August 15, 2015

Bonbori Japanese Cuisine @ Setia Walk, Puchong

Affordable Japanese Cuisine

If you are ever in Puchong area and is craving for Japanese cuisine, head on over to Setia Walk Puchong and check out Bonbori Japanese Cuisine. We stumbled on Bonbori through and found the restaurant to be very reasonable in serving up affordable Japanese cuisine to many one evening. The restaurant is located on the first floor on the Setia Walk but it has deterred many diners from finding this hidden gem.

We were there one early Sunday evening and the restaurant was already filling up fast. The ambiance is pretty simply and minimal in d├ęcor but there are some Japanese elements and knick-knacks to remind you of its roots. Though the restaurant is not big, it does still have a main dining area, a private room and a long sushi bar for sushi enthusiast!

The menu boasts of a solid selection of Japanese cuisine with the usual Sashimi, Sushi, Maki Rolls, Appetizers, Salad, Stews, Tempura, Teppanyaki, Grilled Seafood, Donburi, Noodles, Fried Dishes and Desserts. Despite the crowd, service was decent as the wait staff did their best to scurry around with the orders.

The Sashimi menu has some really good deals. Our platter of Hachi Shoku Sashimi (RM69.90) had salmon, butterfish, tuna, yellowtail, scallop, surf clam, octopus, pink shrimp and shrimp roe. Each sashimi comes in three pieces and these were really delicious. The presentation was also gorgeous, making this dish even better. I know a selection of such portion would have certainly cost more in other Japanese restaurants. Another plus point is that they serve Yellowtail which is quite an expensive fish and my all-time-favorite, so I highly recommended this sashimi platter!

We tried some of their creative Maki rolls and were recommended their two latest Maki rolls on their menu. These are specials and may change from time to time so definitely ask for the specials of the day.

Aburi Trio Maki (RM21.90), a delectable combination of flying fish roe encrusted roll and finished with slices of salmon slathered with more fish roe mayo and torched to a nice toasted touch. Creamy, salty, sublime…

Our second maki was a definitely an elegant and pretty one… Rose Maki (RM26.90). Coiled slivers of salmon and mango with pearls of salmon roe formed the rose on the maki. Such a delicate and delicious roll with lots of sesame seeds and sesame dressing for aroma and flavours. Must order!

We had an appetizer of Special Kakiage (RM11.90), a simple snack of crispy tempura vegetables doused with some special sauce, mayo and masago. Decent snacking before mains…

It may be such a simple and common item but I always enjoy tamago. Japanese makes their a little sweet and savory with a delicious firm texture. Here, the tamago is amped up as Tamago Mentaiyaki (RM11.90). A version of fluffy tamago topped with fish roe mentaiko sauce and also torched for extra richness.

We decided to order some salad and opted for Aigamo Salad (RM15.90), a version with smoked duck breast and sesame dressing. Sufficiently pleasing in flavours as the slices of duck breast is delish plus we get our greens for the meal too.

We were recommended the Unagi Tofu (RM18.90), featuring deep fried tofu topped with grilled unagi and omelette. These were an interesting combination and turned out to be a superb one as the smoky eel really enhanced the crispy tofu, strips of egg omelette, seaweed, sesame seed, unagi sauce and mayo. Pop the whole mount in your mouth at one go for the burst of flavours.

Normally I don’t order stews but since I were told that the Shake Atama Kimchee Soup (RM26.90) is a signature dish, I thought I gave the dish a try. It’s not bad and rendered much hearty notes of spicy pungent kimchi in hot broth with pieces of salmon head. Order some rice with this dish for a full meal.

We finished our meal with Salmon Kushiyaki (RM12.90) and Bacon Asparagus (RM14.90). Both grilled skewers are decent but nothing to shout about. Though one cannot go wrong with bacon, so if you love kushiyaki, then order their Bacon Asparagus.

Bonbori offers diners affordable Japanese cuisine with good quality in Puchong area. Go early as there are limited seats in the restaurants and most diners come with family or large parties.

G-01-1, Block G, Setiawalk,
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong
47160 Puchong, Selangor

Business Hours:
Lunch       12.00pm – 2.45pm
Dinner        6.00pm – 9.45pm

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  1. Terrible service!! We are patient people and waited over an hour, but still nothing. Not even edamame! Tried to pay for drinks and leave but this took even longer as they took the time to tell the kitchen to cancel our orders before speaking to us then argued over what we had eaten! Do not eat here, the food is not worth the hunger. There's a much better sushi place in Serbta walk downstairs. We were so angry at how customer complaints were dealt with, you will see this review in as many places as I can find which mention this sorry excuse for a restaurant.