January 21, 2013

Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant, The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur: Usher in the Year of the Snake with Set Menu & Dim Sum

Rejoice the coming Chinese New Year with Ti Chen!

With a name that means Palace of Emperor, Ti Chen at The Saujana Kuala Lumpur is all out set to impress guests with their most favorite festive dishes by Chef Chong Seng Lai. Carefully put together, each set menu is paired with wines or liquors to make the occasion even merrier!

With four set menus available, aptly named Pearl, Jade, Golden and Emperor, there are certainly quite a few choices for gourmands to indulge in. Let’s not also forget little morsels that touch the heart, Ti Chen has a lovely range of modern and traditional dim sums to whet one’s appetite. To give a little peak into a foodie’s curiosity, Ti Chen is proud to present the Golden Set priced at RM1,388++ for a nine-course set meal with a complimentary bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky.

Salmon Yee Sang

Simply a tradition, we tossed for prosperity with Salmon Yee Sang! Decent with the essential ingredients, the Yee Sang never fails to bring much laughter to the table. After all the Huats & the Lou Hei with as much acrobatic as one can with chopsticks, we all settled down to enjoy the delightful Yee Sang!

Double Boiled Seafood Soup with Ginseng

One of my favorite soups this festive season, Double Boiled Seafood Soup with Ginseng is wholesome and fill with toasty medicinal benefits. Using quite a bit of whole ginsengs, the golden broth was also accompanied by loads of sea asparagus, dried scallop, fish maws, red dates and a whole bunch of Chinese herbs. This is certainly a nice change from the standard soups served during festive season. The earthy flavors of sweet and umami flavors shone brightly, fulfilling my soul with much warmness and comfort. Knowing that the soup is filled with lots of nourishment made the soup even more delectable.

Oven Roasted Pei Pah Duck

Duck seemed to be a favorite this year and has made many appearances in many set menus I have had. Oven Roasted Pei Pah Duck is nicely roasted with a beautiful amber lacquer and comes with the signature crispy skin and tender juicy meat. Love the duck but I the sauce beneath was a bit overwhelming. The duck was glorious enough with the intense sauce in my books.

Steamed Camouflage Grouper with Snow Fungus & Superior Soya Sauce

Never heard of this variety of grouper so a first for me. Steamed Camouflage Grouper with Snow Fungus & Superior Soya Sauce was palatable and comes with a firm sweet flesh. Steamed gently in the flavorful broth, it is rather a nice change from the regular plain soya sauce ones. What makes the fish lovely is all the various toppings of snow fungus, mushroom, lily bulb, carrot and more that created a rather hearty fish.

Deep Fried Prawn with Wasabi Mayo Dressing

Har Kau or prawn balls are very lightly battered and deep fried to light golden balls of crustaceans. Served with generous drizzles of wasabi mayonnaise, it was a creamy, a little sweet and comes with a decent hint of wasabi to perk up the senses. Digging below was a pool of cube fruit salads with melons and pink water apples to add a refreshing touch to the crustaceans. Though nothing new, it is still an all-time-favorite dish that is always much welcome by many. We definitely wipe this dish clean!

Wok Fried Four Seasons Vegetable with Slice Abalone

A medley of vegetables accompanied the precious and lavish abalone slices all bathed in light savory brown gravy rounded up with black moss for some richness! I am always glad for this dish for some vegetables after the course of meat and seafood.

Braised Hong Kong Yee Foo Noodle with Crab Meat

Definitely glad to see a noodle dish in this year’s CNY set menu as most other places serves the traditional waxed meat rice. As much as I love waxed meat rice, I love braised noodles even more! The braised Yee Foo noodles are simply scrumptious in flavors with its abundance of sweet crab meat, bean sprout and ‘Chin Loong’ vegetable. Soft noodles have been soaking up the flavors of the broth while the other ingredients provided various textures to the dish. I will be biased in this as I really love a well braised Yee Foo noodles… let’s not forget the loads of sweet crab meat too!

Warm Fragrant Pear and Aloe Vera in Longan Syrup

The Golden Set Menu ends with a warm sweet broth of Warm Fragrant Pear and Aloe Vera in Longan Syrup. Its simple fresh and sweet taste brings back much memories of my mum’s Tong Shui. Not overly sweet, the sweetness of the Chinese pears are delicate and nourishing. Other sidekicks include dried longan, red dates and cubed soft aloe vera with a few wolfberries.

Deep Fried Nien Kow with Yam and Sweet Potato

A second dessert showcased three layers of creaminess with yam, Nien Kow and sweet potato all nicely sandwiched and golden fried with a crispy batter. Well executed, this one is also a favorite classic with everyone. My only slight gripe would be that I simply prefer a thicker cut of Nien Kow to showcase the traditional dessert but others thought it was good just as it is.

We also savored our favorite little morsels of dim sum by Chef Yau Kim Yee. Read about Ti Chen’s modern twist on dim sums here.

Ti Chen Prawn Dumplings

Using natural colors from beetroot, I can’t help but sigh at prettiness with this one. Flavors are as delicious as it looked with the essential thin translucent skin and QQ prawn fillings.

Steamed Ebico Siew Mai

My all-time-favorite dim sum, I love every bite of this Steamed Ebico Siew Mai. Though made with chicken and prawn, it really has a great bouncy texture similar to the classic pork. Kudos to Chef Yau!

Steamed Custard Bun with Charcoal

I just had to have this! Loving the contrast of colors, it not only appeals to me in sight but the fluffy bun with bright sunny custard is deliciously yummy.

Baked Charcoal Min Egg Tarts

As raved before in my earlier post, the black egg tarts were just as good as the ones I had before.

Sesame Balls

Little rounds of sweet pleasure, the slight crispy and chewy Sesame Balls are yummy with the classic fillings.

Ti Chen’s set menus for this auspicious year! Every set comes with either wines or liquors for much indulgence.

Ti Chen opens every Tuesdays to Sundays from 12 noon to 2.30pm (lunch) and 6.30pm to 10.30pm (dinner). For dining reservations, email dine@thesaujana.com or phone +603 7840 5502.

There are also Chinese New Year Room Promotion Packages which are available starting from RM 315.00++ that includes a one night stay in a Superior Room, complimentary buffet breakfast for two, complimentary extra bed for one child, complimentary internet access and many more. Call @ +603-7843 1234 for more details.

The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Saujana Resort,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS,
40150 Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-7843 1234 


  1. Those charcoaly buns and tarts look so yummy!

  2. Ahhhh!!! Lovely herbal chicken soup, nutritious some more. Yummmmm!!!! And duck! I like!!!!

  3. Arghh... i havent had yee sang yet this year. The prawn dumpling caught my eye:)

  4. "Double Boiled Seafood Soup with Ginseng"! I like this kind of soup! Good to know that they substitute this over Shark Fin's soup.

  5. Gosh, the charcoal egg tart is what i need right now...........:(

  6. Ooh! Charcoal egg tarts! That's an idea!

  7. I am goin to try this place out soon :))) Thanks for a wonderful post.

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