January 30, 2013

Magnum Exclusive Preview Party @ Renoma Cafe: Enticing New Flavors

It’s All about Magnum Ice Creams!

Who can resist ice creams… Magnum ice creams? Certainly not Moi! With an exclusive invitation to a sneak preview of Magnum’s new flavors, it was an invite that was simply irresistible. The event for pleasure seekers was held at Renoma Café deep in the heart of the city. Upon arrival, we were pampered and showered with much chocolate and ice cream all the way!

Magnum, launched in1989, is simply famous for its first chocolate covered ice cream. It may be a classic combination of man’s best friend ever paired. Put on your imagination cap and imagine sinking your teeth lightly to crack the deep rich chocolate to unveil a luscious vanilla ice cream sending neurons of happiness to our senses!

Entering the lair of the ice cream party, there were quite a few booths that set up the mood for the night. First booth up, get your best pose ready for camera, lights & action! Met up with Sui Ying and her friend, Mun there that day together with Xiang and the second thing we did was personalized our very own cupcakes at the dessert bar manned by Just Heavenly. Needless to say, we had loads of fun icing our cupcakes!

Look who I caught on my lens… Xandra Ooi who was our emcee for the night posing with Mike.

After our cupcakes creation, we whipped off to find a spot while indulging in our very first Magnum bar jazzed up with a luscious cheese mousse and chocolate of course!

Another station had us icing our own chocolate bar… cute!

The evening took off with much casualness and guests were encouraged to tweet to win some prizes. My admiration goes to Kelly (second from the left) who really worked her way to winning with her tweet while having her manicure done! How’s that for multitasking?

*Psst… even the walls have chocolate dripping down…drools.

After a little snack, lots of liquids and all the Magnum ice creams you can indulge, the much anticipated flavors were revealed!

Magnum Chocolate Brownie and Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry are proud to be the latest addition of flavors to the Magnum family. While the Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry was tempting with laces of strawberry in the vanilla ice cream, Magnum Chocolate Brownie sent me to heaven! Magnum Chocolate Brownie is double the chocolate sensation with a nutty chocolate crust encasing a luscious silky chocolate ice cream. Both were served with sides of luscious cream and crème brulee… please don’t wake me up!

As if it was not enough, we were also treated to more Magnum inspired ice cream desserts like mini Magnum parfaits and Magnum ice cream sandwiched with macarons.

What a night of indulgence it was. Magnum sure knows how to throw an ice cream party in style! Both new flavors will be available on the market in March. Make sure to check them out…

Magnum-li-cious… what’s your favorite Magnum?

*More pictures at my facebook: ChasingFoodDreams


  1. what a sinful event! tsk tsk, but its good to savor chocolates for freeeeeeeeeee ^^V

  2. Hope to try these flavours soon... Wonder if we'll get them here or not.

  3. Awww...those rich and creamy ice cream will definitely put me on cloud nine. I don't mind having it everyday despite the calories.ahahahahha

  4. Magnum is one of my fav ice creams.. cant wait to try the new flavours.

  5. OMG! Love these sweet treats!
    Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry looks so nice

  6. Oh my, how not to swoon over those icy beauties! So much temptation in one place haaha. I love magnum too, but have to resist to jaga the waistline , will look o ut for the new flavours,

  7. Aha! So that's the fun that I missed!!!!!! Huhuhu...;(
    I go grab myself a magnum at the nearest 7-11 first! ;P

  8. I only manage to eat 1, Magnum is too rich for me :P

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