September 1, 2014

The School by Jaya One: Win A Tricycle in conjunction with ‘Sun Day Out’

Spend Your Sun Day Out at The School with Your Precious Little Ones!

As a parent myself, I am always constantly looking for activities to do with my little one. We work a lot during the week days and so we try, or at least I try, to make sure to spend quality time with my little one. It’s really crucial during their growing years that we parents constantly give the little ones our time and educate them as much as possible in order to ensure that they are set for their coming years as a responsible and mature adult.

The School by Jaya One, the first enrichment mall in Malaysia, recently launched ‘Sun Day Out’ – an indoor cycling for free, starting from 17 August, every Sunday from 10am until 3pm. Taking place on the Ground Floor in The School, there will be free tricycles and bicycles for hire for kids aged between three to seven. Parents who are interested to rent will have to register at the Customer Service counter. Additionally, they can also get to redeem a limited edition The School goodie bag when they obtain three stamps on their ‘Sun Day Out’ ticket from the Customer Service counter. Families are strongly encouraged to “Bring Your Own Bicycles” (or known as BYOB).

“As a parent myself, we understand that safety for kids always comes first in parents’ minds. As much as we want our children to have fun, we also want to ensure that the environment is safe for them to play, learn and grow,” said Charles Wong, Executive Director of Jaya One’s developer, Tetap Tiara Sdn Bhd. “By kicking off this weekly activity, families can enjoy quality bonding sessions with their children while immersing themselves in a healthy activity,” he added.

Sun Day Out is perfect as a Sunday activity for little ones. There’s more to The School than just the indoor cycling. Check out their other educational programs and activities available at The School. In addition, adults and kids are treated to a Sunday foodie expedition with food trucks. Yep, Sundays are definitely made even better with awesome street food trucks!

It’s sort of a picnic experience where one just needs to select and purchase your favorite food and head over to some seats nearby to enjoy them. Besides the food trucks, there are more food ranging from desserts, pastries and burgers in Pop by Jaya One, which is located on the Ground Floor of The School as well.

That’s not all folks… in conjunction with ‘Sun Day Out’, The School is giving away ONE (1) tricycle worth RM300!

Here are the contest mechanics:

  • LIKE The The School's FB Page: and Jaya One's FB Page
  • Leave a short comment why your little one deserves a tricycle and what is your commitment to your little one if you win the tricycle by Jaya One.
  • Leave your email in the comment for contact.
  • Contest to win the Tricycle runs from Sept 2 to the end of Sept 5, 2014. 
  • Winner will be announced at The School Facebook and this blog post on Sept 6, 2014 before 12noon.
  • Contest decision is final.
  • The Winner will be contacted by The School Management to pick up the prize. Details will be provided.
  • Contest available to West Malaysia participants only as this is a self-pick up prize.

*Winner Announcement:

Congratulations Choi Yen!

It would means very much to me if the winner announced on 6 Sep is me because that day is my daughter's birthday too and I promise to get her a tricycle as her birthday present this year! I'll expect more outdoor activities like cycling in the park or even playground at my condo in the future if I win this!

name: Choi Yen

Happy Birthday To Your Little One! :)

Thank you everyone who participated in this contest by The School!

Join in the fun at The School and spend your Sun Day Out with your precious little ones!

To find out more about the upcoming activities at The School, please visit or The School Facebook page at


  1. I would love to win a tricycle for my little one. I'll promise to have more time with her for some outdoor activities- cycling, going to parks despite on my busy schedule as I rarely spend time with her this few months

    Pamela Yeoh

  2. It would means very much to me if the winner announced on 6 Sep is me because that day is my daughter's birthday too and I promise to get her a tricycle as her birthday present this year! I'll expect more outdoor activities like cycling in the park or even playground at my condo in the future if I win this!

    name: Choi Yen

  3. I joined 'Sun Day Out' every Sunday and it become one of our family routine to go The School for cycle, it really thoughtful to have this indoor cycling program for kid in term of safety and comfortably. The School really stand on parents shoes to think before they enroll program.

    I hope my boy can win the tricycles so he can learn cycle from 4 wheels to 2 wheels and hope it will happen at The School 'Sun Day Out'. it will be very meaningful to our family. I will make sure we will bring the tricycles to 'Sun Day Out' every Sunday and even borrow out the tricycles to others kids to share our happiness.

    email :

  4. My little ones deserves a tricycle because she has tons of energy to burn off and desperately need this tricycle to keep her going. It will be a great stepping stone for her to start with 4 wheeler and then to a bicycle
    where she can learn how to pedal and steer

    My commitment would be as always is to expose her to all the colours, toys, sports, and play opportunities. If she gets this then I would have a cycling buddy to cycle with me in the parks outdoor and int The School ' Sun Day Out' indoor.

    email :

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  6. My dearest daughter deserve a tricycle because happily,kids and bike seem to be drawn together.Bikes with training wheels can give my daughter the confidence boost needed so she can start riding on her own and i bet,it would be a great memory in her life. And as a parents, i would be an example to her. Show her how to cycling, get her a helmet and most important,spare time for her at least twice a week for cycling. Indoor bicycle track in the school for "sun day out" would be the best choice. We can shop and have fun.We have a quality & bonding time at the same time.

    Tq :)

    Email :
    Bella nabel

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  8. My little one deserves a tricycle because I want my son to remember that special magical moment when he rides a tricycle for the first time and realise the joy of having a new bike of his own to cherish.

    My commitment to my little one is to spend more quality time riding bikes and share the bond with him.


    Thank you The School by Jaya One :)

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