October 5, 2014

SOULed OUT, Bangsar South: Always a Smashing Souled Out Time!

It’s all about a Good Time!

When it comes to creating a good time, the SOULed Out team makes sure you get one! Having been around for more than a decade, SOULed Out has been serving up smashing moments at their outlets with their delicious fun-filled menu and ambience. Having been to SOULed OUT several times, I adore going back each time with family and friends.

Having spread its philosophy of “As Good As A Hug” for 18 soulful years, SOULed Out opens its latest third outlet in the new enclave of Bangsar South. Despite the many eateries at the new Nexus Bangsar South mall, SOULed OUT stood out right away with its attractive ambience and charm. Talking on a more austere design, this outlet is spaced out into two sections with an air-conditioned section and a large alfresco section both segregated by the large main walkway of the mall. It is spacious and takes on the concept of an industrial warehouse interior.

Walls are left raw in cement and bricks, flooring takes form from tiles, neon lights fight for space among the hanging globes of bulb and ceiling are left bare to expose pipes and air-condition fittings. Furniture consisted of wood and steel, a bright mix of blue, black and light wood. Choose high chair seating or regular seating spread across both sections. Gotta love all the creative doodlings and artworks on the wall panels…

At SOULed OUT, Mojitos are a MUST! Choosing one is pretty tough since there are so many choices and they are all super delicious. My previous posts on SOULed OUT are pretty much the proof since I kept raving over and over again about these signatures at the restaurant.  We hooked up with Mango Mojito, Classic Mojito, Apple Mojito, Lychee Mojito and Asam Boi Mojito that night.

Love it, loved it and still loving it!

Lychee Martini joined the pack of giggle juices we had that night… a drink that many ladies would love…

Getting down to food, SOULed Out menu consist of Asian Kitchen, Western Kitchen, Northern Indian Kitchen and Pizza Kitchen. We had a few from each kitchen, starting off with Summertime Salad and Mango Prawn Salad. Chargrilled seafood nestled among crisp greens, orange segments, alfalfa sprouts and tangy vinaigrette. Sufficiently sweet and tangy, it was easy to enjoy this. The Mango Prawn Salad was pretty much very enjoyable like the first salad too with crisp greens, fruity sweet mango, creamy avocado and poached prawns. It’s dressed with a zesty sweet mango dressing, making it totally fruity and sweet.

Deep Fried Calamari might sound pretty much the norm but once you had a taste, boy it’s so good! There’s just something so addictively good about the light crispy batter together with the well-seasoned and juicy tender squids. Eaten piping hot, this one went so well with our mojitos!

Who could resist Cheese Nachos? Not me for sure simply because I am such a cheese fan. Ok, so I am a nacho fan too. Crispy golden nacho chips are crisp up with oozy cheese, salsa, minced peppers, pickled jalapeno, olives and a big dollop of sour cream. Every bit screams yum… oh did I happen to mention that I am fan of sour cream too? Evil-li-cious good….

Homing in at the Asian Kitchen, the Beef and Chicken Satay here is juicy, smoky, well-seasoned and beautiful grilled. Can’t find any faults but to rave about this ultimate Malaysian favorite!

I really didn’t expect Pad Thai here but once this plate hit our table, I could see it right away that this was going to be good. True enough, it lived up to its looks. Thin rice noodles hit with a good breathe of wok flavours and seasoned in a well-balanced sweet and savory Pad Thai sauce. Prawns, squids, beansprouts, coriander, crushed peanuts, lime and garlic chives makes great sidekicks. The overall plate is just what a great Pad Thai should be.

Out of the two pastas we tried, the Soft Shell Crab Pasta was my obvious favorite. One taste and I was like ‘Dang, this is so so sexy and delicious!’ I love the inspiration behind this pasta. It’s definitely not one of those light pasta but rather the opposite. The East meets West concoction is luscious, sinful, spicy and so creamy. Rendering the flavours of buttermilk pumped up with heat and aromatics, every single strand of pasta is heavenly. The crispy soft shell crab is like an added bonus because I would have been happy with the pasta alone. We reordered this dish simply because we can’t get enough of this sexy dish.

Now if you prefer lighter pasta, then the Duck & Sundried Tomato Pasta will work for you. The pasta has strips of cured duck meat with sundried tomatoes, olives, cherry tomatoes and fresh rocket leaves. It is very flavourful pasta that won’t leave you with a heavy feeling after savoring.

Two more dishes we had that night from the Western Kitchen are Pan Seared Grouper and Lamb Shank. The Pan Seared Grouper has a thick piece of grouper seared and topped with ratatouille vegetable served alongside spicy Cajun pasta and asparagus, decent and a fairly good combination in my books. The Lamb Shank is slow cooked till tender and robust in flavours. The big shank sits on garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables with some jus. It’s a dish that is meant for carnivore lovers.

Making a big bang in the flavour department from the Northern Indian Kitchen are Mutton Varuval and Butter Chicken. Nothing short but bold in spices, both dishes are cooked very well. The Mutton Varuval has its signature tender mutton cooked with lots of spicy till it renders a dry and thick curry. Served alongside are naan bread, pappadums, dhal and mint yoghurt sauce. This one is spicy, robust, moreish and invigorating.

The Butter Chicken is the opposite, evoking a different kind of curry where the balance of cream and spices gave the dish a buttery richness. The chicken is tender and moist while the curry is silky, very creamy, a little tangy and beautifully buttery. This one is served with pulao rice or naan, pappadums and vegetable chutney. I had an awesome time mopping up or rather drinking up the butter sauce….

Call me crazy but when I saw that they served Coca Cola Float with Haagen Daz Ice Cream, I was immediately sold. I’ll admit, it was the fact that they served Haagen Daz ice cream that got my attention. Drinking this makes me feel like a kid again…

Dessert time and the ladies literally went ga-ga since most of them had a sweet tooth. Hosting the end of the meal was Gula Melaka Jackfruit Cheesecake, Lava Cake and Tropical Pavlova. SOULed Out happens to have quite a long list of tempting desserts so even making a dessert decision might be a little challenging.

The Gula Melaka Cheesecake takes on the local jackfruit and Gula Melaka, combining the distinctive sweet and fruitness of jackfruit with the rich caramelized note. It has an exotic touch of Malaysian influence in this famous Western dessert. Pour on as much sweetness of the Gula Melaka as you like to enjoy. The Lava Cake is a famous choice at SOULed Out. Warm chocolate cake with a molten center is served with praline sauce and Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream. When cooked to perfection, this one is a chocolate killer.

I have had their Tropical Pavlova before and had loved it. Though it’s very sweet, I really love the light and airy meringue that has a crispy outer layer and soft gooey center. The silky coconut cream with passionfruit coulis and cubes of dragon fruit, mango, papaya and strawberry worked beautifully with the tropical theme. It’s also a very good-looking dessert.

We thought the night was over but we caught sight of the Rainbow Shooters. This is so cool! Rainbow shooters are served by the bartender at your table. Watch in amazement (as we did) as he pours the shooters from a cocktail shaker into six shot glasses set on a bed of ice. As he pours to fill up each shot glass, a different color liquid fills from one shot glass to another. Blue came first with two shades of green, followed by yellow then orange and ended with red. Each shooter tasted different in flavours and alcohol potency. 

This is just so cool to watch and drink!!

We all had such a great time that night. Great food and drinks, cool vibes from the ambience and wait staff, SOULed OUT continues to show everyone how to have a good time, this round at Bangsar South!

Nexus Bangsar South
7 Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2242 3308 / +6013 613 1663

Business hours: Noon - closing daily (past midnight)

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