October 30, 2015

Recipe: Lingham’s Chili Sauce with Ginger Salmon Burger

Talk about doing something right, it sure goes a long way… that’s what Mr. Lingham achieved over a century ago when this Indian gentlemen came up with the original Lingham’s Chili Sauce recipe. Today, Lingham’s Chili Sauce is still being savored by many all over the world. Lingham’s Chili Sauce is a popular favorite in Europe and US while many locals here do still prefer this chili sauce over many other brands.

I also grew up with Lingham’s Chili Sauce in my household. Whenever Mom makes fried chicken, we insisted on having it with Lingham’s Chili Sauce. The all natural ingredients that made up the chili sauce is all laid out loud and clear with a list of the best fresh chilies, sugar, salt and distilled vinegar. The overall note of the chili sauce is perfect for most Western countries as well as our local country as it has a solid robust sweet, spicy and tangy flavours. The Brits love this chili sauce so much so that Lingham’s website claimed the tagline ‘In fact, it’s so natural that in the true British tradition, it must be shaken, not stirred’.

While the heat of the chili is not enough to compete with other sauces, the level of heat does seem to be an overall favorite of many foodies. I have even seen young kids who enjoy devouring and dipping their food with this chili sauce. There is something just addictive and moreish about enjoy Lingham’s Chili Sauce with various cuisines all over the world.

This iconic bottle of Lingham’s Chili Sauce is also easily spotted on the shelves with its bright distinctive yellow label contrasting against the rich vibrant red chili sauce. The brilliance of Lingham’s recipe is that even without any preservatives, the chili sauce is able to last and remain fresh over a long span of time. Scientific research attest that this was due to the way the sauce was made together with its balance of ingredients. The consistency of Lingham’s Chili Sauce is also that it is easily pourable. Since there are no preservatives in the sauce, one needs to shake the bottle well before enjoying it.

Over the years, Lingham & Son (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, now owned by a Chinese family – the Yeohs who bought the recipe from Mr. Lingham, has expanded the original recipe and the company now has a range of five flavours in addition to the original recipe in the Malaysian market. The range of five flavours include Lingham’s Chilli Sauce with Ginger, Lingham’s Chilli Sauce with Garlic, Lingham’s Thai Chilli Sauce and Lingham’s Sriracha Chili Sauce.

Since I only grew up with the original recipe, I was indeed curious with its other range of flavours. One weekend, I decided to play in the kitchen with the Lingham’s Chilli Sauce with Ginger and came up with my own recipe for Lingham’s Chili Sauce with Ginger Salmon Burger!

The recipe turned out to be a hit with my family. Savoring the Lingham’s Chili Sauce with Ginger did evoked some fond childhood memories of my mom’s fried chicken and Lingham’s Chili Sauce. This version is very similar in flavours to the original one except it has an additional subtle note of ginger in the background. It is not over powering and is perfect to enhance meat or seafood with the ginger note.

I used the Lingham’s Chili Sauce with Ginger in a few ways, first by marinating the salmon in the sauce, then I used the sauce and mixed it with other condiments to come out with a creamy sauce to be covered over the salmon and baked. The balance of the mixed creamy sauce is also added on at the end when assembling the burger for extra lusciousness. One can use any regular burger buns or any variation of your choice but I happen to enjoy Brioche burger buns for its eggy note.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as it is pretty easy to make and won’t leave your kitchen in a mess since the salmon is actually baked for a healthier note. The creamy, sweet and tangy flavours of the sauce goes so well with the salmon. When baked with the sauce, the sauce’s flavours developed a deep smoky richness, enhancing the robust flavours of the salmon. The pickled slaw also helps to cut the richness of the salmon and all its luscious flavours. If you are up to going one step further, I would even suggest that you baked the salmon skin till crispy and add it on the burger as a salmon skin crackle!

Variations: Serve the baked salmon with the sauce and pickled cucumber and radish slaw on steamed rice or soba noodles.

Leave me a note if you have tried my recipe and enjoy it!

For more information about Lingham’s Chili Sauce, visit their website: www.lingham.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/lingham.sauces

Lingham’s Chili Sauce with Ginger Salmon Burger

1 Large Salmon Fillet (cut into two fillet)
2 Burger Buns
3 Tbsp Lingham Chili Sauce with Ginger + 1 Tbsp Lingham Chili Sauce with Ginger
3 Tbsp Telly Mayonaise
½ Lime (zest and juice)
4 Romaine Lettuce Leaves
Potato Chips for serving

Pickled Cucumber & Radish Slaw
1 Japanese Cucumber (thinly sliced)
2 Red Radish (thinly sliced)
½ Red Onion (thinly sliced)
Some Dill (chopped finely)
3 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
½ Tsp salt
1 Tsp sugar
1 Tbsp Sour Cream or Plain Yoghurt (optional)

Prepare pickled cucumber and radish slaw by mixing up thinly sliced cucumber, radish, red onion, dill, apple cider vinegar, salt and sugar.
Leave the sour cream till the end when ready to serve, then only mix it into the slaw.
Keep slaw in fridge to chill till ready to assemble.

Heat oven to 170 degrees Celsius and prepare a foiled covered tray.
Cut salmon fillet into two square pieces. If salmon fillet has skin, leave it on as it will come off easier after it’s cooked.
Season salmon with salt and pepper. Drizzle 1 tablespoon Lingham Halia Chili Sauce and rub all over salmon except skin.
Add a little oil on the foiled covered tray and put the salmon skin side down.
Mix the balance 3 tablespoon Lingham Halia Chili Sauce, 3 tablespoon Mayonnaise, lime zest and lime juice.
Spoon the creamy sauce over the salmon to cover. Save some sauce for later.
Baked the salmon for 15 to 20 minutes (depending on the thickness of the salmon and how you like your salmon cooked).
Turn oven to broil or 200 degree Celsius and broiled for 3 to 5 minutes.
Remove the salmon once the sauce starts to turn a deeper and richer brown color.

To assemble the burger, split the burger bun and toast it lightly in oven for few minutes.
Add romaine lettuce and place the baked salmon on top.
Spoon on more of the Lingham Halia Chili, mayo and lime sauce from earlier.
Pile on the pickled cucumber and radish slaw.
Serve hot with some potato chips on the side.


  1. I love salmon, healthy and yummy! :D

  2. I grew up eating Lingham's. Of course, my childhood days, we were a British colony...long before there was Maggi.