October 16, 2015

Genji Japanese Restaurant @ Hilton Petaling Jaya

Genji is Back with a Brand New Dining Experience!

Genji Japanese Restaurant has just gone through a major refurbishment and is set to impress its diners with its gorgeous new ambiance. Located at Hilton Petaling Jaya, Genji has been serving authentic Japanese cuisine to many Japanese aficionados since 1988. Named after a legendary nobleman named as ‘The Shining Genji’ of feudal Japan who was famed for his appreciation and great passion for fine food, wine and lifestyle.

Genji has always been renowned for its elegant and Japanese themed ambiance. After its recent renovation, the interior has been elevated to an air of modern contemporary ambiance that joins today’s generation of classy Japanese restaurants. Boasting a spacious setting with 148 seating, Genji offers diners its signature sections of various dining rooms and private tatami rooms.

At the entrance, diners can opt to diner at the majestic elevated sushi bar or head on over to the main dining room, two spacious teppanyaki counters else choose for the six private tatami dining rooms available all over the restaurant.  The soft glow of warm lightings enhanced the elegant and warmness of the neutral themed décor in all the space. Natural Zen elements of wood and stones are incorporated everywhere. Gorgeous paper lamp shades added charm and elegance to the private rooms. Genji is perfect for any occasions for family, friends and business entertainment.

Genji’s revamp interior also led to a new menu. Head Chef of Genji, Chef Richard Teoh has over 27 years of experience in Genji. Chef Teoh focuses on his talents on ‘traditional modern’ cuisine by capturing distinct Japanese ingredients crafted with modern Japanese techniques and presentations. Chef Teoh and his team have won the prestigious Malaysian Tatler Best Restaurant award for five consecutive years from 2010 to 2014. Diners can savor a long list of Japanese classics of freshly prepared Sashimi and Sushi, traditional Kaiseki dinner, Teppanyaki, Tempura, Sukiyaki and more.

Our dinner commenced with a trio of appetizers artfully presented on a long rectangle platter hosting three delectable appetizers.

Niku To Negimaki Furai (RM37) or Deep Fried Breaded Sliced Beef with Spring Onion is served with Tonkatsu sauce. My favorite of the three, the beef roll has a delightful crispy exterior with a juicy and tender interior of the roll. This is such a treat as the roll is delicious and easy to enjoy. The roll has a bed of tempura kakiage of vegetables which is also pretty yummy.

The second appetizer is Age Nasu Momiji Oroshi (RM15) or Deep Fried Eggplant with Spicy Grated Radish. Soft slivers of eggplant has soaked up the savory shoyu based and is crowned with a small amount of spicy grated radish and bonito flakes that gave some umami notes to the eggplant.

Morokyu (RM16) or Fresh Cucumber with Moromiso is a simple appetizer of crunchy cucumber pieces marinated with bean paste. It’s quite light and savory.

Next up, salads are also given a unique twist at Genji. Our Moyashi (RM23) or Bean Sprout with Seaweed & Chinese Spinach in Goma Dressing has loads of textures. The crunch of the bean sprouts, seaweed and Chinese spinach stems are paired with sweet juicy cherry tomatoes, tasty bonito flakes with a liberal sprinkling of nutty sesame seeds. The creamy and nutty sesame dressing worked its magic to combine all the textures and flavours for a light and crunchy salad.

The next salad of California Salad (RM41) or Garden greens with Salmon, Tuna, Avocado, Crab stick and Flying Fish Roe in Wasabi Mayo Dressing was a bowl filled with deliciousness. Sashimi cubes of fish with crisp greens, crispy crab sticks and popping fish roes are married together with a luscious and tingling wasabi dressing. It had just the right balance of wasabi to give the salad a kick but not to overwhelm the senses from the Japanese horseradish.

We moved on to more serious seafood courses of a large Kaki Chili Mayo (RM17 per piece) presented in a pretty blue platter. The Baked Fresh Oyster with Spicy Mayo is simply marvelous and sublime. The large briny and sweet oyster is smothered in a heat kicking mayo sauce and broiled to perfection. The heat in this dish really gave the oyster a solid robust hit of flavours that had us crave for more. You may want to order a few of these because it is simply addictive for those who love spicy food!

Out to impress us is the Jumbo Ebi Maki (RM76) or Reversed Roll with Tiger Prawn Tempura, Caviar, Salad and Cucumber… and it did! The tiger prawn is huge and steals the limelight in this sushi roll. Each roll is a mouthful of crispy and juicy sweet prawns with rice, seaweed and fish roes.

Chef Richard’s Genji’s Signature Trio Combo (RM140) is a popular choice with diners ever since it was served at the restaurant. Not a surprise as the combo is pretty impressive at sight. It is like a little buffet on a platter and this main course is rather filling on its own.

Start the trio with the Combination of Rolled Salmon, Tuna & Sea Bream Sashimi with Avocado. Sheer simplicity of the freshest cut of sashimi with ripe luscious avocado served on a bed of ice is why Sashimi will always be a favorite for many avid Japanese fans. Freshness prevails here…

Next is another Japanese favorite of Grilled Cod Fish with Salt on Garlic Fried Rice. Beautifully grilled, the cod is sweet, sublime and savory. Pearls of salmon roe added a rich briny depth to the cod. Garlic fried rice was decent and paired well with the fish. A squeeze of lemon added wonders of freshness to the cod.

The third star on the platter is the Baked Tiger Prawn with Spicy Mayo Sauce on Potato Salad. Huge tiger prawn sectioned into two pieces is layered with spicy mayo sauce and baked. The spicy heat and creamy richness of the mayo gave the sweet bouncy prawns an air of lusciousness. It is just as gorgeous as the spicy oyster earlier. Paired with creamy potato salad, the dish was a tribute to the more modern and Western approach to the cuisine.

For some warming comfort, diners can opt for the Shiromi Dofu Mushi (RM41) or Braised Bean Curd with Sea Bass and Vegetables in Light Sauce. The delicate nuances of bonito and konbu broth did the whole dish justice with its earthy savory flavours, letting the pan seared sea bass shine in taste. Silken tofu and some vegetables balanced the dish in terms of nutrition. Every drop of broth was cleared with much satiation…

Unagi Fried Rice (RM47) may be one of the best combination I have enjoyed in fried rice. Smokey caramelized eel gave fried rice a glorious and unctuous flavour of deliciousness. It’s beautifully aromatic as well. A must-order if you love unagi!

Genji does have a soid list of desserts and we opted for a unique one of Banana Spring Roll (RM33). Crispy fried banana spring roll is served with a slice of green tea ice cream cake. The hot and cold combo is a treat!

With an extensive list of over 20 pages of Japanese dishes, Omakase lunch sets, bentos and more, there are plenty of choices for diners with discerning palates. Coupled with its gorgeous new décor, Genji is a new dining experience set to impress many.

Besides a la carte, Genji Japanese Restaurant offers diners an extensive Japanese dinner buffet on Saturday, priced at RM139nett per adult from 8.00pm to 10.30pm.

Dine between 6.00pm to 7.45pm to enjoy the early bird special price at RM127nett per adult.

Buffet lunch is also available on Sundays from 11.30am to 2.30pm at RM139nett per adult.

Children (5-11 years old) eat at half price.

For reservations, please contact Genji Japanese Restaurant at 03 7955 9122 extn. 4071/4072 or visit Hilton Petaling Jaya’s F&B blog, www.zestpj.com for the latest F&B and entertainment promotions.

Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel
No. 2, Jalan Barat,
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel:  603 7955 9122
Fax: 603 7955 3909

Business Hours:
Lunch     Mon – Sat:  12noon to 2.30pm
             Sunday Buffet: 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner    Mon – Sat: 6.30pm to 10.30pm
             Saturday Buffet: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

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