August 17, 2011

Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with Unique Starbucks® Experience: The Art of Giving

Calling to all coffee & tea lovers out there… you can now enjoy a unique experience this Mid-Autumn Festival with a gorgeous variety of coffee and tea mooncakes!

Mid-Autumn Festival, better known as the Mooncake Festival is a yearly tradition celebration for the Chinese community around the world. This year Starbucks® provides you with a unique experience that will enhance and tantalize your taste buds to a brand new level of excitement!

The brand new Starbucks® Mooncakes comes with four delightful treats with flavors that will tickle your senses.  Starbucks® has set the benchmark once again with a unique blend with a twist of fusion Japanese and modern Western Mooncakes.

Our mooncake party had everyone gossiping about the coffee & tea inspired mooncakes that night! Check out what Starbucks has to offer this year…

Caramel Macchiato Mooncake that is inspired by the premium offerings gives the coffee lovers a delectable savor that they will never forget. Wrapped in a mixture of ground coffee centre with Swedish Caramel and Butterscotch Chips, this exciting treat adds in a touch of indulgence in every bite. 

The pronounced caramel and butterscotch chips is the heart of the mooncake, giving it the body of the sweet and perfumed aroma of caramelized sugar while the macchiato coffee stained the mooncake paste with its distinctive aroma of espresso and a hint of milk. Pretty awesome as I love my macchiato ice blended at Starbucks!

Hazelnut Latte Mooncake, is certainly a perfection of taste that brings you the familiarity of the premium brand. With the blend of Starbucks® Coffee and chunky hazelnuts, this scrumptious mooncake taste brings you more than joy with every single bite!

Hazelnuts have a sweet, buttery flavor that pairs so well with the aromatic coffee bean, hence this match was almost made in heaven… J

Filled with the sweet taste of zen, Green Tea Chocolate Mooncake gives you a healthier choice that satisfy your cravings during this auspicious season. This refreshing recipes centre with luscious chocolate filling and balanced up the outer layer of Green Tea and lotus. With a combination of traditional and contemporary that soothes and entices your senses, this unique lip-smacking and mouthwatering creation will defiantly be the talk around town!

Chocolate is already a proclaimed aphrodisiac food, therefore when combined with the soothing green tea, it reflects a sensual and warming combination perfect over a cup of hot tea to further enhanced it. I like the balance of this combination as it renders a sultry feel in the mouth with the cacao and hint of the bitter green tea.

Tiramisu Mooncake, perfectly wrapped up with Starbucks® Coffee and lotus paste entices your taste buds.  This sweet delicacy centres with the taste of cheesiness combined with mung beans.  A loving treats that everyone will enjoy!

What could be more brilliant that the ingenious idea of turning a favorite national dessert into a mooncake? The notes of the roasted bean are so luscious against the slight creaminess of the cheese while the contrasting appearance was so attractive in sight. My favorite and apparently the majority’s vote that night as well.

Starbucks Mooncakes comes in two options with both presented in traditional Die Cut Hard Board Boxes. Regular Package consisting of two scrumptious mooncakes is priced at RM32.80 each.

One can also opt for the Premium Package priced at RM148.80 for four precious mooncakes in elegant chiffon casing plus an exclusive Limited Edition Ceramic Starbucks® Logo Coasters. The box is simply reusable and stylish as a keeper!

Cherish the mooncake celebration now by heading down to the nearest Starbucks® outlet.

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