September 16, 2014

The Danna Langkawi: Unbelievable Weekend Luxury Getaway – Part One

 Checking into A Legacy of Luxury & A BBQ Dinner at The Danna Grill

It’s been more than two decades since I had step my foot in the Jewel of Kedah. Those were the days where the word carefree still exists so vividly in my memories. Clearly etched in my memory, it was Dad who had brought all of us there for a trip. I also remember the sheer basic lifestyle it was back then, small tiny roads where one vehicle passes by at a time, time seems to go on forever, simple kampung food, coastlines of beaches that stretches forever and the most precious moments me and my family had. A trip to Langkawi was precious and rare for me and soon after that, Dad left us and family trips were lost.

When an invite came for me to make a visit to The Danna Langkawi with some other media, it evoked all sorts of senses and memories. Wonderful ones that is… and so I gladly packed up for a weekend and took our local flight to the Jewel of Kedah. Excitement rolled over me the moment I landed on the island. There was nothing more perfect than clear blue sky filled with fluffy cotton clouds meeting with a landing space equipped with a basic time-worn airport building. The air was a tad humid but I welcomed it with much sincerity as there was plenty of sunshine ahead.


We were greeted at the airport by a staff from The Danna Langkawi. Any guests that stays at The Danna Langkawi will be pick up the same way. As soon as we were seated in the van, cool air blasted comfortably and we were handed chilled wet hand towels to refresh. I accepted the chilled towel happily. As we were driven along the path of the island, I couldn’t help but to keep noticing the changes of the island since I was last here.

Check In…

Soon I can see The Danna Langkawi from a far, standing gracefully at the cove of Telaga Harbour Park armed with a magnificent view of marina and its highly prized luxury liners and sailboats. The Colonial-Meditterranean building has a backdrop facing the hill where lush greenery precedes.

We arrived to the warm greetings of faces that immediately put me at ease. The Danna Langkawi feels really majestic at sight. The high-rise ceiling in the lobby is very welcoming while the whole area is thoroughly spacious.  Lots of white and warm light earthy hues with a mixed of dark wood covers the interior.

We were ushered to a nearby seating and immediately presented with glasses of chilled beverages and more hand towel. Another treat for every guest that checks in, you’ll be welcomed with a short neck massage to unwind while waiting for the check in… I love this gesture as it was so pleasurable and definitely a great way to kick of any vacation!

Lunch at Straits & Co…

Since it was a little past lunchtime, our tummies were growling. We had our bags dropped off to our rooms and headed over to lunch at the Straits & Co. The café is designed with a Straits of Malaya concept serving international and local menu filled with snacks, mains, Tiffin lunch and English Afternoon Tea. The menu is inviting and sufficient filled with a great array of dishes for those who wish for a taste of Malaysia’s melting pot cuisines.

I chose Salmon with Dill Sauce and a refreshing Detox Juice. My salmon was beautifully cooked with a pink soft middle, just the way I like it. The creamy dill sauce is delicate and delightful. The juice was vibrant, tangy and delicious.

As much as I enjoyed my salmon, someone else ordered the Straits & Co. Burger and I just can’t help checking it out… that foodie said his burger was really good!

Dessert was a super luscious Dark Chocolate Tart with Orange Sorbet. Sinfully decadent and delicious…

After a satisfying lunch, we head on for a tour of The Danna Langkawi to walk it off.

Tour of The Danna Langkawi…

The Danna Langkawi is voted as multiple winners in the recent TripAdvisor 2-14 Traveller’s Choice® awards. This is the second consecutive year this 3-year old 5-star luxury hotel bagged most of the relevant awards of its hotel catetogry.

The Danna Langkawi is voted the overall winner in the Luxury category in Malaysia, came out first out of Top 25 Luxury Hotels. The hotel is also ranked second of the Top 25 Hotels in Malaysia, recognized for its excellent achievenments in all aspects, rated by the reviewers. Having set in a luxurious locale of sun, sea, beach, marina bay and lush hills, The Danna Langkawi is honoured second of the Top 25 Hotels of Romance in Malaysia category.

The five-star luxurious Danna houses 125 colonial elegant rooms and suites. We had the opportunity to check out most of the various rooms and suites available that day. I was impressed with how each room and suite has its own glam and beauty coupled with the various luxuries.  Each room shares most of the same poster King-size beds or 2 Single Beds. However, they differ in room sizes, bathrooms facilities and views. Each room comes with its own private balcony.

Every room and suite I visited is very spacious. Starting with the Merchant Room which faces the hill and courtyard, the rooms are measured from 60sqm to the Royal Imperial Suite which measures 600sqm. Every room is decorated with lots of white and warm light wood hues for earthy and elegant comfort.  The floor-to-ceiling glass panels and private balcony allow guests to soak in the pleasures of the sea or hill view.

The Room & Suites available are Merchant, Grand Merchant, Viceroy, Grand Viceroy, Marina, Countess Suite, Duchess Suite and the Royal Imperial Suite. There is only one Royal Imperial Suite and it is certainly a royal experience coupled with its own private pool and gym.

I was pretty much in love with some of the bathrooms where the long bath or private Jacuzzi is gorgeously set against the view of the crystal-clear ocean. The designer that worked on the suites also made extra effort to incorporate some of nature’s elements into the bathroom to keep it as beautifully natural as possible.

When I saw this Jacuzzi tub set strategically set next to the windows for lots of natural light and view, I couldn’t help but wishing for one of this at my home. It would definitely be so awesome to be able to relax and unwind with such comfort. There are six of these in the Countess Suites and all of them face ocean view.

The Duchess Suite is set on the highest floor and boasts of a magnificent sea view as the room is fitted with lots of glass panels to enjoy the view. Besides the spacious rooms, the Duchess suite boasts of its own private Jacuzzi out on the balcony overlooking the ocean. It is beautifully private and is perfect for romance.

The most prized suite at The Danna Langkawi would have to be the Royal Imperial Suite. There is only one of these suites in the resort and its 600sqm. The majestic suite comes with 2 master bedrooms with King-size bed, a long living room area, dining room area, kitchen area, private pool, steam room, Jacuzzi and gym. The suite is designed with exclusive privacy in mind. Butler services are provided. The private pool is magnificent, overlooking the ocean view and the Telaga Harbour with green hills. Impressive!

Leisure Facilities…

We also checked out some of the facilities offered at The Danna Langkawi. For fitness fanatics, The Danna Fitness is equip with state-of-the-art exercise equipments and is opened from 6am to 9pm.

Head over to The Library located just above the Straits & Co. to spend some time reading, play boardgames or simply just spend quiet moments enjoying the view.

There is also a Billiard Room next to the Library for a few games. The Billiard room is beautifully decorated with lots of historical photos of Langkawi and its history.

Where I Slept…

I had the honors of staying in the Grand Viceroy Room that boast of a grand King-size poster bed with a seating area, open bathroom with a huge long bath and shower room, sectioned private wardrobe and a view of The Danna Langkawi’s stunning infinity pool facing the ocean. The bathroom itself was almost as big as the room. Walking into the room, I just couldn’t help but feel being pampered.

My colonial poster King-size bed is extremely comfy. The custom-designed bed is very well padded and the coverings are beautifully silky and luxurious. I really loved the fluffy thick oversized feather pillows as it feels so good. In the evening while I took a stroll, the staff came into my room each day and turn down the bed for me. I also had some moments sitting on the lounge chair in front of my bed reading. It was indeed a rare moment for me since time is always never enough for me each day to enjoy some quiet reading moments.

Facing the bed is a large flat screen tv filled with various channels but I opted for the music channel most of the time for some peace. Complimentary fruit & cookies were also present. The mini bar was filled up and there was the usual coffee and tea with electric kettle plus mineral water. A small radio cum alarm sat next to the bed. The room also has an in-room safe.

I also took the opportunity to enjoy a long and luxurious soak in the long bath. The long bath, set in marble, was indeed bigger than normal and could easily fit two people. It was such a treat as I was totally at ease and could feel every muscle in my body releasing its tension in the warm bubbly water. The long bath even has a padded head rest and I almost fell asleep while soaking. I also took the opportunity to open up the partition panels to enjoy more space while I enjoyed the soak in peace.

The bathroom is spacious and has his and her vanity with dresser in the middle. The combination of wood, marble and concrete surface exuded an elegance ambience. Besides the long bath, there is an enclosed shower room with a rainforest shower head. Thick towels, bathrobes, premium bathroom toiletries, room slippers, hair dryer completed the room. I also found extra pillows in the wardrobe.

My room view was the amazing full 180 degree stretch of the infinity pool and the Andaman ocean… absolutely mesmerizing!

The Danna Spa…

A quick change and shower, I headed down to the The Danna Spa for some more R&R. The Danna Spa is designed to exude a harmonious ambience. Once I was greeted and seated, I chose the Traditional Balinese 60 minute massage. A hot ginger tea was served for relaxation.

My spa room was pretty with its mix of white, purple and wood. Besides the spa bed, there was also arm chairs and Jacuzzi tub for special spa treatments. I quickly changed and then there rest was pure bliss. My Traditional Balinese massage had warm blended essential oils slowly massage into my body to ooze out all the tension and stress. The 60 minutes massage was heavenly and I could feel all my sore points slowly disappearing. I know I am going to get a good night sleep after this…

Once the massage finished, I was served again the robust ginger tea. It was a lovely ending to the massage as the hot gingery notes soothe my senses. I headed back to my room to rest and change for a BBQ dinner by the pool.

Sunset Pool Party…

As soon as I saw this moment, I had really wished that my family was here with me… it would have been perfect if they were!

After the massage and a shower, I headed down to The Danna Grill for an evening BBQ by the pool. It was truly a beautiful evening with the sun slowly setting down. The evening had a cool glow and soft jazz was being crooned by a live band to liven up the ambience. The air was heavenly scented with tantalizing aroma of barbeque meat and seafood. Tables were being filled up slowly as I checked out the buffet. Chefs were busily manning the grill and more food was filled up on the buffet counters.

Though choices were not plenty, the BBQ buffet had some great choices of appetizers, salads, soup and desserts. I was more obsessed with the BBQ dishes as there were plenty of Salmon, Grilled Banana Leaf Fish, Lamb Chops, Steak, Baby Lobster, Satay, Tandoori Chicken and Prawn and Grilled Vegetables. Besides the BBQ items, there was also a delectable Beef Curry and Noodle station.

Desserts were pretty good though not many. I was stuffed with the BBQ stuff anyway and settle for Pudding and Fruits.

We hang out chit chatting while the sound of the music continues, interchangeable by the sounds of the ocean. The evening was cool and lightly windy… dining beneath the stars was priceless!

That evening, I slept like I haven’t slept in a long time… to be continued…

For more information on The Danna Langkawi, please contact the Kuala Lumpur Sales Office at 03 2143 1010/1717 or visit


Lot 11, Jalan Pantai Kok,
Komplex Perniagaan Harbour Park,
Padang Matsirat,
07000 Pulau Langkawi,

*Stay tune for more dining, a cooking class and pool time!
**For more photos, visit my Facebook: Chasing FoodDreams


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