December 20, 2014

MyDunlopilloMoments … Every Mattress Has A Story!

Let’s Sleep For Life!

There’s a reason why getting enough sleep is crucial to our health. We need sleep. We need at least a minimum of 8 hours a day according to medical research. The circle starts when we are born, where most of the hours in a day are spent sleeping. Then as we slowly grow, our sleeping hours slowly also reduce till we get to the much older age and sleeping actually becomes even more important. When we sleep, our bodies get to rejuvenate and our organs get a rest from all our daily active activities.

To ensure one gets to sleep well, one certainly has to have a good and solid mattress and pillow. Our mattress and pillow expert Dunlopillo makes it their priority to make the best mattresses and pillows to cater to everyone’s individual preference. Leaving no corners unturn, one can be assured that Dunlopillo is still working every day to improve their quality mattresses and pillow with the latest evolving technology available.

This holiday season, why not check again if it’s time to get a new mattresses or pillows? If you are like me, chances are you haven’t changed your mattresses in a long time. A good and solid mattress with support is crucial to our body posture and our sleep. We also need to ensure that our mattress is also clean to clear dust mites that can be the culprit to a few health issues such as allergies.

Though I may be sleep deprived at times, I do admit to feeling so much better when I get enough rest and sleep. I used to also have a posture problem and so when I realize that my mattress was too soft for me, I switched over to a firm mattress and my posture was so much better than before. A good pillow will also help with sleeping. Sleeping with the correct pillow will definitely help one to avoid neck pain and sleepless nights. So choosing a solid mattress and pillow is my top priority now as I want to ensure that me and my family gets a good night’s rest everyday!

Since its counting down to the Christmas holiday, here’s my twelve tips for a good night sleep:

12) Buy a good and solid mattress with support
11) Buy a good pillow that can support your neck for better rest and sleep
10) Clean your mattress and pillow often to avoid dust mites
09) Invest in comfortable bed sheets and blankets as these will make you
      comfortable and relax
08) Change your mattress and pillow after some time when you realize that it 
      doesn’t have the support you need
07) Engage in exercise daily
06) Remember, the more sleep you get, the better you feel so go ahead and 
      nap whenever you can
05) Calm down for the day before you sleep with a book or a hot drink
04)  Dim the lights or turn it all off to allow better sleeping moments
03)  Take a hot or warm shower before sleep as it helps the body to rest better
02)  Cuddles up with your loved ones in bed to get cozy
01)  Sleep and forget about everything else… they or it can wait till you wake up!

This Christmas, Dunlopillo letting you create your precious Dunlopillo moments at their Facebook page! This is your chance to capture your best Dunlopillo moments and win a RM500 Dunlopillo Voucher. Then shopping for a new Dunlopillo mattress is going to be less heavy on your pockets.


Get in bed with your loved ones. Snap a photo and upload it at the comments of their Facebook page here

The Top 10 comments with the most “Likes” will each win a RM500 Dunlopillo voucher. Don’t forget to tag #MYDunlopilloMoments in your photo upload.

Hurry up… few more days to go as the contest ends 25 Dec 2014.

Here’s MYDunlopilloMoments with my precious!

Create your most unique MYDunlopilloMoments today to win great gifts this holiday season…

Head over to Dunlopillo at their website or Facbook: to find out more about sleeping for life!


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