October 31, 2014

The Gastro Project: New Brunch Menu

Start Your Day with Brunch!

Jumping on the bandwagon for a delicious brunch menu, I was recently back to The Gastro Project at Section 17. The Gastro Project is famed for their concept of dining with movies as blogged on my previous post. This round, they have just launched the new brunch menu filled with local and international brunch favorites.

Stepping into the familiar scene of The Gastro Project, the few of us quickly check out the new brunch menu and settled in with some of their new mocktails.

From left to right: Berrylicious, Juicy Fizz, Green Eye Monster, Cha Cha Ocha, Apple Mojito and Mango

I had the Berrylicious which is really good… fruity and fresh, it also has a fizzy touch!

Brunch delights kicked off with Fluffy Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Berry Compote and Chantilly Cream (RM17.90). Three pancakes with fresh strawberries in between are served with a very berry compote. Simply drizzle in the glorious maple syrup and dive in. My little would have loved this pancake a lot. Pancakes are good so make sure to eat this while its hot as the flavours won’t be the same if it gets cold.

Home-made French Toast spread with Kaya and Toasted Almonds (RM19.90) would have also been my little one’s favorite too. Thick slices of bread dipped in egg batter and pan fried till golden brown, spread with more eggy kaya and completed with crispy almond slices and fresh banana. I like the combination of kaya with the French Toast and almonds. It works for me in flavours and textures.

I know a few of the foodies was not a fan of the Greek Style Yoghurt layered with Toasted Muesli, Berry Compote and Fresh Sliced Banana (RM21.90) due to the strong and sour notes of the thick Greek Yoghurt but I was pretty much a happy camper. I polished off this one with gusto. Maybe it’s because I am a huge fan of Greek yoghurt. The bold creamy and sour notes of the yoghurt with berries, lightly toasted muesli is a great balance and extremely bursting with appetizing flavours.

There were two types of baked eggs available such as Spicy Sausage Baked Eggs with Garlic Toast (RM19.90) and Spinach and Mushroom Baked Eggs with Garlic Toast (RM19.90). Out of the two, I prefer the later. Spicy Sausage Baked Eggs is not too bad but I enjoyed the creamy Spinach and Mushroom Baked Eggs for its light and earthy flavours. The eggs were a little over baked and we feedback to the chef to have it cooked right to ooze the much appreciated creamy and eggy notes that we all love in our breakfast or brunch. It would also be great to be able to dip the garlic toast into creamy soft egg custard.

The Turkey Bacon and Mushroom Short Crust Tart (RM21.90) is pretty much similar to the Baked Eggs but this one has a tart crust. This dish tasted more towards a quiche.

I love chicken pies and the Spicy Chicken Curry Pie in Puff Pastry with Cucumber Raita (RM19.90) works for me. It’s a spicy version with a filling leaning towards our local curry puff filling but with a chunky and spicy filling. Served with a chilled cucumber raita, it’s a good call as it cools down the heat level in the filling.

I had the Lamb Kebabs with Flatbread, Olives and Special Tomato Pesto (RM25.90) before in my previous visits. It’s a take on Middle Eastern fare and is pretty much easy to enjoy.

Chicken and Avocado Salad Wrapped in Flatbread with Fries (RM19.90) was a favorite of many that night. The chicken and avocado filling is very delicious with a creamy and savory note. Served with crispy golden thin cut fries, how can we say no to the yummy combination?

Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Poached Egg with Hollandaise Sauce on Toast (RM29.90) is the piece the resistance to the menu. Luscious salty smoked salmon, sliced creamy avocado, alfalfa sprouts, poached egg on toasted baguette and served with buttery hollandaise sauce is a combination that work wonders on flavours. Don’t know about you but I am a sucker for such dishes, especially if the poached egg has a molten egg yolk center that intensifies the richness of the dish to another level of foodporn!

There is the famous TGP Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken, Prawn Sambal and Condiments which we didn't managed to try since it was not available that day. So if you must have our national favorite dish for brunch, The Gastro Project has it too! The brunch menu is available on weekends from 10am onwards so get your brunch fix there during weekends for some breakfast love...

No.25, Jalan 17/56, Section 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603-7931 6465
Email: info@thegastroproject.com

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