This one makes a nice starter to warm up the appetite.

Now I would never have peg this coffee bistro to serve something French. Nevetheless, a solid pat on the back to the kitchen team for their Escargots à l’ail Gratinés (RM23). Snails cooked in heavy garlicky and parmesan cream with a sprinkle of paprika is delicious with toasts. I do wish for more toast since there are a generous pieces of escargots…

The Mandarin (RM18) features a delectable smoked duck salad served with sesame dressing on greens, roasted tomatoes, almonds and orange segments. I enjoyed this as the combination works well with its flavours of smoky salty flavour with tangy notes, creamy dressing and nutty elements.

I would never have peg Siren’s Salad (RM23) to be a pasta one! This one leans toward a pasta rather than a salad but I am not complaining as the squid ink pasta tossed with prawns, squid and shrimp roe Caesar dressing is super yummy. Moreish and tasty, this one is pretty unique and filling.

Bruschetta Trio (RM25) looked pretty simple but the triology of baguette pieces topped with Tomato & Basil, Smoked Salmon & Dill and Foie Gras Terrine makes another nice round of appetizers. While the tomato & basil seemed rather lack lustre, the smoked salmon & dill and foie gras terrine is superb! If only I can order the foie gras terrine on its own, I’d be ordering half a dozen of these…

The next two dishes takes on Mediterranean flavours in terms of mezze platter of dips, meat, bread and condiments. Choose from Mediterranean Grilled Chicken & Mushrooms (RM19) or Mediterranean Lamb & Sun Dried Tomatoes (RM21). Both were mediocre for me but my other diners really enjoy these. There are Turkish pide bread served with sautéed spiced lamb or grilled chicken, sautéed mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, hummus, garlic aioli, sour cream and tomato salsa.

Next up was pasta and pizzas. A must-order at Koosh Koffeez is their King Krab (RM33). Strands of pasta is coated with a luscious roasted sesame and cream sauce and crowned with a crispy lightly battered soft shell crab. The sauce is amazing with the pasta while the soft shell crab karaage is gorgeous. This one is truly worth every bit of calorie… I am still drooling as I write this post…

Another dish that requires full attention on enjoyment is the Karbonara (RM23). I practically want to tell everyone to leave me alone with this dish as I pay homage to the pasta laced with thick creamy sauce studded with lots of beef bacon and duck meat and finished with a gorgeous onsen egg. As we cut into the egg, the egg yolk oozed out and coat the pasta with more richness. A heavenly dish indeed!

We also had another pasta of Smoked Duck in Tomato Caper Cream (RM25). This one was pretty yummy too as the smoky duck meat is cleverly enhanced in the lightly tangy tomato caper cream sauce. The flavours are robust and hearty.

Pizza lovers will rejoice as the pizzas here are prepared with a creative fusion of ingredients. We had the Acapulco (RM25) and Kasablanca (RM25). The Acapulco has grilled chicken, sundried tomatoes and pesto on tomato-infused pizza base while the Kasablanca has a Moroccan touch of cumin mined lamb, vegetables, jalapeno and sour cream on the same dough.

Peppercorn Steak (RM38) is 200gm of prime sirloin grilled to your likings and served with rich peppercorn gravy, French fries and vegetables. Can’t go wrong with steak and fries and the peppercorn gravy was scrumptious with a good hit of peppery not.

Lamb Shank in Coffee Stew (RM45) showcased a whole lamb shank braised till tender in a brown stew laced with coffee and filled with root vegetables. The stew has a robust flavour of umami notes and the one can certainly taste the coffee note in the stew. It is served with mashed potatoes so soak up the rich stew.

Koosh Koffeez is proud of their handcrafted gourmet waffles that they named some of their waffles after famous entertainment stars. We settled on two of James’ Brownies (RM18) and Tyramisu (RM18).

James’ Brownie (RM18) is a pile of beautiful mess of chocolate waffle studded with brownie pieces. It is then piled on with toasted marshmallows, almonds, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

Tyramisu (RM18) has an espresso infused waffle crowned with lady fingers dusted with coffee powder, a large dollop of mascarpone, scoop of vanilla ice cream, lots of dark chocolate shavings, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Expect lots of sweetness and bitterness of richness that truly evoked the tiramisu notes in this waffle.

With a tagline of ‘Miracles in Your Mouth’, Koosh Koffeez hope to have all their diners enjoy a myriad of delicious experiences at the bistro. Whether its coffee or their food, Koosh Koffeez is set on making sure their diners leave with a good memory of deliciousness. Prices are reasonable for the quality and portions they served. Highlights of Koosh Koffeez includes Baller Koffee, King Krab, Karbonara, Pizza and their handcrafted gourmet waffles!

D5-G3-03 Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 6211 1586

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday 8.30am – 10.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 9.30am – 11.30pm

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