January 8, 2013

Leaf & Bean, Laman Rimbunan @Kepong: Chilling out!

Leaf for Life. Bean Your Mind. Cute!

Found a cute hangout place for drinks, desserts & a little more recently with some foodies in Kepong. Though it’s one of those tea houses that sell Taiwan authentic tea drinks, Leaf & Bean offers a little more. Offering a wide range of tea drinks, fruit teas, smoothies and coffee as its main signatures, Leaf & Bean also offers basic food and desserts.

We were there during the Christmas season and the café was nicely dressed in the holiday mood. Though it looked like any normal café selling drinks on the outside appearance, we were nicely surprised that the inside was extremely comfortable with lots of sofas and deep dark wood.

Besides the comfortable décor, what had our tongue wagging was these cute figurines! Bringing back memories, Lao Fu Tzi was my favorite old school comic back then. Though I cannot read it, the cartoon graphics were good enough most of the time to have me laugh in stitches. Doraemon was also popular back then when I was younger.

We enjoyed a few drinks, a few snacks and a little dessert at Leaf & Bean! Leaf & Bean tries it’s best to cater to everyone’s preference so there is plenty to choose from. First up, drinks are pretty good!

We tried Lychee Aloe Vera Green, Mango Au Lait, Smoothies Green Tea, Earl Grey Pearl Milk Tea, Mix Fruit Green Tea, Caramel Pudding Macchiato and QQ Coffee Latte. My favorite is Caramel Pudding Macchiato and Mix Fruit Green Tea. The first is really unique and has a good deep aromatic caramel flavor while the latter is freshing.

We munch on some snacks, pies and Nasi Lemak. The pies were a bit dry though. Most of these snacks come a la carte else one can opt for set purchase with drinks. More memorable was the Nasi Lemak and Nam Yu Fried Chicken Wings. Both were delicious and flavorful, especially the chicken wings!

Desserts fare much better that the food. I enjoyed all the cakes. The Cognac Tiramisu Almond Praline, Mango Cheese and French Mousse Chocolate are deliciously well made with just the right sweetness. I love the crunchy bits of praline in the tiramisu while the fruity mango was creamy. The chocolate was deeply rich and chocolaty.

If cake is not your thing, Leaf & Bean also serve icy treats like Ice Taro, Ice Peanut de Chocolate, Ice Vanilla Pudding Red Bean and Ice Mango de QQ. These are refreshing snow ice topped with various toppings.

Looking for a place to hang out for drinks, desserts and possibly a little more? Check out Leaf & Bean if you are ever in Kepong!

102A, Jalan Rimbunan Raya,
Laman Rimbunan Kepong,
51200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-6243 3328 / +6012-202 2113

Facebook: facebook.com/LeafandBean2u    


  1. Sounds like Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Food looks ok, I wonder about the prices...

  2. Looks yummyy! Maybe I should go and try out these some days esp the desserts :D

  3. This is something new for a change. I was reading and halfway through, I thought to myself that this whole pearl and milk tea thingy is getting over rated....then came the food, and I was like "hey, this is something new.." To see the variety of food and snacks on the menu, this might just be on top of the "pearl and milk tea chillout" list. On mine at least.

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