February 14, 2011

One Night: A Malaysian Wedding by Chef Wan

Ready to be dazzled by a gorgeous and extravaganza wedding of the year?


Today is the day! Check out Asian Food Channel (Astro Channel 703) tonight, Feb 14th at 9pm to view the stunning wedding of Serina Redzuawan and her then-fiancĂ©, Gavin O’Luanaigh presented by Chef Wan.

*photo provided by AFC

The programme captured the detailed story of Chef Wan’s preparation for his daughter’s wedding through a three day event with close to a 1000 guest, including most of the society’s distinguished names and honoraries. The event is one of the most high-profile weddings in Malaysia in 2010 and Chef Wan will stop at nothing to give his daughter the perfect wedding!

I was honored to be invited to a special preview of the programme at The Chandelier Room at Neo Tamarind, Kuala Lumpur a few days ago. The event was simply fabulous with the present of celebrity Chef Wan himself and founders of Asian Food Channel, Hian Goh and Maria Brown.

* screen cap taken from the movie

Datuk Chef Wan, renowned celebrity chef and food extraordinaire, was appointed as ‘Culinary Ambassador’ by Tourism Malaysia in November 2010 and has been performing demonstrations and conducting speeches all over the world. He has won many awards and has 12 cookbooks under his belt with many more to come. Besides being a food connoisseur, Chef Wan has even added acting and ambassador to several non-profit organizations to his list of impressive achievements.

The many jovial facial expression of Datuk Chef Wan himself when presenting his speech about his beloved daughter’s wedding.

“My daughter’s wedding is something personal for me..” quoted the man himself. Despite the wedding taking place last year, Chef Wan was full of emotion when presenting his speech as if this had only just happen. One can feel the emotion of the proud and fatherly love for his beautiful daughter. Despite the worries and constant sleepless nights on the preparation, Chef Wan managed to pull off the wedding of the year from a full 3 day event food menu to the actual ceremony and fashion design of the gorgeous various wedding gowns and jewelry worn by the bride, Serina.

Clockwise from left: Datuk Chef Wan posed with Chef Thiti Thammanatr (Neo Tamarind), Hian Goh and Maria Brown (AFC).

We were served some light refreshments from Canadian-Thai Chef Thiti featuring some of Neo’s signature dishes that night. Food was marvelously beautiful in sight and taste!

Clockwise from left: Lightly Seared Beef Tenderloin, Tuna Tataki on Risotto, Duo of Potatoes with a Tangy Dressing, Lamb on Mashed Pumpkin and Poached Prawns with Salsa.

Neo Tamarind is one of the most romantic places to be with your loved ones on this special Valentine’s Day. Do check out the magnificently decorated restaurant and bar beautifully hidden in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Don't miss this out tonight.. truly a Malaysian experience of a lifetime! 

One Night: A Malaysian Wedding – Chef Wan will be showing on the Asian Food Channel (Astro Channel 703) on 14 February 2011, 9pm.