February 23, 2011

Penang Food Crawl: Crepe Cottage - The Ultimate Pancake & Ice Cream Parlour

After dinner one night during the CNY holidays, there was bad traffic everywhere in Penang. We were near Gurney Drive area stuck in traffic when suddenly my family suggested to go for desserts. As we were near the area, sister quickly suggested a hidden dessert place along the famous Gurney Drive for their specialty of crepes.

We slowly inch our way in the horrendous traffic to this café. If no one had told us about this, we certainly would not have known about this place called Crepe Cottage.

Gurney Drive was well lighted with bright neon lights on cafes, restaurants and even on trees! When we were there, there were people lighting up paper balloon lanterns which will float up to the sky once the heat fills up the paper balloons. It was certainly a really beautiful sight. I didn’t manage to capture a good picture of this but it was certainly a simple science logic to the floating lanterns.

Check out the gorgeously lighted up neon tree! Somehow its quite eye catching with its flowers and multi color lights strands.

Along Gurney Drive, there is this extremely luxurious condominium that is worth millions called Silverton. Super exclusive for the rich and famous! (Heard Jackie Chan owns one lot there too…ssshhh)

Plenty of seafood restaurants along this famous road catered for tourist rather than locals.


The quaint little house called Crepe Cottage that creates scrumptious crepes specialties and ice creams. It is actually a very old house with a basement for which the owner does all the cooking there. Small family run business, hence one needs the patience to dine here.

The café is not really obvious unless you are looking for it. It’s also quite small with only a few tables in the air conditioned space but there are some open air tables. During peak season, the queue is long for tables and food due to the limited space and chef.

When I checked out the menu, I was surprised that it also has a decent menu for western food filled from soups and seafood to even pasta! Most of the items do incorporate crepes, hence this makes it quite unique. We quickly put in an appetizer and three desserts.

We found out the quaint little place was owned by a lady named Agnes and we could see her and I believe her children assisting her in running the place. Water was quickly placed on our tables but food only came after 50 minutes later! While waiting, we kept eyeing other tables that were having dinner and were drooling at their western food. We told ourselves to come back for dinner at this place one day.

First up was our appetizer of Mini Crepe Rolls (RM6.50) which came in a set of four little rolls. I thought it was kind of burnt on the crepes but when I tasted it, it was pretty decent. No burnt smell or taste but the little mini crepes were filled with chicken ham strips, plenty of ooey-gooey cheddar cheese and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Certainly a cheesy delight for cheese lovers…J  

Next up was Coconut Parcel (RM6.00). Now this is heavenly awesome and I was on cloud nine!

Simple thin crepe wrapped around a huge scoop of good vanilla ice cream with bits of fragrant toasted coconut flakes and plenty of fresh whipped cream. Float away with this simple and really divine dessert. I wanted this whole dessert for myself and we all fought over this with great fun.


Mom surprised us by ordering Hot Apple on Ice Cream Crepe (RM9.00) as she is not a big fan of ice cream. This is another masterpiece dessert! Warm slivers of apple compote sitting gloriously on a crepe wrapped vanilla ice cream and adorned with plenty of whipped cream again. The beautiful cinnamon coated fried apple compote was perfectly cooked to tenderness without being too soft and over sweet. Sigh…I stole quite a bit from mom although I do not like my apples cooked. This is a must order as it reminds me of apple pie and vanilla ice cream where warm and cold is a perfect match in dessert.

Nephew ordered Chocolate Crepe with Nutella and Banana (RM10.00). This one was average for me as I do not like banana but the chocolate crepe and ice cream was lovely. My family loved this one and polished this off on their own with me stealing some chocolate ice creams and some Nutella sauce.

My verdict was this little hidden gem is really a wonderful surprise and who would have thought a crepe delight would be found here in Penang. I also loved the ice creams served as it was good quality ice creams that tasted homemade. I did not get a chance to ask the owner about the ice creams though. Her crepes are well made and she is also a very creative cook to feature so many crepe recipes on her menu. I also saw a lot of tables ordering a popular dessert called Mango Cup which is a crepe cup filled with mango ice creams and cubes of mango. I cannot wait to go back to try out more food in this place but will pick a less busy time and day to go back…J

Salute to the chef for her creativeness and skills in perfecting crepes in so many ways!

Crepe Cottage - The Ultimate Pancake and Ice Cream Parlour
Gurney Drive (next to Coffee Island Café)
Open from 6.00pm – midnight (closed on Tuesday)
For reservations, call Agnes at 019 448 1680
Website: www.welcome.to/crepes

* Still more Penang food crawl on its way..

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  1. Crepe Cottage deliver one of the best crepe dessert in Penang.. I like it!! Especially the Mango crepe.

    Wong, BestPenangFood.com