August 19, 2011

Roast Kitchen, Taman Tun Dr Ismail: The Roast Specialist

Recently, a bunch of us discovered a lovely place to savor scrumptious roast a few weeks ago. Thanks to Merryn, our discovery of Roast Kitchen was no coincidence!  

Our makan gang headed over one lovely Sunday afternoon after a gathering for a movie to check out this roast specialist. It was after lunch time but we still spotted some late diners.

Upon entering, I noticed how bright and clean the whole ambience was in the restaurant. Decorated in contrasting bright orange and white, the whole place had a modern feel and yet comfortable enough for a simple meal.

A few lonely birds were seen hanging in the restaurant window upfront and I couldn’t help but stared at the glistening amber red color of the skin. Such a tempting sight and I couldn’t wait to savor the bird!

Accompanying the bird was a row of barbequed chicken fillets in a lighter amber red hue. The skin was shining in its full glory from the roasted oil and the blacken bits had me salivating… J

I couldn’t help but notice the wall panels along the restaurant proudly displaying what makes a fine roast duck! Apparently there are five important pointers to identify a great roast duck: Color, Aroma, Skin, Meat and The Experience! Let’s check out the roast duck here…

As the restaurant was not busy, the owner Mark introduced some dishes to us and also recommended his Hong Kong chili oil. The chili oil was so good that customers request to buy them; hence they had this bottled for sale. Deep red, the chili had a beautiful aroma from the caramelized chili. I tasted crunchy bits of the ingredients which all melded beautifully. It had a good balance of spiciness without the overpowering heat of the chili.

We started off with the house signature appetizer of Chinese Crueller with Sweet Wasabi Sauce (RM5.80). Great crunch from the pieces of You Tiao was addictive while the gentle sweet wasabi sauce added a lovely hint of tingling sensation to the snack. It was not the strong hit of the wasabi but rather a mild and gentle effect which was a hit among the table!

Our first single serving dish of Exo Seafood Fried Rice (RM12.80) was presented in a long rectangle serving dish giving the modern effect of the overall presentation. I could detect the Hong Kong Chili Oil in the seafood and other additional ingredients to make up the XO sauce. Fried rice had a decent wok flavor with slight moistness but not mushy.

Kam Heong Seafood Mee Hoon (RM 8.80) was delicious! I love the fact that the thin rice noodles were not too soft as it retained an al dente bite. Great flavors of the Kam Heong sauce!

Golden Sand Stir Fried Kway Teow with Prawns (RM 8.80) was average for me although my other makan gang loves this very much. The golden bits of sand on top of the noodles are what make this dish unique. Chicken skin fried to golden crisp is crumbled as the sand to give the dish another texture level.

I love the Fried Black Pepper Udon with Beef (RM9.80)! Lusciously jet black, the thick udon noodles were every bit peppery and slurpi-li-cious! The slightly sweet hint of dark soy sauce may look innocent but the flavors will hit your taste bud with a kick. Simple but scrumptious in my opinion!!

Our star of the meal was the trio of meat platter consisting of Roast Duck (RM15 per portion), Roast Chicken (RM12 per portion) and BBQ Chicken Thigh (RM7.00 per portion)! My favorite of the lot was the Roast Duck and BBQ Chicken Thigh. Roast Chicken was ok for me only. Roast Duck had all the right five elements it should have as described. The meat was firm and the skin was delicious! Good flavor considering this is halal and the owner mentioned that the chef had to tune the flavors many times till they had the perfect recipe in accordance to the halal regulations. BBQ Chicken thigh was every bit as good as it looked earlier. Caramelized sweetness coupled with tender dark meat and skin was so addictive. The moist and juicy aromatic pieces of thigh were just so sinful and satisfying!!

Overall, Roast Kitchen seems to be a great discovery for me! Simple, no frills but just great roast meats and other single meals. Prices are well valued for the portion and quality. Halal is the plus point here and the clean and spacious ambience is another great point to add. I also spied Honey Roasted BBQ Beef which they ran out that day so I ll have to come back for that!

Roast Kitchen
23 jalan Wan Kadir,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 7732 0006