December 10, 2014

Pretz and Beanz Café, Solaris Mont Kiara: Going Nuts over Pretzels and Pizzas

Fabulous Pretzels and Pretzels Pizza

Talk about going crazy over carbs, it was also love at first taste at Pretz and Beanz Café recently. Now its nothing new that I love food with carbs. Its probably not good for the waistline but I just can’t help it… I love carb rich food like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. Many times when I find good carb dishes, I tend to just lose all my self-control over them. So when I discovered Pretz and Beanz Café, it looks like I am going to do this again since I have fallen deeply in love with their pretzels.

Guilty as charge, even before I wrote this post, I had actually returned to Pretz and Beans four times already with friends and families. Yes, I really enjoy the café a lot. So one may ask what Pretz and Beanz serve that makes me go ga-ga over the café? Exactly like what its name says… pretzels and coffee beans.

It all started when owner, Ms. Anna Chong turn their current F&B business by focusing on their signature pretzel recipe and coffee menu. Before she knew it, Pretz and Beanz were born with the goal solely focusing on churning out what the people behind the kitchen do best. It seems like a great pairing as there were not many pretzel competitors around, moreover one that pairs it with the much sought after beverage, coffee.

In July this year, Pretz and Beanz Café opened officially in Solaris Mont Kiara area. The café is designed with comfort in mind, a place where one can relax comfortably for some light bites and a great cup of Joe. Walking into Pretz and Beanz, the warm ambience greeted me with much delight. Banquette seatings against a brick wall, bright colored sofas and armchairs with low coffee tables, uncovered ceilings with grey cement flooring emulates minimalist with modern comfort in design. A long counter hosted a large chiller filled with desserts, cashier and coffee machine. The backdrop is a long wall menu displaying all the available food and drinks that Pretz and Beanz has to offer.

We were hosted by Anna herself, a gracious and humble lady who speaks with joy and happiness when it came to the subject of Pretz and Beanz. They say one can tell if someone is passionate about what they love and I can see this in Anna. She spoke with great pride of the café and I can see why after I had tasted the food there. Her passion is obvious as there is a lot of effort and thoughts put into the menu at Pretz and Beanz.

It’s all about pretzels and coffees here but the café does offer more than just those two main highlights. At a glance, the café offers lots of pretzel varieties and pretzel pizzas together with breakfast dishes, sandwiches, pasta, dessert and a beverage list of coffee, tea, healthy juices and more.

That evening, I went straight for their Mean Green Juice (RM13.90) and I also had an Iced Caramel Macchiato (RM13.90) later during my meal. The Mean Green Juice is superbly refreshing and invigorating. A blend of several fruits and vegetables, the juice has tangy and perky flavours from the celery and ginger which I really love. My Ice Caramel Macchiato was delicious too with a good balance of coffee notes with milk.

We joined other foodies that evening and they had Iced Blended Mocha (RM13.90) and Iced Java Chips (RM13.90).

I had already admitted to being a fan of pretzels but I was never expecting Pretz and Beanz pretzel to be any different from my previous taste of it. Pretz and Beanz pretzels are freshly made daily and baked to order. Ours came piping hot and the air tingles with scents of freshly baked dough, making it even more tempting. At Pretz and Beanz, the menu has several choices of Pretzels from regular to Filled Pretzel and Pizza Pretzel. One gets 6 to 8 choices of various fillings and flavourings and various Dipping Sauce too.

Out of the seven Pretzels, we tried the Cinnamon Sugar (RM5.90) and Basil Cheese (RM6.90).

Gosh… I was really surprised at how fluffy and soft the oven baked pretzels are. There is a light sweetness underlining the savory pretzel that is welcoming at first taste. The crust is lightly crisp and yields a wonderful light crispiness which contrast with the soft fluffy inside. The sweet earthy Cinnamon Sugar is beautifully warm, sweet and inviting. It has just the right balance of fine sugar coating.

The Basil Cheese rocks! When it was placed right in front of me, I inhaled in the heavenly aroma of cheese and herbs. All the crusty bits of cheese are just deliciously addictively. The savory cheesy flavour is utterly scrumptious, so much so, all I wanted to do is to hog this pretzel to myself. Ok, so I didn’t get to do this but I did get to hog this whole pretzel to myself on my second and third returns…

Other flavoured pretzels available at Pretz and Beanz include Original, Sesame Sugar, Chocolate Peanut Crunch and Chocolate Cookie Crunch.

We also notice how the shape of the pretzel resembles a heart shape. Merryn and her hubby were caught red-handed on camera in a ‘paktor’ moment with their love shape pretzel!

We moved on to Filled Pretzels. The Jumbo Chicken Hot Dog Filled Pretzel (RM10.90) is a sure crowd-pleaser since not many can resist a jumbo hotdog neatly snugged in a pillowcase of soft pretzel. It may be meant for kids but I also enjoy this. There is also a hot dog with cheese version too.

Another classic combo would have to be the Pepperoni Beef Filled Pretzel (RM13.90). This one is stuffed with beef pepperoni and cheese. More stuffed pretzels include Sweet Potato, Apple Cinnamon, Cheesy Chili Chicken, Island Delight and Spicy Tuna.

On to Pizza Pretzel next! We had the Chicken Hawaiian Pretzel Pizza (RM20.90 – Large), Hot Pepper Chili Chicken Pretzel Pizza (RM20.90 – Large) and Al-Funghi Pretzel Pizza (RM21.90 – Large). These come in two sizes – regular and large.

Out the three we tried, I adored the Al-Funghi Pretzel Pizza. The hearty meatless combo of assorted mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and olives with cheese has loads of great crunch textures with the soft fluffy pretzel base.

The Chicken Hawaiian is also very good with its usual ingredients of chicken ham and pineapple with lots of cheese. The Hot Pepper Chili Chicken is not as spicy as it sounds. There is a little spicy heat but it’s very much suitable for many. I actually added more chili flakes for extra heat.

Besides all the delicious pretzels, Pretz and Beanz also have pasta on their menu. Choose from choices of Aglio Olio with additional fillings, Baked Banger & Macaroni, Bolognaise Chicken, Carbonara Chicken Ham, Dory Fish with Sour Cream and Spicy Seafood Pasta. Reasonably priced from RM18.90 to RM24.90, these make a hearty meal on its own.

We had a very yummy Aglio Olio with Prawns (RM24.90) for the adults and a Baked Banger & Macaroni (RM12.90) for the kids. Our Aglio Olio with Prawns had all the passing checkmarks for a good pasta with lots of garlic and chili heat. My only gripe was that the pasta was a bit too soft for my liking as I prefer al dente pasta. I still enjoyed this a lot since the flavours are very good.

The kids enjoyed their Baked Bangers & Macaroni without any doubt as they polished it off happily.

Pretz and Beanz also serve Breakfast dishes, Salads, Sandwiches, Waffle, Thick Toast and Desserts.

We tried their Thick Toast with Cookie Ice Cream (RM13.90). A thick golden toast topped with Ice Cream, crushed cookies and drizzled with more chocolate sauce. This one makes a great snack cum dessert.

As mentioned earlier, I had actually returned four times since this first visit. I love their pretzels and pretzel pizzas a lot. Pretz and Beanz serves up great comfort food that is perfect for anytime of the day. Their pretzels also stays fluffy and soft in takeaways and makes great food for parties because I had ordered their pretzel pizzas for one of my party and it was the first dish to be finished as everyone commented on how they enjoyed the pretzel pizzas. Pretz and Beanz have turned into one of my favorite place for pretzels.

Don’t just take my word, head over to Pretz and Beanz for their awesome pretzels and a cup of Joe!


Solaris Mont Kiara
22, Jalan Solaris 4, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 603  6204 9733

IPC Shopping Centre
G23, Ground Floor, IPC Shopping Centre,
No.2, Jalan PJU 7/2 Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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