October 21, 2014

Mei Six Hin Restaurant, Prima Sri Gombak: Seven Star Grouper Feast

One Fish, Four Ways!

Our foodie gang has been going to Mei Six Hin Restaurant for the longest time we could remember. Chef Steven has been dishes out his creative concoctions to many and his latest one is a huge feast of the highly prized Seven Star Grouper. If you are an ardent fish lover, this feast is one killer fish feast for full indulgence.

The deal is simple, simple make a reservation to buy a whole Seven Star Grouper and Chef Steven will prepare four dishes from this huge fish. One needs to make a reservation 2 days in advance for Chef Steven to prepare the feast. A large group of diners is better suited for the feast as the minimum size for the Seven Star Grouper is at least 6kg in order to prepare the four dishes. Priced at RM120 per kg, price depends on the weight of the fish. If your fish is 6kg, it would be RM720 (inclusive of cooking). A fish that huge can easily be shared out between 8 to 10 pax.

Though we were already informed of this feast, it was still a mind-boggling sight when our 6kg Seven Star Grouper landed on our table. Not only were the kids fascinated with the fish, some of us adults literally had our jaw drop at that glorious fish that is almost the same length as the lazy Susan of the table. There was just no plate big enough to even hold this fish. The Seven Star Grouper is such a beauty. As soon as we finished our photos, the fish was quickly whipped back into the kitchen.

After seeing that whopping fish, we definitely knew the feast was going to be awesome. Chef Steven will prepare four courses with the whole fish starting with a Chinese must-have, soup.

A huge soup tureen appeared in front of us. Even before we lifted the cover, we could smell the glorious aroma escaping from the tureen.

Going towards the health properties, Chef Steven has prepared a Double Boiled Seven Star Grouper Fish Head Herbal Soup from the fish head, bones and tail. Packed to the brim with loads of Chinese medicinal herbs and large chunks of fried fish head, the soup is bursting with strong essence of earthy notes with sweetness. 

It’s pretty much really hard to describe but the sensation of flavours is thoroughly warming and soulful. I could literally taste lots of different elements and flavours of the herbs. The slow hours of extracting the essence of the ingredients into the soup turn out very well. The fish pieces were succulent as well and despite it being a fish head, there was plenty of meat to go around. The fish was fried first to retain its firmest and had a beautiful sweetness.

We all had two bowls and were pretty satisfied on this first course.

The second course was Seven Star Grouper Fish Roll with Sweet Pea. Thick fillets of the fish are stuffed crunchy blanched sweet pea and is steamed and drowned in a pool of brown gravy. The flavours are much lighter on this dish so one can taste the original sweetness of the fish fillet. This one is decent and perfect for those who enjoy light and healthy dishes as it is steamed. I do like the fish fillet as it has a soft and firm meaty texture which goes well with the crunchy peas.

I really love the next two courses. The third one was Pan Fried Seven Star Grouper with Honey Lemon Sauce. Wonderfully aromatic, the dish was already tempting me way before I could even taste it. Large cutlets of the fish are pan fried till crispy and golden and is finished off with lashing of honey lemon sauce.

I enjoyed both the moist fish and the honey lemon sauce a lot. It is such a perfect combination of sweet, savory and light tangy flavours. The fish is moist and tender with a crisp edge. I ate loads of this dish happily. It also has a subtle hint of smokiness which added depth to the fish.

Our last course of the fish was Golden Seven Star Grouper Fillet with Mint Sauce. Appearance wise, it looked funky with its combination of yellow and green. This one featured a take of Western flavours with its combination of mayonnaise and mint sauce. Fish fillet is dusted in turmeric batter and deep fried till golden yellow and crispy. It is moist and juicy and smothered in a creamy minty salad sauce that has a refreshing note. Spinach leaves are also battered and deep fried for added texture.

Behind the golden fish fillets is a chilled salad that goes so well with the fish. The salad had fruits and vegetables to provide the crunch and fresh factor plus very interesting added cubes of cincau. We loved the salad together with the fish. It made the dish light, refreshing and easy to enjoy. Kudos to Chef Steven for his creativity!

Besides the Seven Star Grouper feast, we had Chef Steven’s signature Shanghai Style Chili Chicken and Braised Yee Meen. Don’t miss the Shanghai Style Chili Chicken as it is very addictive with a robust flavour or fish cause and lots of chili for some heat. The Braised Yee Meen is pretty yum as it was well braised to a soft and eggy goodness.

Don’t forget to call in advance of 2 days for the Seven Star Grouper Feast!

NO.G-62, Jalan Prima SG 3/1,
Prima Sri Gombak,
68100 Selangor.
Tel No:012-359 3109 (Steven) / 017-279 9927 (Winnie)