December 15, 2014

Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant: Indulge in Collagen Soup

Eat Your Way to Beauty & Health!

Talk about eating your way to beauty, Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant has recently launched its latest signature Collagen Soup available at all its outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Most of us, especially women, are well aware that collagen is an essential protein source that boosts skin and bone renewal and formation. Collagen has many more health benefits and is used in many ways in today’s food and medicinal industry.

Bone & Pot Steamboat Restaurant, known in Chinese name as ‘Yau Guat Hei’, has been serving up Hong Kong style steamboat since 2009. The restaurant chain is famous for its luscious hotpot broths, fresh house made steamboat ingredients and delicious dipping sauces. Though it has a higher price tag than most steamboat places, one is assured that the steamboat served at Bone & Pot has a better quality with regards to the broth, ingredients and sauces.

Thanks to a dear foodie friend of ours, Merryn gathered some of our foodies for a taste at the launch of Collagen Soup at Bone & Pot at their Puchong outlet. Since the weather has been pretty much wet most of the days and a bit chilly in the evenings, enjoying piping hot steamboat is a perfect meal for most of us. My little one is also a fan of steamboat and so we do often visit steamboat restaurants just for him. In addition, since we are letting the little one enjoy steamboat, we prefer to choose quality steamboat restaurants like Bone & Pot because of the quality of the ingredients.

My family and I have visited Bone & Pot several times prior to this new collagen soup visit. We like their minimalist decorated ambience that is bright and cool, perfect for enjoying steamboat in a comforting ambience. We always order their Signature Pork Bone Broth which has been simmering for more than 8 hours till the bones expel their milky natural essence hence giving the soup its signature cloudy white broth base.

Bone & Pot’s new Collagen Soup is made from collagen jelly derived from the deep sea marine sources imported from Japan. According to one of the owners and chef of Bone & Pot, the Collagen broth is available at RM22 and daily supply of soup is limited so one-day advanced booking is required at all the Bone & Pot branches.

We were all in awe at the big bucket of collagen that was presented and we watch as the chef proceeded to scoop the collagen jelly based broth into a heavy cast iron pot. As soon the heat was fired up, the collagen jelly broth quickly melted into a pool of cloudy broth and the aroma of the rich piquant collagen made from fish scales fills the air. Wolfberry and red dates are added into the collagen soup for more nutrients and health benefits.

At first taste of the Collagen soup, there is a sense of lusciousness as the soup has a strong oceanic essence, denoting its origin. It is also creamy and thick as I can feel the after stickiness of the essence on my lips. A gentle sweetness is also denoted as an aftertaste. The soup also becomes richer after more ingredients are added to the hotpot.

Before I dived into the menu of the steamboat ingredients, let me share again about Bone & Pot’s dipping sauces. Every table has a tray of 6 dipping sauce and condiments at Bone & Pot. The six signatures are Secret Recipe Fermented Bean Curd Sauce, Signature Dry Shrimp Chili Sauce, Nanyang Belachan Chili Sauce, Siamese Green Chili Sauce, Special Fried Minced Garlic and Soy Sauce.

Though it’s really up to the diner’s liking to mix some of the sauces together, we were recommended to try them all separately and then only mix them to our likings. I usually have a mix of Signature Dry Shrimp Chili Sauce together with Secret Recipe Fermented Bean Curd Sauce and Special Fried Minced Garlic. If you prefer more spicy heat, then go for the Nanyang Belachan Chili Sauce and Siamese Green Chili Sauce.

At Bone & Pot, one simply must order their signature house made meat and seafood balls. Consistently good, make sure to order their fresh Homemade Pork Ball and Homemade Shrimp Ball. I really enjoy the natural textures of the pork ball and bouncy sweet shrimp ball. These are definitely so much better than those processed ones.

Not shown individually here but their homemade dumplings are also super scrumptious. Make sure to order their Pork & Garlic Chive Dumplings and Shrimp Dumplings.

Bone & Pot imports some of the more unique steamboat balls from Hong Kong and Taiwan such as Seafood Squid Ball, Crab Roe Ball, Taiwanese Meatball with Mushroom and more. These are not too bad. I like the Taiwanese Meatball with Mushrooms for its texture and flavours.

There is also the Golden Bag, beancurd pouches filled with mushrooms and vegetables. These are beautifully enjoyable and the light sweetness of the beancurd bag is so good in the soup.

I also normally order Pork Belly Slices together with Beef and Lamb Slices. Now there is a new meat available as well named Canda Fat Beef. Slices of beef that has a higher fat content can only mean that it has more flavours because of its well combo of marbled fat and lean meat.

Besides the regular steamboat, make sure to try their Golden Bean Curd, small cubes of crispy golden bean curd well-seasoned with hints of salt and pepper flakes with sesame seed. My little one loves munching on the bean curd and can even polish off a whole plate by himself.

We enjoyed the evening with a big bowl of the various steamboat ingredients happily with the Bone & Pot’s Collagen soup. It’s a hearty and comforting meal that never fails to satiate my appetite!

For more information on Bone & Pot’s Collagen Soup and its branches, log on to their Website: and Facebook:


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